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Fancy that! Make your pointe shoes your own.

Every student dreams the day she'll be able to order custom pointe shoes. That day is today! It's possible to buy a pointe shoe designed to your specifications even if you don't have a maker at your beck and call. You can order shoes hand-painted, dyed, even encrusted with jewels. And that's just the surface. Want to tweak the vamp length or box shape? Easy! Most manufacturers offer several options to choose from. If a shoe can't be made to order, chances are there's a stock option by the same company to suit your needs. Whether you crave purple pointe shoes to be a true Lilac Fairy, a 3/4 shank, or fun accessories--there are no limits!


1. Bloch Shown: "Heritage." #S0180. Features a large platform and V-shaped vamp, $72, For custom orders contact your local Blocn retailer.

2. Repetto Shown: "La Carlotta ," #T255. $78. Choose a medium, hard, or flexible shank. Made-to-measure orders are available.

3. Bunheads Ouch Pouch large, $24.

4. Gaynor Minden Shown: White satin shoe with pink bag. In addition to choosing the length, width, box, shank, vamp, and heel of your choice, you can also order suede tips. in pink or white satin. Starting at $84,99.

5. Suffolk Pointe Company USDA Shown: Suffolk Pointe Company Solo in bronze, Also in pink, red. black or white. Special orders are available, $90.

6. Freed of London Shown: Freed Classic in white. Choose a stock shoe. or personalize your pair by specifying the maker, vamp shape, platform slant, and more. In pink, red, white, or black. $86 for a stock shoe $100 for custom orders.

7. Grishko Shown: custom dyed #2007s. Any style of Grishko shoe can be dyed for $12 over the cost of the original shoe. Available colors include: white black, pink, red, blue, green yellow, coral, violet, gold and burgundy.

8. Eurotard "Pointe Comfort" toe pads, $29.

9. Sansha Shown: gold "Arabian Fantasy," light blue "Flower Festival," silver "Moonlignt," and the Futura 111 with front laces. Prices start at $39.


1. Fuzi Shown: V-shaDed vamp style. Choose a full shank, 3/4 shank, canvas tip, split sole, or canvas shoe. Prices start at $33.

2. Balera 7/8"-wide ribbon, $1.95.

3. Gamba Shown: #G93. Available in 4 widths, medium or hard shank with a V-shaped vamp and flexible box. Custom sizes are available. $70.

4. DanzTech Nail files. $1.80.

5 Capezio/Ballet Makers, Inc. Shown: Special makeup custom shoes. A wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes are available. Prices vary. To order, e-mail:

6. Chacott Shown: Veronese II. A lightweight shoe with V-shaped vamp. Can be ordered in extra-wide sizes by request. $82.

7. Leo's Dancewear Shown: "Inspiration" with pink pads. Features a broad, quiet box and scored outer sole. Available in a full-shank version. Pictured is the 3/4 tapered shank shoe. $65. Also offered is a split-sole pointe shoe.

8. Pointe Snaps Rainbow No-Sews, $7. Shown with pliers, $5.

9. All About Dance I-Flex shoe deodorizer and dehumidifier, $10.50.

10. Russian Pointe Shown: "Polette." Features a U-cut box and choice of 5 widths, 3 vamp lengths, and 11 shank options. Available in red, black, white, and pink. Sold only through authorized retailers. For locations visit:

11. Pillows for Pointes Pointe shoe pillowcase, $8.95.

12. Mirella Shown: MS101A. An advanced shoe with U-shaped vamp, low-cut sides and large platforms. Choose from 8 different sizes and 3 widths. $69.

13. Prima Soft Shown: "En L'Air," Features a medium flex shank, $70. To combat different sized feet, Prima Sort's "Make It Fit Kit" (not shown) comes with insoles and heel ovals to make slight fit adjustments. $9.

14. So Danca Shown: "Odile," #CK32. A 3/4-shank shoe. Choose from three shank strengths. Available in black and white. $52.

15. Pointe Work Design Shown: Monet-inspired custom hand-painted shoes. Custom designs start at $100.

16. Pointe Snaps Green Ballerina toe tape, $6.

17. Pillos for Pointes Sewing kit, $6.95. Choose ballet or European pink.

18. Bunheads Ouch Pouch Large and Ouch Pouch Jr. Large, $24.
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