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Articles from Family Practice News (December 1, 2010)

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A few simple steps to finding a usable and affordable system. Bertman, Jonathan; Skolnik, Neil 969
Address treatment adherence at patient's first visit for acne. Boschert, Sherry 579
Adult immunization rates increased slightly in 2008-2009. Tucker, Miriam E. 860
Alcohol tax boost touted to yield public health benefits. Jancin, Bruce 634
AMA issues social media policy. Anderson, Jane Brief article 109
Annual MRI a plus in women with past cancer. Hyer, Richard 1027
Aspirin dose, not duration, may raise GI bleeding risk. Splete, Heidi Report 375
Atopic children at increased risk of contact dermatitis. McNamara, Damian 796
Bardoxolone boosted eGFR in kidney disease. Otto, M. Alexander 521
Bedside tool may predict C. difficile outcomes. Otto, M. Alexander 790
CDC: one in four adults uninsured last year. Anderson, Jane 620
Combo exercise regimen lowers [HbA.sub.1c] in diabetes. Moon, Mary Ann 450
Congress clarifies 'creditor' definition for Red Flags rule. Schneider, Mary Ellen 374
Contributory negligence. Tan, S.Y. Report 989
CRT plus ICD equals fewer heart failure deaths. Wendling, Patrice 732
CT scans cut lung cancer deaths by one-fifth. Wendling, Patrice 721
Daily antiretroviral prophylaxis cut risk of HIV infection. Boschert, Sherry 982
Diabetes portends higher pancreatitis risk. Tucker, Miriam E. 559
Diclofenac gel cleared actinic keratoses after transplant. Jancin, Bruce 434
Dosing directions, measuring devices vary for OTC meds. Worcester, Sharon 707
Early colonoscopy advised in IBD and sclerosing cholangitis. Splete, Heidi Report 425
Early dialysis linked to greater 1-year mortality. Moon, Mary Ann 907
Early use of biologics may benefit IBD patients. Kubetin, Sally Koch Report 757
Eplerenone and standard therapy cut mortality 24% in mild heart failure. Wendling, Patrice 982
Experts debate new iron supplement policy. Harrison, Laird 1016
FDA panel backs approval of biologic for SLE. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 508
FDA warns on beverages. Anderson, Jane Brief article 168
Fecal transplantation an option for recurrent C. difficile. Otto, M. Alexander 717
Feds set to test medical home payment models: models to be chosen based on ability to improve service coordination, quality, and efficiency. Boschert, Sherry 848
Go beyond fractional lasers to treat acne scars. Bullock, Lorinda 819
Go minimally invasive for most hysterectomies: taking a vaginal or laparoscopic approach is best, except in a few specific, defined circumstances. Tucker, Miriam E. 1257
H. pylori may protect against Barrett's esophagus. Napoli, Denise Report 562
HDL soared, LDL dropped with anacetrapib. Wendling, Patrice 609
Healthy People 2020 launched. Sullivan, Michele G. 374
Hepatitis C vaccine boosted immune response. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report 548
HHS tobacco control strategy includes graphic warnings. Ault, Alicia 516
HIV testing rates reached record level in 2009. Payne, January W. 430
Home telemonitoring was a flop in heart failure trials. Jancin, Bruce 709
Hospital adverse events common. Anderson, Jane Brief article 116
House passes short-term SGR fix, but long-term solution still MIA. Ault, Alicia Brief article 250
IGF-I receptor a target in triple-negative breast cancer. Wachter, Kerri 314
Industry-physician ties persist. Anderson, Jane Brief article 182
Insurers to pay 80%-85% of premium on medical care. Ault, Alicia 506
International adoptees have growing list of medical issues. Harrison, Laird 1173
IOM sets daily doses for calcium, vitamin D. Splete, Heidi 851
Lesion in a new tattoo? Think mycobacteria. Jancin, Bruce 904
Light exercise best to prevent knee osteoarthritis. Birk, Susan Clinical report 899
Linaclotide effective for IBS with constipation. Napoli, Denise Clinical report 593
Loss of hearing linked to otitis in meningitis. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report 513
Low iron is biomarker, treatment target in HF. Jancin, Bruce 557
Low vitamin D linked to psychosis in teens. Zoler, Mitchel L. 556
Mammography devices relisted. Anderson, Jane Brief article 136
Measures could improve teen immunization. Miller, Naseem S. 692
Medicare reduces bad payments. Anderson, Jane Brief article 121
Medicare's Berwick faces senators on the Hill. Ault, Alicia 607
Mental health care aids substance abuse Tx. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report 528
Multiple fibromyalgia symptoms require multiple therapies. Kubetin, Sally Koch 535
New covered preventive care. 716
New MDD treatment guidelines fall short. Ghaemi, S. Nassir 1172
New multiple sclerosis lesions accrue seasonally. Evans, Jeff Report 880
NIH at forefront of new clinical trials push: academic researchers encouraged to partner with NIH to move new drug candidates to the next step. Lesney, Mark S. 674
Omega-3 failed to prevent recurrent atrial fib. Wendling, Patrice Report 720
Otitis research supports new AAP guidelines. Moon, Mary Ann 520
Parental diagnosis of AOM appears to be unreliable. Boschert, Sherry 365
Periodontal disease and preterm birth. Macones, George A. Report 1574
Pneumococcal vaccine: beyond 13 serotypes. Boschert, Sherry Conference news 823
PPIs heighten risk of C. difficile diarrhea. Splete, Heidi Report 221
Primary care groups outline ACO principles: the 21 principles were submitted to CMS as guiding principles for ACO demonstration projects. Ault, Alicia 593
Propoxyphene yanked due to arrhythmia risk. Bullock, Lorinda 587
Psych admissions for kids doubled in 1996-2007. Zoler, Mitchel L. 608
Recycling from the heart. Wendling, Patrice 352
Screen parents for signs of intimate partner violence. Boschert, Sherry 677
Skin lesions can flag inherited internal diseases. Brunk, Doug 424
Smoking cessation ups hypothyroidism risk. Sullivan, Michele G. Report 556
Still no consensus on UTI management. Pelton, Stephen I. 1356
Take a closer look at iron recommendations. Eden, Alvin 876
Telaprevir, boceprevir improved HCV cure rates. Mahoney, Diana 1582
Tricyclics tied to 35% higher cardiovascular risk. Smith, Jennie 589
U.S. lags in health care access and affordability. Anderson, Jane 838
Use of antibiotics for acute otitis media Tx gets a boost. Boschert, Sherry 431
Vytorin lowered cardiac risk in chronic kidney disease. Otto, M. Alexander 575
Web tool lets patients access medical records. Napoli, Denise 800
When improvised care is name of the game: a stethoscope and a tuning fork do nicely for diagnosing long bone fractures without x-rays. London, Susan 1291

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