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Articles from Family Practice News (September 15, 2006)

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AAFP, other groups differ on remaining Plan B limitations: reactions vary, but are generally positive. Evans, Jeff 872
AAP: use fluoroquinolones sparingly in children. Tucker, Miriam E. 839
ADA throws its weight behind obesity issue in new guidelines. Bates, Betsy 453
Alzheimer's mortality declines with donepezil. Sullivan, Michele G. 382
Anemia in diabetics may flag kidney disease, heart risks. Kirk, Patricia L. 746
Antibiotics prescribed for acne may double the risk of URIs. Goldman, Erik 605
Antidepressant risks are far from definitive. Moon, Mary Ann 805
Anxiety, sleep issues predict late depression. McNamara, Damian 380
Apnea prevalence as high as 70% in heart patients. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 163
Assess fall risk, prevention case by case. Wachter, Kerri 647
Better read than lead. Bell, John R. Brief article 183
Blacks 21% more likely to quit antihypertensives. Finn, Robert Brief article 221
Ceftriaxone is no match for pediatric mastoiditis. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 549
Charge sticking in licking. Bell, John R. Brief article 148
Chicagoans goosed en masse. Bell, John R. Brief article 209
Cognition not impaired by tight glycemic control: by controlling [HbA.sub.1c], patients improved their motor speed and maintained their psychomotor efficiency. Evans, Jeff 641
Combat recurrent Staph with patient education: parents should check their children closely, because infections are often in places covered by clothing. Kirn, Timothy F. 594
Community-acquired C. difficile diarrhea cases on the increase. Jancin, Bruce 356
Costs, productivity loss hinder EHR adoption. Rollins, Jane Neff Brief article 273
Data back etanercept's safety, efficacy for children with JIA. Walsh, Nancy Clinical report 402
Dementia care altered little by black box. Sullivan, Michele G. 595
Dexedrine label reflects heart, psychiatric risks. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 509
Disinfectant dispensers may harbor bacteria. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 183
DMARDs alone inadequate for early rheumatoid arthritis. Walsh, Nancy 500
Drug Code Directory incomplete. Brief article 225
Drug combo may help cut CV risks in diabetics; more patients achieve the goals set by the American Diabetes Association with fibrates plus statins. Kirk, Patricia L. 682
Duke to phase out its family medicine residency: there is concern that other institutions will begin to question and reexamine their residency programs. Schneider, Mary Ellen 657
Efavirenz-based Tx better at reducing viral load: the best regimen was efavirenz plus two nucleosides for initial treatment, even in advanced HIV disease. Lowry, Fran 490
FDA approves generic IV ciprofloxacin. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 263
FDA warns compounders of inhaled budesonide. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 633
Febuxostat's approval for gout to meet more hoops. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 339
For refractory HT, consider secondary causes. Finn, Robert 546
Fusidic acid resistance persists despite moves to curb its use. Walsh, Nancy 398
Generics key to skirting Part D doughnut hole. Kirn, Timothy F. 366
Hospitals now privy to data bank reports on MDs. Frieden, Joyce 439
Huperzine A for Alzheimer's disease. Walsh, Nancy 900
Hypertension correlates with hyperglycemia in diabetics. Goldman, Erik 411
Hyperthermia bests ultrasound, exercise in rotator tendinopathy. Tucker, Miriam E. 482
Imaging can spot TB as the cause of CNS symptoms. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman 405
In RLS, depression severity key when treating both. Worcester, Sharon 442
In tackling type 2 diabetes in teens, think outside the box. Jancin, Bruce 826
In the dark on EC. Brief article 109
Independent nursing homes provide best care: fewer than 2% of for-profit homes provide good care, according to an analysis. Bristol, Nellie 860
Industry shuns new fitness facility guidelines; changing demographics and inexpensive automated external defibrillators spurred the recommendations. Finn, Robert 1416
Keep young athletes with arthritis in the game. Interview 604
Lansoprazole found safe for infants with GERD. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 670
Lead exposure in children. Skolnik, Neil; Werner, Megan 893
Lead screening off radar for urban youths. Goldman, Erik 763
Listen closely to distinguish between murmurs. McNamara, Damian 656
Low testosterone linked to anemia. Brief article 230
Low-dose estrogens cool hot flashes. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report 342
Low-grade ankle sprains heal rapidly with brace and wrap. Tucker, Miriam E. 580
Lung function is compromised in diabetes, but trajectory with aging is normal. Evans, Jeff 765
Medicare proposal targets ASC, outpatient payments. Ault, Alicia 874
Microfracture puts 44% of high-impact athletes back in game. Tucker, Miriam E. 452
Microsoft takes the plunge into health care IT. Splete, Heidi 600
Migraines respond to herb Tx. Abramoff, Ben Brief article 119
Mixed reviews for Merck. Brief article 207
More uninsured may visit EDs after Medicaid cuts. Boschert, Sherry 462
Most pre-referral foot, ankle MRIs are useless. Brunk, Doug 647
Motivations for making the switch to concierge care vary. Frieden, Joyce 889
Mountain biking tied to serious spinal injuries. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article 201
Museum exhibit shows shift in thinking about tobacco. Bell, John R. 517
Neurodevelopment may underlie school problems. Bates, Betsy 867
New acne recommendations stress combo Tx. Tucker, Miriam E. 925
New agents raise the treatment standard for drug-resistant HIV. 441
New Ehrlichia species emerges; Lone Star tick is U.S. vector. 427
Obese living kidney donors may face risk of hypertension. Evans, Jeff 335
Older patients beat younger ones on HAART compliance. 349
Osteoarthritis drugs offer little real pain relief. Jancin, Bruce 884
Outpatient unfractionated heparin safe. Brief article 255
Overuse injuries can strike little league pitchers. Tanzola, Melinda 555
Part D premiums hold steady. Brief article 132
Physicians driven by charitable work. Brunk, Doug 1666
Pipeline looks full of new osteoporosis therapies. Finn, Robert 684
Point-of-care group B strep test gets approved. Boschert, Sherry 832
Polycystic morphology doesn't raise PCOS risk. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 294
Powassan encephalitis cases rising in Northeast, Canada. 517
Prescription: delicious. Bell, John R. Brief article 119
Preterm bronchopulmonary consequences endure: expert hypothesizes that persistent low blood flow in adults is an adaptive mechanism learned in utero. Wendling, Patrice 503
Program helps couples embrace parenthood--and each other. Johnson, Kate 361
Rate of opioid prescribing varies by state. Kirn, Timothy F. 162
Rhinoviruses lurk behind upper respiratory illnesses. Splete, Heidi Brief article 279
Risedronate gains approval for treating osteoporosis in men. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief article 300
Risk of atherosclerosis is low in Down syndrome. Finn, Robert Disease/Disorder overview 445
Rosuvastatin better than atorvastatin in blacks. Finn, Robert Brief article 270
Scans predict bleeding risk in acute stroke. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman 333
Search goes on for effective therapies to combat CDAD. Wachter, Kerri 961
Should metformin be used to treat adolescents with insulin resistance? Freemark, Michael; Zeitler, Philip Scott 1258
Small changes win big against diabetes. Bates, Betsy 1160
Survey eyes characteristics of sexually abusive adolescents. Kirn, Timothy F. Survey 879
Switch to carvedilol aids antihypertensive control. Zoler, Mitchel L. 436
Symbicort, Synera. McNamara, Damian 650
Tailor rehydration to athletic activity intensity. Splete, Heidi 441
Teen cholesterol norms to aid CVD risk assessment. Wachter, Kerri 579
Testosterone fails to rev cancer survivors libido. Tanzola, Melinda 276
Think apophysitis, not tendonitis in youths. Tanzola, Melinda 610
Tobacco carcinogens hit women harder. Brief article 265
Transplant lists may favor nonobese patients; patients in the highest BMI range were 40% less likely to receive a transplant than those in the lowest range. Evans, Jeff 828
Two-thirds at FDA call safety guards inadequate. Finkelstein, Joel B. 846
Uninsured figures climb. Brief article 225
Virtual colonoscopy fails to identify some advanced lesions. Bates, Betsy 352
Virtual colonoscopy has improved with age. Wachter, Kerri 958
Visitation dogs carry C. difficile, MRSA, salmonella: a hospital tested visitation dogs for C. difficile and found it in 57%; one poodle shed an epidemic strain. Bell, John R. 557
Warn patients: don't gloss over the downside of cosmetic nails. Bates, Betsy 572

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