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Family who kept two sex slaves at their HOME for more than six months are jailed; The women were made to sleep with complete strangers without protection and were kept under the control of the parents and their two sons.

Byline: Rachel McDermott

A family-of-four were jailed for a total of 17-and-a-half years for keeping two women as sex slaves at their home where they were beaten and made to work as prostitutes.

They were made to sleep with complete strangers without protection and were kept under the control of the parents and their two sons for more than six months.

They suffered beatings and their children's wellbeing was threatened if they refused.

Ferenc Dardai junior, 22, described as the "principle in the offending" was jailed for six years.

Judge Peter Davies told him: "You made their lives miserable.

"You ensured their money was being taken from them and you ensured they were not fed properly.

"You punished them with violence if they refused and you made their lives intolerable.

"For this, you exhibit no remorse."

His father Ferenc Dardai senior, 42, was jailed for four years for being an "integral player" who was directed by his son.

His wife Melania Kiraly, 42, wept loudly from the dock as she was jailed for four-and-a-half years after also pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit a sham marriage.

The court heard the family kept the money made and went on nights out to casinoes.

The court heard how Kiraly arranged for a Hungarian woman to marry a Pakistani man in 2013 but it was exposed when the couple struggled to understand one another.

Daniel Dardai, 19, was ordered to spend three years in a young offender's institution.

Judge Davies adjourned the issuing of the first slavery and trafficking prevention order to a later date.

He described the victims' ordeal as "frightful, with no reward or decency, in a life characterised by abuse and fear".

He told the family: "It's noteworthy that the control and exploitation exerted over both victims changed the character of the lives they expected in the UK.

"The essence of their undignified lifestyle was trafficking which was the supply of foreign nationals for sexual exploitation.

"They were made to work when ordered to and the money was taken from them.

"If they refused, they were punished with violence and threatened with homelessness.

"Their main nourishment was limited and medical treatment was denied.

"Their life far away from their home country was depraved and lonely."

Detective Inspector Neil Blackwood said: "The treatment these poor women suffered at the hands of these offenders is nothing short of barbaric.

"One victim was often severely beaten, subjected to physical, sexual and psychological torment and was frequently left to starve as the family went out and spent the money they have received for selling her body to strangers.

"She was forced to perform sex acts with a large number of men without protection, placing her health at tremendous risk, and if she ever refused she was viciously assaulted.

"These women were a commodity to these offenders; they served no other purpose than to earn money to fund a lifestyle of drugs and gambling.

"Like so many victims of modern slavery, these women were ultimately controlled by violence and, equally, by fear.

"Fear of assault, fear of sexual abuse and fear for their children's wellbeing, whose wellbeing they held above all other concerns."

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Title Annotation:News,UK News
Author:Rachel McDermott
Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 28, 2015
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