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Articles from Family Practice News (January 1, 2008)

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"Behind-the-counter' prescribing is problematic. Rodbard, Helena W. 758
Abdominal height accurately gauges adiposity. Lowry, Fran 367
Access reduced by cost. Matthews, Renee Brief article 141
Accuracy of noninvasive CT angiography supported by trial. Wendling, Patrice 831
Addressing insomnia may help reduce OA-related pain. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 381
Age determines management of pediatric acne. Boschert, Sherry 655
Age-related loss of peripheral vision increases risk of falls. Splete, Heidi 466
Agency's approval plan flawed. Matthews, Renee Brief article 135
Antibiotics, topical steroids show no effect in acute bacterial sinusitis. Moon, Mary Ann 430
Antihypertensive's antidepressant effects explored. Jancin, Bruce 570
Bacterial gastroenteritis ups intussusception risk. Kirn, Timothy F. 509
BMI's association with mortality varies by cause. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 571
Calcification predicts CHD, CVD risks in some women. Moon, Mary Ann Brief article 312
Carotid stenosis screening nixed. Schneider, Mary Ellen 591
CBT eases psychiatric aspects of irritable bowel syndrome. Jancin, Bruce 406
Center takes on nursing shortage. Matthews, Renee Brief article 167
China reports on first human cases of avian flu in 6 months. Gardner, Jonathan 355
Combat 'diabesity' with color-coded nutrition advice. Bates, Betsy 804
Coronary artery bypass, stents tied to same cognitive changes. Wachter, Kerri 348
CPT: Current Procedural Tyranny. Harrington, Robert W. Letter to the editor 169
Dancing, not falling. Napoli, Denise 199
DEA accused of electronic stalling. Matthews, Renee Brief article 138
Diagnose and treat interstitial cystitis, painful bladder early. Walsh, Nancy Disease/Disorder overview 790
ED visits by elderly increase. Matthews, Renee Brief article 162
Expand CVD testing to close the detection gap: target for testing populations such as the high-risk elderly, the functionally impaired, and diabetics. Brunk, Doug 735
Eyelash product containing glaucoma drug seized. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 669
FDA can't fulfill mission. Matthews, Renee Brief article 147
FDA panel recommends against OTC lovastatin. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 684
FDA panel wants modern evidence on phenylephrine dosages. Ault, Alicia 751
FDA requires warning labels for nonoxynol 9. Schneider, Mary Ellen 320
Few seek medical advice for problems linked to hair care. McNamara, Damian 331
Fiber helps black women fight diabetes. Brief article 264
FPs carry disproportionate load of indigent care. Bates, Betsy 316
Guidelines to take broader view of fracture risk. Bates, Betsy 660
Height loss over 3 years predicts osteoporosis in patients over age 50 years. Bates, Betsy 348
Honey more soothing than dextromethorphan: data show OTC remedies are not very effective for colds and are associated with serious adverse effects. Moon, Mary Ann 578
Hormone combo eased vasomotor symptoms. Splete, Heidi Brief article 289
Hypertension and cognitive impairment. Brief article 227
Indications' case of the month. Napoli, Denise Brief article 176
Insurance status, race mediate mortality rates following trauma. Sullivan, Michele G. 391
Iodine-contrast screen snags missed breast lesions. Wendling, Patrice 600
Irregular menses linked to increased heart risk. Zoler, Mitchel L. 282
Kidney disease is associated with an increased risk of ICD infection. 460
Lack of awareness differentiates types of nighttime eating disorders. Johnson, Kate 319
Lifestyle changes key to metabolic syndrome. Tucker, Miriam E. 887
Long-term weight loss aids arterial flow, function. Lowry, Fran Brief article 333
Loss of kidney function flags SCD risk in heart disease. 411
Lung damage from secondhand smoke exposed. Wendling, Patrice 554
Medicare's 10.1% fee cut averted for next 6 months. Schneider, Mary Ellen 787
Mediterranean diet found protective. Brief article 262
Meniscal damage shown to lead to radiographic knee arthritis. Mahoney, Diana 421
New biologic might help treatment of patients with severe, refractory gout. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report 634
New guidelines for osteoarthritis spell out the science: the strength of each modality is rated. McNamara, Damian 861
Newer epilepsy drugs cut cholesterol, CRP levels. Zoler, Mitchel L. 648
Not your father's genome. Feero, Greg 661
Older adults receptive to try lifestyle changes. Boschert, Sherry 602
Panel backs neuroleptic for Huntington's chorea. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 829
Parent-completed tool IDs development issues. Worcester, Sharon 793
Patient portals do not cause headaches. Sullivan, Michele G. 649
PCPs, specialists failing in care for CKD patients. Finn, Robert 654
Personal health records pose 'wild West' situation. Schneider, Mary Ellen 910
Pneumonia burden eased with introduction of PCV7. Moon, Mary Ann 360
Racial variations in thyroid Ca likely biological. Sullivan, Michele G. 649
Raising the bar for all. Moore, L. Gordon 624
Research sought on physicians' addiction recovery. Brunk, Doug 669
Retort on Edwards' tort reform. Myerson, Merle Letter to the editor 105
SCHIP is extended until 2009 amid lingering concerns. Ault, Alicia 311
Schizophrenia patients respond to over-the-counter supplement. Jancin, Bruce Medical condition overview 486
Smoking tied to greater type 2 diabetes risk. Moon, Mary Ann 504
Specific symptoms flag endometriosis diagnosis. Tucker, Miriam E. 718
Surgeon general hates fun, children. Napoli, Denise Brief article 208
Tai Chi improved cognitive function in older, healthy adults. Boschert, Sherry 468
Technique, weight should dictate needle length. Dixon, Bruce K. 719
Top 5 skin diagnoses vary by ethnicity in study. McNamara, Damian 488
TransforMED's growing pains deemed worth it. Bates, Betsy 665
Tuition well spent. Napoli, Denise Brief article 214
Ultrasound classification aids diagnosis of appendicitis in kids. Dixon, Bruce K. 588
Watchful waiting reduced antibiotic use for acute otitis media in the ED. Wendling, Patrice Medical condition overview 524

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