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Articles from Family Practice News (September 1, 2008)

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'Express visits' expedite time to treatment in STD clinics. Schneider, Mary Ellen 445
2009 CMS outpatient pay will be based on quality. Ault, Alicia 746
A thin margin. Frey, Randall Brief article 193
Adiposity trumps BMI in cerebrovascular event prediction. Wachter, Kerri 447
Alert issued on simvastatin-amiodarone interaction. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 311
Antibiotic cut peritonitis in liver disease patients. Ault, Alicia 417
Antidepressants show promise for irritable bowel syndrome. Zamosky, Lisa 580
Atrial volume, ventricular shape predict mortality. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 554
Belimumab is steroid sparing in systemic lupus erythematosus. Walsh, Nancy 395
Benign obesity. 333
Biologic gains FDA panel backing for RA patients. Ault, Alicia 655
Blood test in pipeline may help diagnose Alzheimer's. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 464
C. difficile hospitalizations, deaths spark concern. Mahoney, Diana 502
Calif. stops cancellation practice. Anderson, Jane Brief article 136
Clinical criteria help guide return to activity after mono. 396
CMS plans five-star rating system for nursing homes. Schneider, Mary Ellen 381
Concerns persist about Byetta and pancreatitis risks. Ault, Alicia 312
Congenital heart disease prognosis still a mystery: 'no single hemodynamic or electrophysiologic risk factor appears to be sufficiently predictive.'. Zoler, Mitchel L. 559
Congenital malformation risk rose with use of topiramate. Sullivan, Michele G. 482
Corrections. Correction notice 174
Data back medical therapy for stable angina. Evans, Jeff 1088
Demo results indicate incentives improve quality of care, safety. Schneider, Mary Ellen 512
Did the AAP's clinical statement on lipid screening get it right? Guidelines outline multilevel approach. Stettler, Nicolas 444
Did the AAP's clinical statement on lipid screening get it right? Screening and management are unproven. Sanghavi, Darshak 446
Drug use, hygiene listed as MRSA risk factors in gay men. Evans, Jeff 449
Emerging data link psoriasis to comorbidities. Brunk, Doug 585
EpiCeram cream alone clears atopic dermatitis. Jancin, Bruce 552
Extensive Crohn's disease may elevate risk of colon cancer, dysplasia. Tucker, Miriam E. Clinical report 653
FDA issues conflict-of-interest rules for advisers. Ault, Alicia 703
First-trimester lamotrigine use tied to oral clefts. Finn, Robert Brief article 290
Flab nation ... Frey, Randall Brief article 186
Flu shot may not prevent pneumonia in elderly. Lowry, Fran 676
Food industry responding to needs of diabetic patients with celiac disease. 457
GAO: Part D problems continue. Anderson, Jane Brief article 118
Grants aimed at risk pools. Anderson, Jane Brief article 123
H. pylori eradication cuts gastric cancer incidence. Napoli, Denise 496
Health care access fell in 2007, quality lagged behind. Anderson, Jane 604
Health searches level off. Anderson, Jane Brief article 179
Helicobacter pylori may protect against asthma. Walsh, Nancy 658
Higher fitness level may slow brain atrophy in Alzheimer's. Sullivan, Michele G. 538
Hispanics' lack of primary care will be a crisis. Ault, Alicia 709
History may portend better cancer outcome. Moon, Mary Ann 377
Home drug errors rise. Anderson, Jane Brief article 154
Imiquimod sustains BCC clearance long-term. Wendling, Patrice Brief article 292
Infectious gastroenteritis may precipitate IBD. Sullivan, Leanne 638
Insulin resistance differs in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus. Worcester, Sharon 398
Jury out on HT's cognitive benefits. Sullivan, Michele G. 1018
Laws won't help uninsured. Anderson, Jane 122
Maneuvering begins on Capitol Hill for health care reform. Ault, Alicia 703
Medical-legal partnerships take root across U.S.: resolution calls for an AAFP-led initiative. DeMott, Kathryn 824
Medicare expands list of conditions it will not cover. Schneider, Mary Ellen 820
Mediterranean diet offsets diabetes. 212
Metabolic syndrome fails to predict CVD risk. Bullock, Lorinda Clinical report 519
Misperceptions about contraceptives persist. Brunk, Doug 627
Neuropsychiatric issues common in early lupus. Worcester, Sharon 696
New drugs prominent in rhinitis guidelines. Evans, Jeff 873
Nicotine replacement in pregnancy. Brief article 181
Nocturnal BP patterns altered with obesity. Worcester, Sharon 367
Nut consumption in pregnancy may increase asthma risk in child. Gardner, Jonathan 561
Obesity linked to higher morbidity after coronary bypass. Zoler, Mitchel L. 352
Omega-3 fatty acid use is associated with reduced risk for new atrial fib. Zoler, Mitchel L. 493
One doctor's tips for stress reduction. Lindberg, Fred Letter to the editor 198
Part D premiums to rise $3 in 2009. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 166
Personal health records should ensure privacy; task force says. Schneider, Mary Ellen 345
Physicians can play a key role in keeping sports in balance. 451
Pirfenidone is promising as pulmonary fibrosis therapy. Walsh, Nancy Clinical report 410
Prepregnancy diabetes triples risk of birth defects. Splete, Heidi 598
Preventing a Tim Russert Event. Goldstein, Sidney 670
Role of HPV in head, neck cancers elucidated. Finn, Robert 340
Self-reporting helps track adherence in diabetics. Jancin, Bruce 634
Serial celiac screening urged in all type 1 patients. Jancin, Bruce 655
Simple steps can help avert foot ulcers in diabetic patients. Tucker, Miriam E. 1109
Stay alert to health complications from dancing. London, Susan 625
Study ties smoking volume to stroke in young women. Splete, Heidi 302
Teens and marijuana. Gold, Mark S.; Dupont, Robert L. 479
The perils of credentialing. Zaremski, Miles J. 1326
They'rrrre baaaaack! Harry and Louise redux. 235
Thunderclap headache a sign of reversible CVS, not vasculitis. Walsh, Nancy 516
Tips for reducing stress in the office. McClure, David; Winner, Jay Letter to the editor 505
Tool helps prompt antihypertensive prescribing. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 551
Tracking melanoma's genetic tentacles. Feero, Greg 662
Varenicline may help curb heavy drinking. Wachter, Kerri 440
Voters back more children's health care spending. Kubetin, Audrey 548
Watch diabetic youth for signs of disturbed eating. 328
Weigh pros and cons of pediatric wart therapies. Boschert, Sherry 1030
When human data are lacking. Briggs, Gerald G. 780

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