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Family leave policy sparks debate at Annual Business Meeting.

NLC's Annual Business Meeting, the culmination of a year-long policy process, was a lively forum of delegates eager to vote on NLC's Municipal Policy. In the wake of an election year that promises change for the nation, the verbiage of the policy document became more crucial and delegates acutely aware of its importance.

The majority of NLC resolutions and the amendments to the National Municipal Policy submitted by NLC's five policy committees were passed by the NLC membership during the Annual Business Meeting at the Congress of Cities. In addition, nominations for NLC Officers and the Board of Directors were approved uncontested.

The new officers are NLC President Donald Fraser, mayor, Minneapolis; NLC First Vice-President, Sharpe James, mayor, Newark, N.J.; and NLC Second Vice-President, Carolyn Long Banks, councilwoman, Atlanta, Ga. Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood, NLC President during 1992, will now serve as immediate past president, joining the other past presidents New Orleans Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy, Scotland Neck, N.C. Mayor Ferd Harrison, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley and Denver, Colo. Councilwoman-at-Large Cathy Reynolds.

Under the National Municipal Policy, delegates challenged the language in the policies under Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR), Energy Environmental and National Resources (EENR), and Human Development (HD).

FAIR's policy on employee relations and benefits sparked spirited discussion among delegates on the floor, some being for NLC taking a stand against a federal family leave based on a belief that employee benefits should remain the responsibility of cities. Others warned that unless NLC issues a policy statement supporting family leave, the organization might lose some of its credibility as an advocate for families.

The result was a vote amending the parental leave section of the policy to include the removal of NLC opposition to federally imposed parental/medical leave policy. In amending of the approved policy, NLC strongly encourages that family leave policy decisions rest with city governments.

After back and forth debate and a series of voice votes, delegates called for a weighted vote to decide whether to include a "one step" licensing clause in the Nuclear Power federal regulation policy. The weighted vote overturned the voice vote, and the delegates approved the policy to stand as written and keep the licensing clause.

Among the eight resolutions set aside for debate by the delegates, only one did not pass--the resolution to support repeal of Colorado's Amendment 2. Amendment 2 prevents Colorado cities from adopting or enforcing any laws or ordinances protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

The resolution stated that the "National League of Cities commends the efforts of elected officials in Colorado to fight this breach of human rights; and ... that the National League of Cities pledges its full support to efforts to repeal Amendment 2 in Colorado."

After much debate on the pros and cons of Policy #27, which encourages the military to cease discrimination against gays, lesbians and bisexuals, delegates voted to support the NLC resolution without amendments.

Other resolutions like the economic recovery plan was approved by the delegates with a simple deletion of the word "substantial" in reference to the level or emphasis on recovery initiatives.

NLC resolution #11, on federal mandates, received overwhelming support to oppose any amendment to the United States Constitution to require a balanced budget unless it prohibits the imposition of any unfunded or under-funded federal mandates on states, counties or municipalities.

For complete resolution and policy statements, contact the NLC Cewnter for Policy and Federal Relations at (202) 626-3020.

Resolutions Approved By Membership

The following resolutions were approved by the delegates: #1 An Economic Recovery Plan (approved with amendments); #2 Proposed Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement (approved as is); #3 Extension of Tax Provisions (approved as is); #4 The Statement of Budget Priorities (approved as is); #5 Levy of Local Sales Taxes on Interstate Catalog Sales (approved as is) #6 Preemption Legislation (approved as is) #7 Administrative Costs of Federal Transfers (approved as is) #8 Federal Land and Office Space Procurement Policies (approved as is) #9 Unfunded Federal Mandates (approved as is) #10 Fair Labor Standards Act (approved as is) #11 Federal Mandates (approved with amendments) #12 Lead Trust Fund (approved as is) #13 Household Hazardous Waster Incentive Program (approved as is) #13 A Risk Assessment (approved as is) #14 Prohibition of the Use of CFC's/ODC's in Construction Materials (approved as is) #15 Use of Energy Efficient Traffic Signal Technologies (approved as is) #16 Medical Isotope Production and Distribution Program (approved as is) #17 Moratorium on the Safe Drinking Water Act (MSDWA) (approved as is) #18 Municipal Storm Water Program (approved as is) #20 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order #636 (approved as is) #21 Revisions to Subtitle D Regulations (approved as is) #22 Affordable Housing and Community Development Partnership (approved as is) #23 Small and Micro-Business Economic Development (approved as is) #24 National Earthquake Insurance and Hazard Mitigation Programs (approved as is) #25 Expressing Support for Expanding U.S. Free Trade (approved as is) #26 President's Commission on AIDS (approved as is) #27 Resolution Calling for and end to Discrimination in the Military Against Gays, Lesbians

and Bisexuals (approved as is) #28 The Mickey Leland Domestic Hunger Relied bill (approved as is) #29 "Beyond McKinney" (approved as is) #30 Support Repeal of Colorado Amendment 2 (failed) #31 Telecommunications Section of the ADA (approved as is) #32 Use of Airport Passenger Facility Charges (approved as is) #33 Preserving Local Franchise Agreements for Telecommunications Utilities Use of Public

Streets and Rights-Of-Way (approved as is) #34 Funding for Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency ACT (ISTEA) (approved as is) #35 Open Skies Resolution (approved as is) #36 National Drugged and Drunk Driving Prevention Month, December 1992 (approved

as is)
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