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Fans' reaction to Thorn exit.

zhane1aaron2: Unless they have a experience manager lined up I don't agree with this decision. He got us relegated, after last season Tim Fisher said that they wasn't going down the same route of getting rid of manager after a short period of time and wanted stability. They allowed him to restructure the team with 8-9 player and then they sack him after three games of the season. It will either be an internal appointment or a manager out of work, hopefully Billy Davis or even Harry Redknapp.

Colski: Only time will tell if this is the right choice. Hope we have a decent replacement lined up eg Billy Davies. Forced the hand of the board with that second-half performance and hopefully that will be the kick up the bum the players need after surrendering another lead. Would have liked to see him stay as scout but good luck in the future Andy.

pieman: Was a lot sooner that expected. Shows that the club are taking the situation seriously. Please not Richard Shaw, that would be out of the frying pan into the fire.

GT: This decision will only make sense if they bring in a proven manager to replace Thorn. Gary Johnson at Yeovil would be ideal, as he has worked wonders there on a smaller budget, so he would be my first choice. Billy Davies will want money to spend and there isn't any, so that will probably rule him out.

masher: This comes as no surprise whatsoever. No-one doubts Andy Thorn's sincerity or commitment to CCFC, but after a promising start to his managerial career, in the last year he has completely failed to motivate his players. He has also stuck stubbornly to a tactical system which has only worked well on a few occasions. Face it Andy, the "diamond" doesn't produce goals and it leaves the defence exposed. Baldeagle87: No choice, good news that the club are showing no patience. We need a guy who is experienced at getting teams out of this division. Let's hope it's not four months too late.

Mungers: SISU never cease to surprise, hopefully this wasn't a knee jerk reaction to 45 mins. Andy Thorn has built a good team for this season, with limited support from our backers, it appeared to me that he hasn't got the full support or confidence of the players, however he was new to football management and unfortunately ultimately that has shown I do wish well for the future. The only worrying thing is what's next, Billy Davies will only come if he has some cash to spend and that's going to happen. In the short term having two defensively minded individuals taking over isn't what's required either . Nic2k83 : Correct decision. The hangover from last season was continuing. Who wants the job now? skybluecobbler: It's sad to see anyone sacked and I feel sorry for Thorn as he seemed a fair and honest man but in the end he results speak for themselves. Continually losing points from winning positions and no strike force were my two main concerns. I would like to see someone with past connections to the club replace him, how about Stuart Pearce?
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Aug 27, 2012
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