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Fancy browining model 1910.

Q: I have a Browning Model 1910 given to me by the widow of a World War II veteran. She said he brought it back from Belgium. I have researched this pistol and believe it was made in 1925 (or earlier). I would like to know if the engraving is factory. The handles are pearl, not bone. Also, I would like to know its value. I have not found any other guns like it except for the Renaissance models.



A: From your photos, your Browning Model 1910 pistol certainly appears to have at least proper period engraving--very likely from the factory. It is certainly a handsome piece. I'm assuming the finish is nickel and not silver-plate as I see no telltale tarnish marks. Its little carry purse is a nice accessory, too. A highly successful pistol, some 701,266 1910s were manufactured between 1912 and 1983. I can find no comparable prices on your piece, so I'm afraid I'll have to refrain from evaluating it at this time. The German WUM catalog from the early 1930s listed pistols similar to yours, and they were selling for several times more than standard, blued, not engraved models.




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Author:James, Garry
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Nov 24, 2016
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