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Family issues at Wisconsin utility.

The Wisconsin Power and Light Co. and Local 965 of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) reached agreement on a 3-year contract, covering 1,765 clerical and blue-collar workers, that provides for 1 year of leave without pay for new parents.

Under terms of the contract, employees (mothers and fathers) will be eligible for a 1-year unpaid leave of absence with job protection to care for newborn or adopted children. (The maternity leave policy, which is continued from the prior contract, provides for 6 weeks of paid leave.) Other terms include a 6-percent general wage increase in the first year (the average hourly wage currently is $13.89), and 4-percent increases in the second and third years; for certain clerical workers, a lump-sum payment equal to 9 percent of the employee's gross pay in the preceding 12 months; a 4-cent-an-hour increase in the second shift premium (to 48 cents) and a 6-cent increase in the third shift premium (to 55 cents); establishment of a job-sharing program; a 3-percent equity adjustment for blue-collar workers; a 1-percent "market adjustment" for certain skilled workers; a joint labor-management committee to determine ways to contain health care costs; 4 weeks of vacation after 15 years of service (previously, 16 years); a $500,000 (previously, $250,000) major medical lifetime maximum, increasing to $750,000 in June 1991 and to $1,000,000 in June 1992; and continuation of the cost-of-living adjustment provision.
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Title Annotation:Developments in industrial relations; Wisconsin Power and Light Co.
Author:Cimini, Michael H.
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Dec 1, 1990
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