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Famous humorist Col Muhammad Khan remembered.

ISLAMABAD: Famous humorists in Urdu literature, Colonel Muhammad Khan was remembered on his death anniversary Tuesday.

Colonel Khan was born on 1910 in the village of Balkasar. He was a Pakistan Army officer and a war veteran. He also served in the Indian Army of the undivided British India and was

a veteran of World War II.

While serving in Pakistan Army, he wrote

his first book Bajung Aamad which was a humorous autobiography. This

book became extremely popular and became one of the most famous books

in Urdu literature.

The success of his first book earned him

critically acclaimed prominence among Urdu humorists and he is

considered one of the most influential authors of this genre.

He is mostly known as Colonel Muhammad Khan to distinguish him from other

bearers of this common name, despite his efforts to be recognized by

his birth name.

In 1974, he went on a tour of the UK and later

published his account of the UK tour in Basalamat Ravi.

Later, he published another book, Bazam Arayan, a collection of semi

autobiographical short stories. Later editions of his books show his

name as just Muhammad Khan. He died on died October 23, 1999.

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Publication:Daily the Pak Banker (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 24, 2018
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