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Articles from Family Practice News (February 1, 2006)

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Adenomyosis responds to uterine artery embolization, MRI confirmation is key. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 487
All the lonely people. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 233
Amiodarone plus [beta]-blocker prevent implant shocks. Sullivan, Michele G. 603
Automated home monitoring found to improve heart failure outcomes. McNamara, Damian 441
Ban on false information. Lubell, Jennifer 132
Bariatric surgery rates balloon. Brief Article 283
Best surveillance of Barrett's takes an overview. Zoler, Mitchel L. 454
Bosentan prevents scleroderma ulcers. Walsh, Nancy 600
Botulinum toxin injections may be in tennis elbow's future. Kerr, Martha Brief Article 237
Brief questionnaire identifies MI patients needing anxiety treatment. Zoler, Mitchel L. 496
C. difficile outbreak not from antibiotics. Tucker, Miriam E. 386
Can't buy me love. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 144
Cardiac rehab coverage expanded. Lubell, Jennifer Brief Article 160
CDC updates TB prevention guidelines for health providers. Brunk, Doug 454
Cephalosporins superior for GABHS. Tucker, Miriam E. 353
Cerebral palsy; perinatal viral exposure link found. Moon, Mary Ann 697
Combined Tx best for obesity. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 155
Cough guidelines stress diagnosing the cause. Kilgore, Christine 626
Defending the drug man. Kreisman, Jerold J. Editorial 764
Dementia diagnosis brings patient, caregiver relief. Johnson, Kate 593
Dental care for diabetics falls short in most states. Kilgore, Christine 356
Derm Dx. Walsh, Nancy 402
Do you want to know a secret? Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief article 109
Docs and staff last in line. Obenour, William H. Letter to the Editor 117
Echocardiography ferrets out post-myocardial infarction risk. Finn, Robert 509
Elevated fibrinogen predicts PVD before age 60. Lesney, Mark S. 665
Embolization radiation exposure safely minimized. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 334
Erectile dysfunction and CVD. Brief Article 182
Focused ultrasound noninvasively eases fibroid symptoms: MRI guides treatment, checks temperature. Dixon, Bruce K. 690
For GERD, PPIs as effective as surgery; study finds. Worcester, Sharon 620
For heart implant patients, feelings of depression, anxiety will ease. Zoler, Mitchel L. 339
Genetic polymorphism test could identify Barrett's patients at risk for progression. Johnson, Kate 481
Guidant's woes make patients leery of ICDs: the device manufacturer has been at the center of controversy about disclosing malfunctions. Frieden, Joyce 756
Intranasal flu vaccine safety confirmed. 221
IP chemo's benefits for ovarian ca can no longer be ignored. Kilgore, Christine 920
iPLEDGE registry back on track despite delays: patients not registered and activated in the system by March 1 will not be able to be prescribed isotretinoin. Walsh, Nancy 829
Iplex. McNamara, Damian 623
Keep patients on acamprosate through relapse. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief article 274
Lifestyle practices key to breast ca risk reduction. Jancin, Bruce 611
Limited mobility impairs more than one in four adult diabetics. Kilgore, Christine 370
Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief article 233
Many at-risk women opt for lifestyle changes over tamoxifen. Jancin, Bruce 349
Mechanical ventilation increases CDAD. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article 260
Medicare patients welcome. Lubell, Jennifer Brief Article 193
Medicare Rx benefit causes 'confusion and paralysis'. Lubell, Jennifer 769
Medicare's drug benefit deemed anemic next to VA's. Lubell, Jennifer 679
Migraine prophylaxis. Mechcatie, Elizabeth; Finn, Robert 1117
More details sought. Gross, Michael P.; Fisher, J. Edward, Jr. Letter to the Editor 670
Novel postmarketing surveillance system confirms Bosentan's safety. Jancin, Bruce 463
Novel PPI-NSAID pill may prevent GI mucosal injury. Jancin, Bruce 305
NYC diabetics put under a microscope. Frieden, Joyce 1383
Patterns of trial registration. Lubell, Jennifer Brief Article 230
Pharmacy service helps PAD patients achieve lipid control. Lesney, Mark S. 312
Physician-rating game fraught with problems. Frieden, Joyce 663
Post-MI depression, anxiety underappreciated. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 539
Probiotics cut antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Tucker, Miriam E. 377
Rehabilitating a stiff neck. Nagler, Willibald 710
Requiring a credit card. Sullivan, Beth; Eastern Letter to the Editor 647
Rosiglitazone tied to macular edema, FDA warns. Sullivan, Michele G. 475
Same old, same old aids weight loss. Brief Article 289
Should PCOS be treated with insulin sensitizers or oral contraceptives? Nestler, John; Legro, Richard S. 1308
Systemic bug bite reactions receive subpar care, guidelines aren't followed. Bates, Betsy 552
Target teens for the meningitis vaccine: the majority of cases--most often caused by serogroups C and Y--could be prevented. Mahoney, Diana 631
Tenotomy relieves tennis elbow nonsurgically. Dixon, Bruce K. 532
The FDA advisory on paroxetine. Cohen, Lee 750
Think legionnaires' when kids with pneumonia don't respond to therapy. Tucker, Miriam E. 440
Top stories of 2005. Lubell, Jennifer 112
Treating chronic cough in GERD. Brief Article 163
Treating depression in alcoholics curbs drinking. Kirn, Timothy F. 604
U.S. activity levels stagnant. Brief Article 224
Urine test enhances breast ca risk picture. Jancin, Bruce 398
Vital signs. 127
Worry impairs function. Brief Article 175

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