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Articles from Family Practice News (May 1, 2007)

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'Ethics police' enforce draconian rules. Hughes, Timothy E. Letter to the editor 193
Abortion procedure ban upheld. Anderson, Jane Brief article 142
Adult-onset asthma doubles women's heart risks. Zoler, Mitchel L. 499
Age-related bariatric approach needed for teens. Johnson, Kate 564
Algorithm addresses late postpartum headache. Boschert, Sherry 508
Alternative models of care. Schulman, Martin C. 660
Bipolar disorder differs according to age, gender. Wendling, Patrice 568
Boxers may have been smart once. Bell, John R. Brief article 130
Caffeine, smoking, and Parkinson's. Brief article 152
Changing MD demographics. Anderson, Jane Brief article 102
Childbirth is a top expense for illegal immigrants. Ault, Alicia Brief article 273
Chronic pain management belongs in primary care. McCarberg, Bill H. 505
Citalopram, but not psychotherapy, lifts depression in cardiac patients. Moon, Mary Ann 497
Controversial study links HT to ovarian cancer risk. Sullivan, Michele G. 975
Dashboards, Detroit, and DNA. Feero, Greg 622
Depression screen worthwhile in CAD. Zoler, Mitchel L. 621
Depression speeds atherosclerosis after coronary bypass surgery. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 364
Dextrose shots may jump start healing in tendinopathies. Johnson, Kate 407
Diabetics at risk for MCI. Brief article 238
DXA offers window on fat, muscle. Rutledge, Barbara J. 612
Early surgery best for some shoulder dislocations. Johnson, Kate 568
Early therapy is not helpful for recurrent prostate cancer. Lowry, Fran 573
Euthyroid function can steer metabolic syndrome. McNamara, Damian Brief article 272
Exclusive breast-feeding inhibits HIV transmission. Kirn, Timothy F. 580
FDA deems antiemetic suppositories ineffective. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 372
FDA panel rejects Merck's Arcoxia. Ault, Alicia 615
Fluoroquinolones nixed for treating gonorrhea. Tucker, Miriam E. 626
Hyperuricemia may elevate hypertension risk. Zoler, Mitchel L. 445
Incidentally found thyroid nodules oft malignant. Walsh, Nancy 693
Is portable home monitoring the future of sleep apnea diagnosis? It could reduce access to diagnostic expertise. Lee-Chiong, Teofilo L., Jr. 394
Is portable home monitoring the future of sleep apnea diagnosis? It's more equitable, accessible, and cost effective. Morgenthaler, Timothy L. 447
Johnny Walker--or reefer madness? Bell, John R. Brief article 109
Lipitor, HepaGam B. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 843
Medicare pay-for-reporting program tied to a bonus. Schneider, Mary Ellen 853
Mumps outbreak points to system weaknesses. Wendling, Patrice 859
Negotiation could save $30 billion. Anderson, Jane Brief article 121
Nicotine patches seem to be safe in cardiac patients. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 239
Nontoxic approach to head lice dries them up. Johnson, Kate 422
Not all anogenital HPV infections need treatment. Johnson, Kate 400
Not all physicians have heeded warnings about cardiac risks of pain medications. Johnson, Kate 559
NPI Web site has problems. Patricoski, Chris Letter to the editor 294
Older LDL agent may find new role in diabetes care: [HbA.sub.1c] dropped half a percentage point. Kirn, Timothy F. 855
Online autism registry opens door on research. Wendling, Patrice 1014
Ovaries optional in PCOS. Bell, John R. Brief article 107
Part D cancer patients need help to pick plans. Kilgore, Christine 632
Penalized by high deductible plans. Anderson, Jane Brief article 167
Physicians have another year to get their NPI. Ault, Alicia Brief article 155
Pigmented vulvar lesions often require biopsy. Johnson, Kate Brief article 200
Plantar wart patients report satisfaction with bleomycin. Tucker, Miriam E. 550
Problems with vaccine mandates. Kern, Aaron R. Letter to the editor 129
Providers unaware of shift in opioid regulations. Schneider, Mary Ellen 597
Psychosocial risk factors weigh on heart patients. Evans, Jeff Brief article 207
Push diet, exercise: consider glitazones for NASH. Worcester, Sharon 615
Retail clinics replacing PCPs. Anderson, Jane Brief article 224
Screening tool identifies patients' health literacy: data show that patient education materials are often too advanced for the average patient to understand. Jancin, Bruce 656
Should hormone treatment be started early in response to rising prostate-specific-antigen levels? What's the hurry? Raghavan, Derek 458
Should hormone treatment be started early in response to rising prostate-specific-antigen levels? Why wait? Crawford, E. David 482
Somebody text 911! Bell, John R. Brief article 107
Tennis elbow responds to isokinetic training. Tanzola, Melinda 263
Therapy still dicey as gout's incidence more than doubles. Worcester, Sharon 405
Type 2 diabetes nearly doubles Parkinson's risk. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article 283
Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's linked. 322
Updated syncope guidelines emphasize history. Muirhead, Greg 617
Vaccine mix-up risk rises with greater product availability. Wendling, Patrice 677
Vitamin D deficiency occurs even when marker is 'normal'. Rutledge, Barbara 819
Yankee shortstop. Bell, John R. Brief article 111
Young kids get a boost from strength training. Johnson, Kate 603

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