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Famous People: Kerrie Taylor and her favourite things; She's bubbly, she's bright and she's back for another series of the ITV rural drama Where The Heart Is as district nurse Beth Enright. Here, pretty blonde Kerry Taylor, 28 tells SUSANNA GALTON how lilies, lobsters and looking after herself are just a few of her favourite things...


Looking after myself

I love being pampered and in the run-up to my wedding to my boyfriend Jason last year I went for facials once a month and it really helped my skin. I'm a sucker for any miracle cream going - if it says it'll turn me into Claudia Schiffer, I'll believe it. Also, the older I get the more scrupulous I've become about removing my make-up before I go to bed. I do it automatically now, even if I've been drinking. Annoyingly, I can still get spots - normally just before filming a big scene. The other day I had a whopper on my chin and the crew had to make sure they lit the other side of my face so it didn't show on the camera - how embarrassing is that?


They are absolutely my favourite flowers. When I left Hollyoaks, Jason sent me a huge bunch with the message, `Ride into the sunset, Baby'. For my wedding - Jason proposed on my 27th birthday - I had masses of lilies everywhere. I'll never forget walking into the church and being hit with this amazing smell from the flowers. It was simply magic. A few years back, I remember being in a club when some dodgy bloke bought me a single rose, one of those really naff ones. Who knows, maybe he'd have done better to get me some lilies!

Fire Dance painting

I've never been into art. But as soon as I saw this picture, called Fire Dance, I just knew I had to have it. For me, it represents abandon, movement and real passion. I bought it a few years ago from Selfridges, and it cost me pounds 350. At the time, I'd just bought my first flat, in Finchley, North London. It was taking me ages to kit the place out, and one day I was so fed up with the local launderette, I set off to buy a washing machine - very practical, very grown-up. Instead, I came back armed with this painting - and no washing machine! My flatmate couldn't believe it! In fact, I slept on the floor for several months because I hadn't even bought a bed!

Blue dress

About four years ago, I bought this pounds 70 dress from Coast for an awards ceremony. Then I realised it was too summery - people always dress in evening wear - and I thought I'd wasted my money. But it turned out to be my best ever buy. When I had my first date with Jason I couldn't decide what to wear. I tried on everything in my wardrobe before finally settling on this dress - and he loved it. It has lots of happy memories for us, and now, whenever I ask him `What shall I wear?' he always says the blue dress - even if it's in the middle of December! It's just one of those pieces of clothing that always makes you feel good. Best of all, it's really stretchy material so I can always squeeze into it!


The hotel where Jason and I spent our honeymoon, in Lombok, gave us this statuette as a good luck charm. It means we'll have a long and happy marriage - apparently! It could be a load of rubbish, but I treasure it anyway. I also treasure a solid silver safety pin Jason gave me for Christmas. As my

character's divorced I can't wear my wedding rings so I pin them to my bra. That way I keep my rings close to my heart.


I know it's extravagant and can be messy to eat, but I do adore lobster on special occasions, especially with a nice glass of Sancerre or champagne. I don't really diet, but I do try to exercise regularly to keep my bum and hips in shape - they're my least favourite bits! I've just bought a pair of Slendertone shorts, which look awful and feel a bit strange as they send out electrical currents to your muscles, but Jason reckons they've made a difference. I pull them on and sit watching Bad Girls with a glass of wine. Now that's what I call a nice workout!

Hollyoaks photo album

I left Hollyoaks around Christmas 1999 and my leaving do was very emotional. After four and a half years playing Lucy Benson, I knew it was time to go, but as I'd had such a happy time it was hard. I hate saying goodbye and just wanted to slip away quietly, but they wouldn't let me! We went to a bar in Liverpool, and I was given a beautiful diamond cross and this Hollyoaks album as a momento. Terri Dwyer, who played Ruth, compiled it for me and it has lovely snaps of all the cast - both on and off screen - with inscriptions. I burst into tears as soon as I saw it. I know it's a cliche when actors say the cast were "like family" but for us this was the case. We worked, lived, and breathed together.

Where The Heart Is, tonight, ITV, 8pm
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