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Fangs but no fangs, Sir Elton.

THE critics had their claws out for Sir Elton John's vampire musical Lestat when it finally opened on Broadway.

The pounds 6million show was branded a musical sleeping pill by the New York Times.

And the New York Post said it was "a musical only the chief accountant of a blood bank could love".

Broadway previews were cancelled after the show received scathing reviews following its San Francisco debut in January.

Sir Elton, who co-wrote the musical with Bernie Taupin, admitted at the time there was "a lot of work to do".

Yesterday's reviews of the show at Broadway's Palace Theatre were less vicious than the first round but still drew blood.

The New York Daily News said the musical suffered from "mediocrity" and apart from introducing a prepubescent vampire was "never truly imaginative, never betraying a sense of irony".


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 27, 2006
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