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Family visa requirements.

Dear Sir,

I'm an engineering diploma holder working as a civil engineer with a company in Qatar. I have been trying to get residence permits for my family but my application has been rejected for reasons unknown.

But I understand that family visas are not approved for diploma holders. That is unfair.

In India, from where I come, the three-year engineering diploma is considered as a high-value course and it's considered good enough for several government posts.

I have visited the Ministry of Interior to know the exact reason for rejecting my family visa application but officials there don't mention anything.

I feel that proper guidance from authorities concerned for applying family visas will be quite helpful to expatriates.

If one knows the exact information about family visa application procedures and requirements, one can take the right decision before signing the job contract.

Because of the family visa uncertainties, my daughter is unable to get admission in a school.

I would like to request authorities to make available the full information about family visa requirements to help people who are offered jobs in Qatar to make up their minds before accepting them.

Pradeep Kumar, (e-mail address supplied)

Mega quake warning

Dear Sir,

A new study reveals that about 3.5mn metres worth of strain has built up in the Himalayan region that could unleash an earthquake of 8.5 magnitude, devastating a huge area.

Geologists have been warning us over the past 20 years of a series of major earthquakes that could be cataclysmic. The evidence for that is overwhelming.

The Cascadia subduction zone and the Saint Andreas fault-line off Americas west coast, it is feared, will rupture in a 9 magnitude mega quake.These long fault lines have the capacity to produce a mega quake.

Scientists from the National Research Institute of India and Stansford University analysed the fault line that separates the Asian and Intercontinental plates. The report predicted a mega quake in Nepal. The report, published in 2012, predicted 40,000 deaths accompanied by landslides and painted a picture of utter devastation. The findings were largely ignored.

The Nepal earthquake of 2015 killed more than 8,000 people. The Himalayan region may now be under the risk of earthquakes more devastating than that. The earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, ruptured the main Himalayan Thrust fault, but not all the way to the surface, according to some geologists. Therefore, a further rupture of the fault, which stopped halfway at 11km under Kathmandu Valley, cannot be ruled out, they feel.

Farouk Araie,

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Publication:Gulf Times (Doha, Qatar)
Date:Jun 29, 2016
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