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Family Religious Involvement and the Quality of Family Relationships for Early Adolescents. A Research Report of the National Study of Youth and Religion.

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This report examines associations between three dimensions of family religious involvement (number of days per week the family does something religious, parental worship service attendance, and parental prayer) and the quality of family relationships for early adolescents. Out of the 27 family relationship variables examined, all significantly related to some dimension of family religious involvement, after controlling for the possible effects of eight variables. Some of the 27 variables are: aspires to be like mother/father; praise by mother/father; help from mother/father; admires mother/father; mother's/father's knowledge of child's friends/social contacts/education; and eating dinner with family. Overall, all three dimensions of family and parental religious involvement tend to significantly relate to positive family relationship characteristics. About 11 percent of youth age 12-14 belong to families heavily involved in some form of religious activity during the week. Those youth are significantly more likely than youth from non-involved families to have stronger relationships with their parents, participate in family activities, and not run away. Youth from less religiously active families are more likely to exhibit many but not all of the positive family relationship characteristics. There are fewer significant relationships between parental worship service attendance and parental prayer and positive family relationships, though the relationships exist. (SM)

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Author:Smith, Christian; Kim, Phillip
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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