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No way out: should teens who commit serious crimes be sentenced to a life behind bars? Apr 12, 2010 933
Going for gold: the 2010 Winter Olympic Games begin next month in Vancouver, Canada. Which athletes will you be watching? Jan 18, 2010 929
Why you count: when it comes to Census 2010, you're as important as a rock star. Here's why. Dec 7, 2009 1201
Cyberspace bullies: why do so many kids turn to cyberbullying? How can you help stop it? Nov 9, 2009 1443
Is txting 2 much bad 4 u? If you're losing sleep or distracted in class, the answer may be yes. Sep 7, 2009 730
Earth's dwindling resources: climate change and pollution are threatening every aspect of life on Earth--from the oceans to the forests. Apr 13, 2009 1829
The trouble with bullies: bullying can leave lasting scars. What should you do when you see a bully? Sep 1, 2008 1053
Marketing to teens: does owning more stuff make you more popular? That's what advertisers want you to think. Mar 10, 2008 689
Blended families: teens describe some of the challenges--and rewards--of living in a stepfamily. Feb 11, 2008 1890
How safe is your food? Do recent outbreaks of E. coli signal an alarming trend? Jan 22, 2007 1327
Believe in yourself: know what it's like to feel "different"? So do most teens. Sep 4, 2006 1132
2006 Winter Olympic games: meet some of the U.S. athletes going for gold in Turin. Feb 6, 2006 1336
Turning to torture? How should the United States treat prisoners in the war on terror? Jan 9, 2006 1097
Katrina's kids: after a devastating hurricane, many young people in the United States have been forced to start over in places far from home. Dec 12, 2005 833
Are you a good citizen? What are your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of the United States? Oct 3, 2005 921
Is honesty still the best policy? Stiff competition for grades has led to a rise in academic cheating. Apr 25, 2005 1254
Bullying: why bullying is a problem and what you can do to stop it. Mar 21, 2005 787
Today's immigrants: some people say that the U.S. can no longer afford to be a nation of immigrants. What do you think? Cover Story Mar 21, 2005 2558
Challenges facing the president: President George W. Bush has ambitious goals for his second term. But he faces many difficulties in meeting them. Jan 10, 2005 1237
Who will win the White House? This election is now in the hands of U.S. voters. Oct 4, 2004 1213
The battle for congress: can republicans keep control of the House and Senate? Oct 4, 2004 742
Making new friends: being the new kid at school can be scary. Here are ways to fit in--and to help others fit in. Sep 6, 2004 924
The uninsured: each year, more than 9 million children in the U.S. go without health insurance. What happens when they get sick? Feb 9, 2004 1168
Stepfamily solutions: becoming part of a new family has its own trials and rewards. Sep 29, 2003 1174
Making friends: reaching out to kids who are different from you isn't always easy. But it can be rewarding. Meet some teens who have bridged the gap. Sep 1, 2003 1308
In the coffee fields of Kenya: pesticides burn children's hands and faces and leave painful wounds. (World). Nov 1, 2002 1662
On the Road Again. Sep 17, 2001 1516
LOST CHILDHOODS. Apr 9, 2001 1092

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