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Articles from Family Practice News (August 15, 2006)

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A portrait of the physician as an artist. Brunk, Doug 1485
Advair HFA, omnitrope. McNamara, Damian 705
Africa hit hardest as TB rates continue to rise. Jancin, Bruce 603
Aliskiren bests ramipril for hypertension in diabetics. Goldman, Erik 660
Annual prostate screening may be unwarranted. Wachter, Kerri 1454
Aspirin's prevention of preeclampsia confirmed in metaanalysis. Zoler, Mitchel L. 384
Asymptomatic bacteriuria in adults. Skolnik, Neil S.; O'Driscoll, Kelly A. Disease/Disorder overview 735
Athletes' hand fractures can be managed without surgery. Splete, Heidi 430
Autism services don't reach certain families. Mahoney, Diana 677
Avian flu vaccines for birds okayed in Europe. Gardner, Jonathan 368
Azithromycin no use for pityriasis rosea. Finn, Robert Brief article 203
Bariatric surgery risks similar in old and young. Evans, Jeff 617
Behavior change stressed in new AHA guidelines. Moon, Mary Ann 478
Bill aims to delay imaging cuts. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 176
Bioethics panel debates a market in human organs. Zwillich, Todd 460
BMI, BP tied in young children. Finn, Robert 578
Breast Ca survival aided by early switch to aromatase inhibitor. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 486
Brief intervention curbs prenatal alcohol use. Mahoney, Diana 1182
Bronchoscopic procedure targets severe asthma. Tucker, Miriam E. 779
Candesartan reverses left ventricular hypertrophy in hypertensives. Goldman, Erik 411
Cat exposure ups infant eczema risk. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief article 297
Contraceptive implant is approved. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1083
CRP doesn't aid risk assessment. Brief article 277
Cyclists be warned: sit up straight to avoid ED. Lowry, Fran 617
Depression responds to host of Tx, primary care. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 1270
Don't mess with ticks. Bell, John R. Brief article 163
Drug combinations can quell refractory hypertension. Finn, Robert 510
E-mail has no place in practice. Duncan, Thomas S. Letter to the editor 168
Emergency contraception's OTC status on the discussion table, age limits likely. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 615
Essiac for cancer. Walsh, Nancy 848
Evidence still lacking on localized prostate cancer. Lowry, Fran 750
Extemely obese benefit from super long--limb Roux-en-Y. Evans, Jeff 654
FDA advises on SSRI use in pregnancy. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 391
FDA: beware of erectile dysfunction 'supplements' sold on the web. Moon, Mary Ann Brief article 212
Flu expert calls for more research into statin use. Gardner, Jonathan 415
Gestational factors exert additive effects. Zoler, Mitchel L. 389
Glycemic control lessens dementia risk in diabetics: highest Hb[A.sub.1c] levels elevate risk by 78%. Sullivan, Michele G. 542
Home-based skills therapy for autism better than preschool. Mahoney, Diana 430
Homemade recipe matches psyllium for constipation relief. Bates, Betsy 405
Imaging technology spots early Alzheimer's disease. Sullivan, Michele G. 498
Insulin resistance in normal-weight black women tied to race. Mahoney, Diana 457
Is pregnancy safe soon after gastric bypass? 'The desire for pregnancy should not be a deterrent to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass,' a review suggests. Evans, Jeff 798
Ischemic colitis risk rises with IBS, constipation. Bates, Betsy 325
Joint distraction delays surgery in severe knee OA. Jancin, Bruce 539
Kidney swaps could expand living donor transplantation options. Wachter, Kerri 391
Knee dislocations require routine arteriography, study shows. Dixon, Bruce K. 526
Know the rules before dispensing Part D advice. Frieden, Joyce 610
Liver biopsy may become more of a prognostic than diagnostic test. Tucker, Miriam E. 598
Lower threshold confirmed for gestational diabetes. Zoler, Mitchel L. 787
Lymphadenectomy extends endometrioid cancer survival. Worcester, Sharon 581
Managing chronic pain far from comfort zone: primary care physicians and pain specialists say they want greater access to educational tools. Nelson, Roxanne 420
Merkel cell raises the risk of other tumors. Walsh, Nancy 350
Merkel cell: it's rare, lethal, and often gets misdiagnosed. Tucker, Miriam E. 523
Metabolic syndrome and salt-sensitive HT linked. Finn, Robert 467
Metabolic syndrome criteria fail at-risk blacks. Finn, Robert 693
Metformin cuts BMI in at-risk teens. Mahoney, Diana 350
My doctor said Marlboro. Bell, John R. Brief article 151
National survey: few chronic pain sufferers see a specialist. Nelson, Roxanne 457
New link is found between psoriasis and heart disease. Walsh, Nancy 608
New prioritization of children aged 2-5 in flu vaccine shortage. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief article 241
New topical antibiotic may thwart resistance problems. 553
Nighttime BP predicts CHF. Brief article 196
No change in flu guidance for partially immunized children under 9 years of age. Tucker, Miriam E. 818
Novel compound boosts function, lean body mass in the elderly. Wendling, Patrice 453
Obesity tied to mood disorders. 346
Odors repel bugs, romance. Bell, John R. Brief article 233
Oral medications stop acute nongestational uterine bleeding. Lowry, Fran 434
Overhaul proposed for Alzheimer's Dx criteria. Sullivan, Michele G. 580
P4P raises pay in UK. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 222
Panel certifies first ambulatory EHR products. Schneider, Mary Ellen 592
Paroxetine in pregnancy okay. Johnson, Kate 499
Part D 'doughnut hole' leaves some patients without drugs. Kirn, Timothy F. 555
Paying community pharmacies. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 201
Physicians mull boosting teen vaccine compliance. McNamara, Damian 592
Picture of acute confusional migraine emerges. Bates, Betsy 694
Poll: live unhealthy, pay the price. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 143
Post-heart attack mortality soars in diabetes untreated at discharge. Gildea, Marianne Reid 337
Preeclampsia history tied to twofold increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes. Kilgore, Christine Brief article 285
Renal impairment, normal albumin seen in type 1. Tucker, Miriam 626
Routinely assess, reevaluate dementia patients' driving. Wachter, Kerri 580
Salpingo-oophorectomy cuts female Ca risks: in particular, the procedure lowers the incidence of breast cancer in women with BRCA2 mutations. Tanzola, Melinda 427
Salsalate may improve metabolic outlook in obese nondiabetics. Mahoney, Diana 516
Screen obese, diabetic women for incontinence. Tucker, Miriam E. 306
Shortage of Menactra may extend into fall. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief article 225
Should elderly patients get ICDs? 1167
Sleep study demonstrates poor CPAP compliance. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 299
Statins may offer protection during flu outbreaks. Wendling, Patrice 514
Stop the pandering to the right. Adalja, Amesh A. Letter to the editor 106
Supplements tested for nocturnal hypertension. Goldman, Erik 610
Tailored insulin tames cystic fibrosis diabetes. Jancin, Bruce 425
Tamoxifen's breast cancer benefits called into question. Johnson, Kate 610
TB assays poised to join 21st century. Jancin, Bruce 682
Thiazolidinediones may protect against Alzheimer's disease. Sullivan, Michelle G. 504
Think myocarditis in a child with breathing issues. Finn, Robert Brief article 257
Thrombin IDs recurrent VTE risk. Brief article 288
Training could boost apnea Tx adherence. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 274
Try extended-release acetaminophen in place of COX-2s for knee OA pain. 350
Use of biologics cuts stroke, heart attack risk. Jancin, Bruce 558
Use of steroids in preemies may reduce lung function later. Wendling, Patrice 610
Weight loss in obese knee OA patients backed by trials. 357
Wider screw works for Jones fracture fixation. Brunk, Doug 403
Zero-G triple-X. Bell, John R. Brief article 165

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