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Famous Cyclists Join Clif Bar Inc. CEO and Employees On Commemorative Cancer Fundraising Ride; CEO to Live Solely on Clif Bar Inc. Products for a Week.

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BERKELEY, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--Nov. 8, 2000

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 12-hour "Epiphany Ride" that led to the creation of the Clif Bar(R) energy bar, Clif Bar Inc. CEO Gary Erickson will lead a 175-mile, cancer fundraising bike ride on Nov. 17 after living exclusively on Clif Bar Inc. products for a week.

Erickson will be joined for the final 50 miles of the ride by two members of the world-renowned U.S. Postal Service ProCycling Team -- Dylan Casey (Mountain View, Calif.) and Levi Leipheimer (Santa Rosa, Calif.). About 35 Clif Bar Inc. employees will also join Erickson for all or some of the ride, which will be a loop beginning and ending in Dublin, Calif., about 35 miles east of San Francisco.

As part of the ride, Clif Bar Inc. will donate up to $10,000 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which helps people manage and survive cancer. The foundation, which has raised more than $5 million, is named for the world class cyclist who overcame testicular cancer and went on to win the Tour de France each of the past two years.

For every person who visits the Clif Bar Inc. website ( during the week of Nov. 13, and for every mile completed by each employee in the Nov. 17 ride, the company will donate $1 to the Foundation, up to a maximum of $10,000.

"My epiphany about the need for a great-tasting, nutritious energy bar came during a one-day, 175-mile bike ride with a friend in 1990," said Erickson, 43, who co-founded Clif Bar Inc. "I was eating the only energy bar on the market at the time, and after eating five of them, I couldn't choke down another one because of their taste."

Erickson got busy in his mother's kitchen and in 1992 introduced the Clif Bar, which quickly became popular with athletes and active people alike for its great taste, wholesome ingredients, innovative flavors and the sustained energy it delivers.

To dramatically show that people can still enjoy the taste of Clif Bars no matter how many they eat, Erickson has now decided to live on a combination of Clif Bars plus two other Clif Bar Inc. foods for the six days prior to the Epiphany Ride, and during the ride itself. The only liquid he will consume for the week is water.

All told, Erickson will eat 56 Clif Bars, 30 packets of Clif SHOT(TM) and 28 LUNA(TM) bars between Nov. 11-17. Clif SHOT is the great-tasting natural energy gel for endurance athletes and LUNA is the indulgently delicious, whole nutrition bar for women(TM) (that men can eat, too). These three all-natural foods will supply Erickson with healthy proportions of carbohydrates, protein and a small amount of fat, according to Tara DelloIacono, registered dietitian for Clif Bar Inc.

"It's very gratifying that we can reprise the Epiphany Ride this year and support the Lance Armstrong Foundation," said Erickson, whose mother is a cancer survivor. "I am pleased that the success of my dream a decade ago can be used today to help cancer survivors and their loved ones."

Based in Berkeley, Calif., Clif Bar is a leading maker of great-tasting, all-natural energy and nutrition foods. The company's products include the Clif Bar(R), the energy bar providing nutrition for sustained energy; LUNA(TM), the whole nutrition bar for women(TM); and Clif SHOT(TM), the natural energy gel(TM) for endurance activities. Clif Bar Inc. is dedicated to operating a socially responsible business by partnering with hundreds of charitable events and numerous non-profit organizations.
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