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Articles from Family Practice News (September 1, 2006)

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Adiponectin tied to women's longevity. Wendling, Patrice Brief article 198
Adolescents show good compliance after bariatric surgery. Evans, Jeff 965
Anthracycline chemo raises heart failure risk. Lowry, Fran 372
ATAC trialists back up-front use of anastrozole. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 1214
Bevacizumab-erlotinib combo boosts lung cancer survival. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 675
Brisk walking may stress knee joints in the obese. Finn, Robert Brief article 289
Catsup is not the only vegetable. Brief article 173
CDC guidelines give options for resistant gonorrhea. Boschert, Sherry 774
Come for the wings, stay for the cause. Brief article 218
Deficit Reduction Act may harm Medicaid recipients. Frieden, Joyce Law overview 471
DHEA may aid low ovarian reserve, data suggest. Johnson, Kate 467
Diabetes patients voice need for coping skills. Kilgore, Christine 383
Diabetes, depression link remains muddled. Evans, Jeff 835
Early proper treatment benefits pressure ulcers. Dixon, Bruce K. 540
Elvis did this once, too. Brief article 137
Evidence conflicts on fish oil's heart effects. Johnson, Kate 600
Exercise cuts daytime fatigue in sleep apnea. Mahoney, Diana 321
Famvir, Humira. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 746
FDA, CDC cite contaminated biopsy equipment. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 623
FDA: migraine, mood meds are risky together: concomitant use of triptans and SSRI/SNRI drugs can lead to serotonin syndrome, the agency warns. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 365
Federal regs avoid deep cuts in payment for stents, ICDs. Ault, Alicia 568
Feds: 'price-tagging' key to consumer-driven care: Bush administration's theory is that incentivized consumers will drive price down and quality up. Goldman, Erik L. 1615
First-generation anticonvulsants. Briggs, Gerald G. 843
Fix the SGR, delay imaging cuts. Brief article 193
FluMist as safe as flu shot for HIV-infected children. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 438
FPs still struggle a year after Katrina. Bell, John R. 1227
Gastric bypass lightens load on women's hearts. Nelson, Colin 669
Genetic testing. Brief article 121
Genetic variation linked to aggression in healthy males. Wendling, Patrice 480
Gulf War research. Brief article 142
HAART response improving while mortality flatlines. Franklin, Deeanna 702
Hemorrhage warning added to aptivus label. Wachter, Kerri 286
High-carb, low-glycemic index diet cuts weight, cardiac risk. Moon, Mary Ann 610
Home visits help pediatric outcomes for Hispanics. Johnson, Kate 687
Hospitals find barriers to rapid response teams: such teams can prevent codes, but many physicians and hospital staff may enjoy the drama of a code. Ault, Alicia 1386
Immunizations scant in siblings of autistic kids. Finn, Robert Brief article 286
Intensive Tx benefits poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. Sullivan, Michele G. 489
Intervention plan in primary care aids parenting. Johnson, Kate 323
Isolation, depression hinder cardiac rehab. Splete, Heidi Brief article 172
Lab test allows biennial thyroid disease screen. Kilgore, Christine 567
Lab test combo helps tease out pediatric appendicitis diagnosis. Finn, Robert 417
Lipid changes may predict severity of hantavirus infection. Jancin, Bruce 451
Low HDL increases complication rate in stent recipients with ACS. Jancin, Bruce 320
Low-dose ketamine helps resistant depression. Moon, Mary Ann 693
Malfunction rates rising in ICDs, falling in pacemakers. Finn, Robert 684
Managing late summer colds in children. Pichichero, Michael E. Column 711
Medicare proposes 5.1% physician pay cut next year: AAFP seeks solution to SGR problem. Schneider, Mary Ellen 878
Mental burden high for assisted living residents: overall, 24% of patients in the Maryland study met the criteria for depression. Wachter, Kerri 1032
Metabolic syndrome components differ between African American, white children. Finn, Robert 511
Mom's HIV treatment ups infant's heart risk. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 591
Mummy, that egg is looking at me. Brief article 227
Nature and media's nurture spawn girl violence. Kirn, Timothy F. 673
New antiangiogenesis agents fight lung cancer. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 770
New federal regs aim to speed health IT adoption. Schneider, Mary Ellen 767
New flu strains pegged for the 2006-2007 vaccine. Splete, Heidi 332
Nickel allergy-related migraine reported following PFO closure. Jancin, Bruce 460
Novel cold-adapted FluMist might be safe for young infants. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 323
Novel sunscreen gets long-awaited approval. Dixon, Bruce K. 487
Obesity-preeclampsia linkage may be vascular: vessel inflammation might increase risk by releasing reactive oxygen species and immunostimulants. Zoler, Mitchel L. 408
Office-based intervention improves vulnerable elderly care. Rollins, Jane Neff 527
Older African Americans wary of outdoor exercise. Rollins, Jane Neff Brief article 263
Opioid-induced GI problems counteracted by novel agent. Nelson, Roxanne 500
Opioids: assess risks and benefits. Klein, Jeremy Letter to the editor 230
Osteonecrosis in 1% of IV bisphosphonate users. Worcester, Sharon 663
Pain, depression plague older cancer survivors. Tanzola, Melinda Brief article 285
Payment for Part B drugs. Brief article 126
Pediatric melanoma rare, with puzzling features: children diagnosed with the disease represent many skin types and have few traditional risk factors. Bates, Betsy 1300
PFO closure may benefit some migraine patients. Tanzola, Melinda 753
PGD finds risk of familial colon Ca. Johnson, Kate Brief article 171
Prescribe chewing gum for glossodynia. Boschert, Sherry 611
Primary care physicians are urged to watch for acute HIV. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief article 319
Proposed ICD guidelines emphasize transparency: physicians of patients with implanted heart devices are asked to beef up their surveillance procedures. Johnson, Kate 803
Prospects bright for pediatric drug development. Brunk, Doug 681
Record number of antimalarials in development. Jancin, Bruce 626
Rectal cancer trial supports preoperative radiation. Kirn, Timothy F. 662
Relative risk data favor acceptance of bisphosphonate Tx. Rollins, Jane Neff 349
Risk management program for diabetes drug marks first year. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 551
Rivastigmine said tops for Parkinson's dementia. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article 245
Roadblocks to reaching diabetes goals. Whiting, Michael Letter to the editor 328
Senate bill to boost drug safety. Brief article 195
Simple read-back system drops pediatric unit's medical errors to zero. Finn, Robert Brief article 303
Specialty hospital moratorium allowed to expire: while such hospitals now can receive federal pay, CMS said ownership arrangements warrant scrutiny. Ault, Alicia 988
Stop pump during exercise to avoid glucose drop. Jancin, Bruce 568
Surgery aids 85% of teens with rare knee disease. Splete, Heidi 494
Suspect perforated appendix if bilirubin level is high. Bates, Betsy Brief article 294
Systemic contact dermatitis tracked to food allergens. Bates, Betsy 502
The source of aggression determines treatment. Bates, Betsy 1064
TSH stimulation before radioiodine enhances goiter shrinkage. Bell, John R. 306
Vaccine refusal triggered 2005 measles outbreak. Zoler, Mitchel L. 319
Visual alterations common before and during migraines. Bates, Betsy Brief article 292
Walk test not a good indicator of lung function. Franklin, Deeanna 633
Watch for toxic brimonidine exposure in children. Finn, Robert Brief article 279

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