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Articles from Family Practice News (May 15, 2006)

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[beta]-blocker found ineffective in first pediatric heart failure RCT. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 624
A stand-up job. Brief article 223
Acute hepatitis C outbreak emerging in HIV-positive patients. Finn, Robert 461
Adenosine helps differentiate asthma, COPD; one's response to AMP could help monitor airway inflammation and response to treatment. Wendling, Patrice 593
Adolescents face unique risk factors for STDs; short-lived sexual relationships, lack of access to care, and confusion about symptoms pose challenges. Schneider, Mary Ellen 625
Age, gender may flag risk for serious infections in diabetics. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 579
Anti-inflammatory doxycycline clears rosacea lesions. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Drug overview 393
Antioxidants may augment risk of preeclampsia. Johnson, Kate 754
Anxiety independently predicts infarction in men. McNamara, Damian Clinical report 778
Assessing a dizzy patient: don't lead the witness: the objective is to determine which of the four types of dizziness are affecting the patient. Chase, Christina 684
Asthma rx, omalizumab, tied to late-onset anaphylaxis. Wendling, Patrice 466
Autism-associated disorders can lead to nutrition deficiencies. Kirk, Patricia L. 421
Biannual dietary counseling improves pediatric outcomes. Boschert, Sherry 343
Blood pressure measurement. Skolnik, Neil S.; Albert, Ross H. 832
Blood test predicts steatohepatitis in patients who have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Tanzola, Melinda 325
Carotid procedure registry may shore up evidence base. Kilgore, Christine Disease/Disorder overview 972
CBT protocol eases anxiety symptoms in 4- to 7-year-olds. McNamara, Damian 500
CDC survey: one in three U.S. girls sexually active by age 15. Nelson, Colin Survey 459
CMS: ICD candidate test accurate. Ault, Alicia 536
Complexed PSA tests could avert needless prostate biopsies. Bell, John R. 542
Consider duration, symptoms of teen breast masses. Schneider, Mary Ellen 526
Consumption of insoluble fiber boosts insulin sensitivity in obese patients. Boschert, Sherry 341
Dark fungi emerging as cause of lethal infections. Walsh, Nancy Disease/Disorder overview 712
Deficits of gastric acid secretion impair absorption of thyroxine. Brunk, Doug 606
Diabetic cardiomyopathy drugs in pipeline will boost identification. Frieden, Joyce 438
Diet, exercise reduced frailty in obese. Brief article 264
Don't withhold opioids from recovering addicts. Dixon, Bruce K. 626
Driving OK years after cataract surgery. Brief article 179
Drug for Huntington's-related chorea deemed approvable. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 490
Drug noncompliance rampant in diabetics, targets often missed. Jancin, Bruce Drug overview 509
Drug-aggravated derm diseases elude experts. Mahoney, Diana 1779
Erectile dysfunction is a window on CAD risk. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Disease/Disorder overview 588
Family/emergency residency forged. Frieden, Joyce 1067
Fatal asthma shifting to the elderly; declining overall. 383
Former smokers share how they quit. Brunk, Doug 1541
Gender, race gaps shown in MI care. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 276
Generic insulin, HGH approval guidelines sought. Frieden, Joyce 587
Genetics, OCs up venous thromboembolism risk. La Giorgia, Giancarlo 592
Glucose monitor/insulin pump is close to market. Tucker, Miriam 861
Hang up and read this. MacNeil, Jane Saladof; Rudd, Terry Brief article 191
Hormone tans fair skin, screens sun. Bates, Betsy 628
Hospital volume tied to cancer surgery outcome. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 582
HPV screening not cost effective in adolescents; monitor lesions closely. Schneider, Mary Ellen 452
HR variability tied to MI mortality. McNamara, Damian 587
Hydrogenated vegetable oil intake found associated with prostate cancer risk. Splete, Heidi Brief article 188
Intranasal corticosteroid well tolerated as allergic rhinitis Tx. Wendling, Patrice 391
IOM: sleep issues underdiagnosed, undertreated: report targets primary care physicians. Brunk, Doug 1070
Know when to suspect an acute confusional migraine. Brunk, Doug 399
Lifestyle changes control BP; rival drug therapy. Moon, Mary Ann Disease/Disorder overview 634
Look for contact dermatitis from topical vehicles. Jancin, Bruce 558
Medication-overuse headaches require a three-pronged approach. Sullivan, Michele G. 524
Medications, active lifestyles lower risk of colorectal cancer. Bates, Betsy Disease/Disorder overview 704
Mercury in dental amalgam imposed little harm. Moon, Mary Ann 945
Metabolic syndrome's associated CHD risk varies substantially. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report 342
Modest changes prompted by child obesity law. Sullivan Michele G. 612
More donor organs are available. Zoler, Mitchel L. 618
Motion sensors, devices help track the elderly and detect falls. Schneider, Mary Ellen 756
Mouse allergen in dust triggers asthma in preschool children. 626
New azole found to prevent invasive fungal infections. Walsh, Nancy Disease/Disorder overview 397
New device described as objective test of pelvic floor musculature. Lowry, Fran 372
NHMA aims to develop more Hispanic physicians, leaders. Frieden, Joyce 605
Nitroglycerin patch improves preterm neonatal outcomes. Johnson, Kate 424
Norma Rae battles brittle bones. Brief article 170
Ondansetron cuts vomiting, need for IV in gastroenteritis. Boschert, Sherry 505
One hospital's experience: number of MRSA patients doubled in 1 year. Wachter, Kerri Disease/Disorder overview 479
Oophorectomy tied to increased dementia risk. Brunk, Doug 633
Oracea called best nonantibiotic for rosacea: pending its approval, this drug will be added to the list of therapies that don't contribute to resistance. Jancin, Bruce 966
Pandemic flu recs emphasize PC providers; AAFP is planning to issue its own guidance on how FPs in small practices can manage an epidemic. Tucker, Miriam E. 762
Part D cash flow woes. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 140
Pelvic prolapse linked to higher fracture risk. Johnson, Kate 456
Periodontal disease and high levels of CRP may predict preeclampsia. 565
Plan ahead for telemedicine after disaster strikes; satellite phones, ham radios, training can help save patients and practices; NASA might help in a pinch. Boschert, Sherry 842
Polypodium leucotomos for skin protection. Walsh, Nancy 895
Prazosin curbs vets" PTSD-related nightmares. Wendling, Patrice 618
Preconception dieting ups preterm delivery risk,. Johnson, Kate 285
Prescribing scooters, wheelchairs. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 149
Prescription: 'a dose of reality'. Barber R. Brian Letter to the editor 273
PSA velocity can guide watchful waiting tack. Mahoney, Diana 583
Raloxifene halves invasive breast cancer risk: the selective estrogen receptor modulator was associated with same risk reduction as tamoxifen. Finn, Robert Clinical report 770
Recalcitrant otorrhea following tube insertion. Pelton, Stephen I. Disease/Disorder overview 1196
Recurrent miscarriage? Thrombophilias unlikely. Brief article 280
Relenza, generic zidovudine. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Drug overview 704
Rifabutin-based regimens tackle resistant H. pylori. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 554
Risk formulae challenged by new data. Weldy, David L. Letter to the editor 220
Robots advance gyn, general surgery techniques. Bates, Betsy 1366
Routine hip dysplasia screening lacks sufficient evidence. Johnson, Kate 770
Routinely assess pediatric Down syndrome patients for apnea. Johnson, Kate 418
Select diuretics cut Alzheimer's risk. Brief article 329
Self-collected samples boost rates of STD detection. Wendling, Patrice Brief article 308
Sleep disorders go unidentified in elderly; try behavioral approaches first alone or in combination with medication. Wachter, Kerri 756
Smoking not tied to hypothyroidism. Wachter, Kerri Disease/Disorder overview 265
Some do recover from autistic spectrum disorder. Evans, Jeff 1239
Soothing routines quell kids' fears of CPAP. Lowry, Fran 516
States build med schools to shore up workforce; Florida and California eye opportunities to reverse the physician shortage. Finkelstein, Joel B. 696
Study challenges carotenoids' role in prostate cancer prevention. Splete, Heidi Brief article 251
Surgery still top Tx for enterocutaneous fistulas. Evans, Jeff 706
Those born with HIV see adulthood, challenges. Goldman, Erik 1301
Tobacco settlement funds waning. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 171
Treat ADHD early to avert substance abuse issues. Worcester, Sharon 828
Two studies back celecoxib for colon cancer prevention. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 808
Type 1 diabetes needn't preclude breast-feeding; in a Danish study, 54% of diabetic mothers were exclusively breast-feeding 4 months after delivery. Boschert, Sherry Disease/Disorder overview 596
Uninsured get inefficient care. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 196
Using credit cards for medical care. Dykers, John R., Jr. Brief article 177
Vitamin D from diet or sun may lower breast cancer risk. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 874
We're from Wal-Mart, and we're here to help. Brief article 168
Workflow redesigns can save time, pad the bottom line. Chase, Christina 719

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