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Family of Asians flees fire-bomb terror attack.

An Asian family-of-seven escaped a blazing house after it was fire-bombed in a racially-motivated attack.

The family - the youngest was a child aged seven - was asleep in their home in Accrington, Lancashire, when a burning substance was thrown through a downstairs window in the early hours of Saturday.

The eldest son raised the alarm when he was awoken by the smell of smoke and the family escaped. No-one was injured.

They will now have to be rehoused as their home, the site of a former newsagents which has not traded for the past two years.

A Lancashire Police spokeswoman said: 'It appears the fire started when a covering over the front window was forced and a burning substance was tossed inside.

'The incident is being investigated as a racially aggravated arson attack.'

Superintendent David Mallaby, of Lancashire Police, said: 'This is an appalling incident where an entire family could have been killed.

'The whole community should be united in helping us identify the people responsible for putting children's lives at risk. No-one can condone this kind of crime.'

Meanwhile, the leader of the BNP blamed the race problems in the Lancashire town of Burnley on 'Asian thugs' who he claimed had spent years 'winding up' the situation by attacking white people.

Nick Griffin said: 'There is fault on both sides of the community here, but those treating people differently because of the colour of their skins are the Asian thugs who for some years in places like Burnley have been winding this up by attacking white people.'

He condemned the firebomb attack on the house in Accrington as 'appalling'.

'We care about all innocent people, Asian and white, who are being attacked, and attacks like that have got to be condemned,' said Mr Griffin.

'But what has also got to be condemned is the fact that the media and the police constantly focus on the situation when Asians are victims.

'When whites are the victims, they just don't seem to care.'
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jul 2, 2001
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