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Articles from Family Practice News (May 1, 2008)

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'Use it or lose it' strategy confirmed to aid memory. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman 558
[HbA.sub.1c] may help flag impaired glucose tolerance in children. Wachter, Kerri 404
AAMC adopts medical home. Anderson, Jane Brief article 129
ACE inhibitor/ARB combination does more harm than good. 366
Adenotonsillectomy may not resolve sleep apnea. McNamara, Damian Clinical report 666
Analysis results may offer rational celecoxib use. Jancin, Bruce 696
Ankle-brachial index adds to Framingham Risk Score. Zoler, Mitchell L. 503
Appropriateness of stress echocardiology testing updated. Wachter, Kerri 496
Assess 'global cardiometabolic risk' factors in patients with dyslipidemia. Tucker, Miriam E. 361
Bacterial vaginosis may be risk factor for HSV-2. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 283
Bone mineral density deficits seen in children with epilepsy. Kirn, Timothy F. 344
Breast-feeding and type 2 diabetes. Brief article 243
Cardiac screening advised before starting ADHD Rx: selective ECG deemed medically indicated. McNamara, Damian 1038
CMS updates oversight of outpatient dialysis centers. Schneider, Mary Ellen 411
Colonoscopy greatly underused in high-risk African Americans. Moon, Mary Ann 299
Colorectal cancer screening rises, but disparities persist. Moon, Mary Ann 319
Consumer-directed enrollment low. Anderson, Jane Brief article 117
Coverage of computed tomographic angiography decided case by case. Ault, Alicia 476
Data confirm link between breast cancer, alcohol intake. Lowry, Fran 432
Doctor's visit a chance to screen teens for inhalant abuse. 382
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: atypical antipsychotics. Cohen, Lee 630
Eczema center emphasizes research, education. Brunk, Doug 1091
Expert witnesses under fire. Zaremski, Miles J. 1226
Face the facts when dealing with genital herpes: patient education is critical, especially since many who test positive are asymptomatic. Mahoney, Diana 920
Financial incentives spur patients to slim down. Schneider, Mary Ellen 780
For low libido, hold the hair spray. Frey, Randy Brief article 117
Frequency of migraine with aura may be tied to cardiovascular risk. Wendling, Patrice 681
Ga. docs collaborate on EHRs. Anderson, Jane Brief article 112
Gaps in child well-being. Anderson, Jane Brief article 175
Genetic marker may flag risk of asthma, poor lung function. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 419
Genetics is top of the list of risk factors for RA. Jancin, Bruce 588
Gonorrhea often goes undetected in gay men. Sullivan, Michele G. 287
Heavy drinking, smoking found to hasten the onset of Alzheimer's. Wendling, Patrice 541
High cholesterol in midlife ups Alzheimer's risk. Wendling, Patrice 366
Home defibrillators failed to cut deaths in post-MI patients. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 628
Hospice costs rise amidst for-profit providers. Ault, Alicia Editorial 480
Insulin resistance is linked to stroke risk in nondiabetics. Evans, Jeff Clinical report 739
Life expectancy must guide prostate cancer treatment. Lowry, Fran 396
Low bone mass frequently gets overtreated. Walsh, Nancy 893
Lower exercise intensity in obese boys. Brief article 247
MA, Part D changes announced. Anderson, Jane Brief article 150
Maneuvers, not imaging, can help confirm sacroiliac joint syndrome. Jancin, Bruce 523
Many elderly, particularly in nursing homes, lack vitamin D. Haglund, Keith 612
Medical Home pilot gets go-ahead from MedPAC. Ault, Alicia 573
Medical litigation benefits attorneys. Keller, David L.; Zaremski Letter to the editor 340
Medicare expands coverage of CPAP devices. Schneider, Mary Ellen 665
MedPAC backs bundled pay for hospitalizations. Ault, Alicia 321
Migraine and apnea may be linked in kids. Wendling, Patrice 393
Moderately large waist measurements matter. Jancin, Bruce 557
More mild cognitive impairment seen in men. Dales, Mary Jo M. 507
MRI chamber music: tough gig? Frey, Randy Brief article 122
MRI method may oust liver biopsy for sickle cell. Lowry, Fran 663
Old drugs, new tricks. Feero, Greg 828
Olympic athletes, beware the air. Frey, Randy Brief article 117
Oral drug for cystic fibrosis shows promise in early trials. Rudd, Terry Clinical report 390
Oral hygiene important for preventing oral mucositis. Lowry, Fran 465
Paper test can help diagnose childhood absence epilepsy. McNamara, Damian 368
Partner history raises risk of BV in gay women. Sullivan, Michele G. 674
Physician burnout takes toll on quality of care. Tucker, Miriam E. 680
Preemie asthma tied to mom's chorioamnionitis. Zoler, Mitchel L. 663
Pyriformis syndrome frequently overdiagnosed: what's often labeled pyriformis syndrome is more likely proximal radicular pain or referred pain. Jancin, Bruce 581
Radiation to target prostate cancer risk. Lowry, Fran 376
Radiofrequency ablation improves survival in lung cancer. Tucker, Miriam E. Clinical report 629
Reassurance is potent against pediatric migraines. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview 793
Responsiveness to external, internal cues tied to obesity. Wachter, Kerri 394
Risk factors are identified for ovarian failure in SLE. Zoler, Mitchel L. 349
Rosiglitazone patient guide addresses heart failure, other cardiac concerns. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 201
Rx for a missed plane: bomb threats. Frey, Randy Brief article 141
SCHIP enrollment data misleading, say advocates. Ault, Alicia 679
Seasonal allergies are linked to depression, rise in suicide rates. Zoler, Mitchell L. 581
Self-collected swabs okay for STDs in men. Sullivan, Michele G. 340
Short sleep duration in infancy may predict childhood adiposity. Moon, Mary Ann 434
Should insulin therapy be started earlier in type 2 diabetes patients? Aggressive combination treatment is often enough. Goldstein, Barry J. 497
Should insulin therapy be started earlier in type 2 diabetes patients? Early use of insulin improves [beta]-cell function. Abrahamson, Martin J. 514
Side effects underreported. Anderson, Jane Brief article 161
Simple steps improve diabetes self management. Boschert, Sherry 623
Sodium, potassium intake ratio predicts cardiac risks. 342
Stakeholders hammer out medical home principles. Finkelstein, Joel B. 992
Suicidality overlooked in diagnosis of depression. Finn, Robert 570
Surgery sans radiation deemed an option in DCIS. Lowry, Fran 481
Tanning industry launches attack against 'melanoma hype'. Ault, Alicia 458
The couple that CPAPs together ... Frey, Randy Brief article 130
TPA fails in women with metabolic syndrome: the effect may be caused by defective endogenous fibrinolysis, a hallmark of metabolic syndrome. Evans, Jeff Clinical report 743
Treat pain to improve cognition in older adults. Johnson, Kate Disease/Disorder overview 954
Universal HIV screening renews disclosure debate. Blanks, Richard 669
Update on diagnosing, managing celiac disease: short stature and dental enamel defects are added to the existing list of extraintestinal symptoms. McNamara, Damian Disease/Disorder overview 778
Vaccine reduces recurrence, death in patients with HER2 breast cancer. Lowry, Fran 516
Virtual visits free physicians, patients. Demott, Kathryn 1218
Vitamin D cuts risk of type 1 diabetes. 187
With specialist shortage, obese kids turn to PCPs: the data suggest that geographic differences in endocrinologist supply may be driving variation. Dixon, Bruce K. 605

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