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Articles from Family Practice News (August 1, 2008)

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ABI undervalued in assessing cardiovascular risk. Moon, Mary Ann 560
Acceptance of sunless tanning products is rising. Jancin, Bruce 460
Aetna defends its performance-based physician network system. Ault, Alicia 433
AMA apology for racial inequity is just a starting point, experts say. Schneider, Mary Ellen 681
Ask new mothers about corporal punishment. Bates, Betsy 450
Assay for HER2 status in breast cancer approved. Ault, Alicia Brief article 283
Asthma drugs, anorectal atresia may be related. Finn, Robert 358
Atorvastatin tied to fewer cardiac events in diabetics. Finn, Robert 549
Behold or beware: the Botox boob job. Frey, Randy Brief article 174
Celecoxib reduced lung lesion biomarker levels. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report 553
Citalopram seems effective in the reduction of hot flashes in trial. Wachter, Kerri 639
Claims by dead doctors paid. Anderson, Jane Brief article 122
CMS issues PQRI payments. Anderson, Jane Brief article 215
Community-level efforts aim to tackle health disparities. Finkelstein, Joel B. 519
Data reassure on pregnancy outcomes in diabetes. Sullivan, Michele G. 627
Data support assessing heart health in children with NAFLD. Moon, Mary Ann 458
Diagnosing ICDs in Parkinson's patients is tricky. Wendling, Patrice 384
Dopaminergics appear to impair impulse control. Wendling, Patrice 599
Doxycycline may ease daily persistent headache. Mahoney, Diana Brief article 271
Drug improved sleep in fibromyalgia. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 206
Drugs easy to get online. Anderson, Jane Brief article 185
Eating disorder classifications of adolescents shift over time. London, Susan 506
Education key to preventing female athlete triad. London, Susan 913
Ergogenic agents offer few benefits and plenty of risks. London, Susan 572
Even low-grade prostate cancers need follow-up. McNamara, Damian Brief article 285
FDA panels reject suicidality warning for antiepileptic drugs. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 946
FDA reforms communication about approvals. Tucker, Miriam E. 319
FDA to revise risk categories. Cohen, Lee 772
Feds use carrot approach to promote e-prescribing. Schneider, Mary Ellen 673
Glucose monitoring in type 2 diabetics is often inadequate. Finn, Robert 426
Has the time come for universal coverage? Zaremski, Miles J. 947
Health care access has grown worse since 2003. Schneider, Mary Ellen 434
High coffee intake kicks up the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Walsh, Nancy 455
HIV mortality tracks general population. 267
HPV vaccine approval for older women delayed. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 374
Hyperglycemia postpartum may flag metabolic syndrome risk. Turner, Robin 411
Implications of diabetes diagnosis. Stone, Daniel J.; Cobin Letter to the editor 372
In atrial fib, quality of life shifts for spouses, too. Boschert, Sherry 481
In older adults, running is not linked to knee OA. Lesney, Mark S. 692
Indeterminate liver failure is often due to acetaminophen. Ault, Alicia 408
Joint commission rules target infection control. Schneider, Mary Ellen 1007
Keep an eye on direct-to-consumer testing. Feero, Greg 678
Leptin, ghrelin levels eyed in amenorrheic athletes. Ault, Alicia 463
Lessons for reform from our colleagues abroad. Anderson, Jane M. 709
Look beyond asthma in assessing absenteeism. Bates, Betsy 611
Medical homes to test fee per patient. DeMott, Kathryn 986
Medicare advisers protest agency plan to publish PQRI information. Finkelstein, Joel B. 554
Mediterranean, low-carb diets found as effective as AHA diet. Moon, Mary Ann 400
Mental ills, pregnancy studied. Moon, Mary Ann 459
Metformin improves weight loss, satiety in kids. Sullivan, Michele G. 745
Methotrexate failed to boost infliximab's benefit in Crohn's. Ault, Alicia 604
More young men have stage IV prostate cancer. Lowry, Fran 357
Mounting evidence points to psoriasis as an independent risk factor for CVD. McNamara, Damian 648
MRI increases mastectomy in early breast cancer. Worcester, Sharon 439
MRSA infections are seen in patients on anti-TNF therapy. Walsh, Nancy 448
N.J. expands coverage. Anderson, Jane Brief article 105
Natalizumab cuts hospitalization rates in Crohn's. Splete, Heidi 443
New diabetes drugs must meet heart health tests: the recommendations were intended for new drugs, and suggestions for existing drugs weren't as specific. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 715
New pediatric vaccines add up to costly burden. Bates, Betsy 639
Note forearm bone density in prostate Ca patients. Boschert, Sherry 347
Older age is a strong predictor of early mortality after GI bleeding. Splete, Heidi 478
Osteoarthritis knee pain eased by duloxetine. Jancin, Bruce 437
Patches, food among new vaccine delivery methods. Pichichero, Michael E. 935
Physical activity slumps in kids. 295
Physicians urged to get in the pay-for-performance game. Finkelstein, Joel B. 526
Plaque psoriasis tied to arterial stiffness. Jancin, Bruce 312
Pneumococcal vaccine schedule questions persist. Tucker, Miriam E. 529
Postmenopausal women on statins are less prone to AF. Boschert, Sherry 445
Prevalence of ADHD is up among older children. Kubetin, Audrey 549
Regulation would curb family planning services. Schneider, Mary Ellen 520
Reimbursement woes loom over HPV vaccinations. Ault, Alicia 268
Repeat measurements unveil masked hypertension. Helwick, Caroline 588
Risk factors predict acetaminophen hepatotoxicity. Zoler, Mitchel L. 535
Screen, intervene to help pregnant substance abusers. Birk, Susan 378
Should hospitals be required to screen patients for infections at the time of admission? More data are needed. Foster, Nancy 499
Should hospitals be required to screen patients for infections at the time of admission? Screening holds the key to prevention. McCaughey, Betsy 502
Sleep apnea raised all-cause mortality in a 14-year study: the hazard ratio for dying reached 6.24. Splete, Heidi 596
Study shows favorable gastric banding outcomes in teen cohort. Ault, Alicia 431
Tendinitis warning is added to fluoroquinolones. Splete, Heidi 400
The inevitability of death and snaxes. Frey, Randy Brief article 143
Type 2 diabetes overtakes type 1 in Hispanic girls. Boschert, Sherry 815
Urate levels may be normal in gout. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 214
Use of SSRIs, SNRIs is tied to upper GI bleeding. Moon, Mary Ann 470
Vasopressin of no benefit in CPR. Brief article 206
Washington-based hospital is ahead of the curve in cutting central-line infections. 537
Watch for risks to bone health in continuous androgen deprivation. Osterweil, Neil 683

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