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Articles from Family Practice News (April 15, 2010)

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'Metabolically healthy' obesity not so healthy. Finn, Robert Report 552
Access to high-quality food is key. Stamler, Jeremiah Brief article 169
Achieving goals 'I never dreamed of'. Brunk, Doug 817
Advance directives are effective in guiding care. Anderson, Jane Survey 407
Anti-Abuse OxyContin approved. Brief article 187
Avoiding calcification. Geyer, Cindy Letter to the editor 214
Benzoyl peroxide ruled safe after years of debate. Ault, Alicia Brief article 210
Bisphosphonates may not raise fracture risk. Worcester, Sharon 663
Breast Ca post pregnancy predicts worse survival: next question: does the total time a woman is pregnant correlate with an increased risk? Freeman, Sara 655
Breast cancer chemotherapy does not harm fetus. Freeman, Sara Report 710
Broadband plan adds health goals. Anderson, Jane Brief article 106
Chamomile may reduce anxiety depression. Tucker, Miriam E. Report 802
Coronary disease seen in diabetes before age 40. Zoler, Mitchel L. 332
Cutaneous morphine provides poor pain relief. Mahoney, Diana Report 512
Dutasteride cuts Ca risk, but benefit disputed. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report 632
Educating patients about ADRs. Woolery, William A. Letter to the editor 206
Exercise appears to offset effects of the 'obesity gene' in adolescents. 257
Future FPs attracted by flexibility, variety, helping the underserved. DeMott, Kathryn 1695
Gene tests before gene therapy. Brief article 176
Genotyping for Warfarin sensitivity may cut hospitalization. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report 475
Getting CME back on track. Goldstein, Sidney 669
Governor signs Meth Law. Anderson, Jane Brief article 141
Guidance is sparse for nonmotor PD symptoms. Johnson, Kate Report 756
H1N1 vaccination patterns show state variation: CDC also reported variations in vaccine uptake based on people's age and target group status. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report 1214
HHS Funds Centers to Spur Adoption of EHRs. Schneider, Mary Ellen 587
HHS launches new transparency initiative. Anderson, Jane 378
HHS moves to set up high-risk insurance pools. Schneider, Mary Ellen 360
Hormone therapy still plays a role. Warren, Michelle P. Brief article 223
Hospital culture often stymies implementation of palliative care. Mahoney, Diana 562
How to keep COPD under check. Report 317
Insurer meddling still a problem. Rothschild, Bruce Letter to the editor 200
Intensive glucose control may benefit subgroups. Boschert, Sherry 592
Interferon-gamma TB tests not yet ready for prime time. McNamara, Damian Report 386
Introduction. Report 8111
IOM panel: Gulf War exposure can cause PTSD. Schneider, Mary Ellen 579
Isotretinoin-IBD connection is unsupported. Jancin, Bruce; Sullivan, Michele G. Report 749
Metastasis risk higher with prior SCC/BCC. Jancin, Bruce Report 354
Moderate or worse depression seen in quarter of interns. Anderson, Jane Report 307
More H1N1 seen after seasonal flu vaccination. Mahoney, Diana 574
More on Colchicine controversy. Older, Steven A. Letter to the editor 165
NAMS revises statement on postmenopausal HT. Mahoney, Diana 1211
National Committee considers effect of IT on patient safety. Schneider, Mary Ellen Conference news 463
Neighborhood factors may predict cardiac risks. Finn, Robert Report 441
Novel imaging modality investigates pulmonary nodules. Report 577
Osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Skolnik, Neil S.; Baker, Lauren E. 803
Personal health record use still low, but growing fast. Zieger, Anne C. Brief article 318
Pfizer paid $35m in 6 months. Anderson, Jane Brief article 121
Physical activity's weight control effects limited. Moon, Mary Ann Report 566
Pitchers should not 'play through the pain'. McNamara, Damian Report 410
Poor design limits study findings. Mehra, Mandeep R. Brief article 224
Prevention of acute COPD exacerbations is critical. Jancin, Bruce Report 416
PSA levels altered by use of Thiazide Diuretics, statins, NSAIDs. London, Susan 639
Quality of health care may not differ by patients' weight status. Report 426
Reform to target persistant health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report 514
Restaurants must post calories. Anderson, Jane Brief article 127
Roflumilast rejected for COPD. 184
Rotavirus vaccine lowered admissions for the infection. Sullivan, Michele G. 533
Rozerem information misleads. Brief article 145
Skin reactions main event from topical diclofenac in elderly. Boschert, Sherry 693
Spas warned on lipodisolve. Brief article 239
State medical board actions up. Anderson, Jane Brief article 147
System needs to build resilience. Epstein, Ronald M. Brief article 237
Test identifies tumors in kids' vertigo. Splete, Heidi Report 347
Tips to save your practice money now. Harbaugh, Norman 562
Topical shows 'improved safety'. Altman, Roy D. 250
Trunk fat tops BMI, waistline as predictor of elevated ALT. Napoli, Denise Report 597
Urethritis common in men with no symptoms. Tanzola, Melinda Report 424
Urine test predicts biopsy outcomes for prostate cancer. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Clinical report 689
Valproate use for epilepsy may prevent MI. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 234
Value of PSA still under debate. Liu, Davis 230
Which standard of care? Tan, S.Y. 1075

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