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Far Rightist Threat Increase in United Kingdom.

Far Rightists could not manage to get permission from British government to make a big racist rally against Muslim.

England Defense League (EDL) is a far-rightist nationalist organization, applied to Bradford police to make a big rally in Bradford city. But their request has been strictly denied by Bradford police center. After they had not managed to get the permission, the far rightist group has been showing their reaction to the decision by gathering as a small group in the different places of the Bradford since a couple of days.

Bradford, biggest Muslim population live there, was chosen as a target for its Muslim population.

Meanwhile, member of the EDL continue their threats against Muslim population in Bradford. By setting a small groups, EDL members, is chanting anti-Islamist slogans and carrying some placards that read " Ban the Hallal Meals", " Stop Built New Mosques", " Every mosque is a nail in Britain Coffin,"

On the other hand, some groups showing their reaction by saying "What has happened I thought Bradford was in England".

One of the protesters said that, they were there to defend their country. "I do not want give a birth in a city where is being ruled as Sharia Laws," said another EDL member racists woman.

Far- rightist group had applied to make big rally against Muslim community in Bradford caused big protest across the country. Same group had organized rallies against Muslim and clashed with the British police past months.

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Aug 31, 2010
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