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Fans plan a walkout protest in bid to save crisis club.

Byline: MAT KENDRICK With Villa @matkendrick

VILLA fans are planning a mass walkout at the next three home matches to protest about the way the club is being run.

Supporters intend to stage the 'Out the Door on '74' campaign in the Premier League games against Everton, Tottenham and Chelsea.

They are calling on the fans to leave their seats after 74 minutes in each of those fixtures to make a statement to the board.

This grand club, this that we hold rotten to the disaffected are Mike McKenna, who is organising the walkout, contacted the Birmingham Mail to outline the mission statement behind the plan.

Mike He said: "We are asking the suffering masses to stand up and walk out of the ground on the 74th minute of the Everton, Tottenham and Chelsea home games. "While we do not support personal abuse of the owner, directors, manager or players, we also no longer wish to be served platitudes by Mr Lerner, Mr Fox, Mr Hollis or anyone else from within the organisation that is bleeding us dry. Security and tea ladies, ticket staff and boot-boys alike face redundancy thanks to their combined abject failure. While our hopes and dreams wither and die.

"We the fans, the heart of the club, have been fed a false narrative time and again over the last six years and our jaded and cynical fanbase has lost confidence in those in power with regards to their ability, or indeed their inclination, to take this grand institution forward.

old Football institution so dear, is core, we are and we angry.

"In the interest of forcing a change of direction we, a group of long-term and dedicated fans, are developing ways to pressure the club to give us the so-called 'bright future' that Randy Lerner promised and to be a true 'custodian'. "To begin, we are declaring a supporter 'walkout' on the 74th minute v Everton (March 1), which will be followed by a further walkout v Tottenham (March 12) and then against Chelsea (April 2). We are acutely aware that fans of Liverpool FC have instigated a similar movement recently with a successful outcome over ticket prices.

McKenna "Their board saw, they listened, and ultimately they acted. In our case we believe the very future of our club is at stake so it is even more important for us to show stern solidarity. "We are not atypical protestors but feel it is incumbent on us to protect the club for future generations and will therefore be considering other more creative means to reverse the apathy with the ultimate aim of a radical change in direction.

"Our long-term objective is relatively simple; to persuade the owner and club's directors to change course and give us a positive vision for the future. To be "prepared". To put up or go.

"This walkout is a show of hands, we want there to be no doubts left. We will not idly take this any longer, WE are 'Prepared' for action.

"This grand old football club, this institution that we hold so dear, is rotten to the core, we are disaffected and we are angry. The end of the tether has been reached, we are bubbling over.

"Get up, stand up and be counted, walk out to save our club! Follow us on Twitter - @OTDO74 and please use the hashtag #OUTTHEDOORON74 to spread the word. You can also like our Facebook page.''

games against Everton, and Chelsea. calling on the fans seats after in each of to statement McKenna, contacted Birmingham Mail to mission behind the We are asking masses to stand up their inclination, to institution "In the change group and are 'a "declaring 'walkout' v Everton "This grand old football club, this institution that we hold so dear, is rotten to the core, we are disaffected and we are angry. Mike McKenna


Angry Villa fans are preparing to leave the next three home matches early
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Feb 23, 2016
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