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Fancy dress is half-Baked.

Byline: Rachael Bletchly

I'M no fan of fancy dress but I'll make a spectrecle of myself once a year for a Halloween Party.

A white bed-sheet with a scary face drawn in felt tip and a lot of "Whoo-hooing" usually does the trick.

But what would possess anyone to dress up as a suicide bomber? Yep, one online shop is actually flogging Taliban terrorist outfits, complete with beard and sticks of fake gelignite for PS32.99. And other morons are snapping up SS and Gestapo uniforms. Or rather were, until photos emerged of Bake Off's Paul Hollywood dressed like a Nazi.

Hopefully sales will bomb now though. Because what would possess anyone to want to dress up like that bearded pillock?

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 17, 2017
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