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Articles from Family Practice News (April 15, 2006)

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A sock full of tennis balls, and other Tx alternatives for apnea. Jancin, Bruce 605
ACE inhibitors not best for some hypertensive type 2 diabetics. Jancin, Bruce 455
Acupuncture may work for back pain. 356
Adjust PSA velocity thresholds for age. Mahoney, Diana 373
Advocate vitamin D supplements, not more sun. Boschert, Sherry 683
Aerosolized amphotericin B in the works as a fungal prophylaxis. 396
All groups at risk for poor care. Ault, Alicia Brief article 144
Anemia common in pediatric Crohn's disease. Boschert, Sherry 368
Antidepressants improve executive function in stroke survivors at 2 years. Brunk, Doug 424
Antidepressants may bolster immune function in HIV-positive patients. McNamara, Damian 413
Asthma medication use drops following tonsillectomy. Sullivan, Michele G. 520
Avian flu avoids upper airway, thwarting human-human spread. Bell, John R. 557
Bariatric surgery quality, competence scrutinized. Boschert, Sherry 594
Bariatric surgery slashes CVD risk, RCT needed. Jancin, Bruce 496
Be skeptical of drug reps. Russell, Patrick Letter to the editor 263
Beware of contact dermatitis triggered by ICD implants. Boschert, Sherry 598
Bill seeks consent for off-label Rx. Ault, Alicia Brief article 118
Biologic resolves all severities of psoriatic arthritis. Boschert, Sherry Brief article 287
Blow out your candles, great-great grandpa! Rudd, Terry Brief article 211
BMI, glucose tied to hematopoietic death. Evans, Jeff 489
Bone turnover markers show the big picture. Brunk, Doug Brief article 174
Bug-resistant babies. Rudd, Terry Brief article 211
Calcium in diet, not supplements, cuts polyp risk. Evans, Jeff Brief article 216
Case series: aripiprazole is promising for delirium. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 684
Census: Americans face less disability, receive better care. Schneider, Mary Ellen 929
CHARISMA results create confusion, anxiety about Clopidogrel. Jancin, Bruce 436
Children of smokers have more strep. Brief article 152
Combo therapy speeds response in psoriasis. Boschert, Sherry Brief article 281
Community health centers face understaffing. Johnson, Kate 563
Daptomycin deemed approvable for S. aureus. Ault, Alicia 649
Diagnostics for bioterrorism agents on the way. Evans, Jeff 893
Discontinuing OCs may not lower SHBG in some women. Lesney, Mark S. Brief article 199
Do not overlook inhalant use in adolescents: most teens are unaware that 'huffing' from a can of spray paint or keyboard cleaner can be catastrophic. Spelete, Heidi 640
Emsam, Eraxis. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 682
Endarterectomy, stenting outcomes similar at 2 years. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief article 294
Eszopiclone may put to rest perimenopause sleep disruptions. Brunk, Doug 379
Evidence backs tensing exercises for syncope. Jancin, Bruce 581
Evidence doesn't back isotretinoin's rap sheet. Jancin, Bruce 627
False-positive Parkinson's disease diagnoses common; avoid the pitfalls. Splete, Heidi 1230
FDA guidance backs earlier clinical drug testing. Schneider, Mary Ellen 600
FDA panel: ADHD medication risks need clarification: underlying CVD is particularly worrisome. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1097
FDA panel: modafinil is not safe for treating ADHD in teens. Ault, Alicia 817
FDA, European drug agencies extend cooperation. Gardner, Jonathan Brief article 267
First-line inhaled steroids for pediatric asthma gain support. Jancin, Bruce 391
Five study findings may alter obstetric practice. Boschert, Sherry 611
FP residency takes a holistic view. Frieden, Joyce 1019
Give steroid users bone-protecting supplements. Kirn, Timothy F. 355
Gut flora presents a novel IBS treatment target: modifying bacteria levels via antibiotics and probiotics may ease symptoms, but concerns persist. Jancin, Bruce 828
Herpes hepatitis diagnosis lifesaving. Brief article 162
High-dose aspergillosis tx no better than standard dose. 488
HIV neurocognitive impairment underrecognized, study shows. Brunk, Doug Brief article 270
Homocysteine's role in CVD risk appears dead. Zoler, Mitchell L. 595
Insulin therapy may prevent AFib in diabetics with HF. Jancin, Bruce 318
Intensive statin therapy led to regression of atherosclerosis. Zoler, Mitchel L. 817
Interstitial lung disease therapeutics finally get traction. Jancin, Bruce 974
IOM on quality improvement groups. Ault, Alicia Brief article 272
It was the Ambien, your honor. Rudd, Terry Brief article 169
Ladybug allergies becoming common among rural residents. Sullivan , Michele G. 432
Laparoscopic bypass helps the "super-super obese". Evans, Jeff 616
Liver may independently drive cardiovascular disease, studies suggest. Finn, Robert 495
Low BMI predicted increased mortality risk in septic shock. Finn, Robert Brief article 192
Many enrollees happy with part D. Ault, Alicia Brief article 193
MedPAC advises against expected payment cuts. Zwillich, Todd 590
Metabolic Dx predicts frailty in the elderly. Finn, Robert Brief article 178
Metformin shows little benefit in obese children. Goldman, Erik 632
Meth law will put cold drugs behind the counter. Frieden, Joyce 718
Mild stroke symptoms should not preclude thrombolytic therapy. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 261
Multiple sclerosis diagnostic criteria emphasize role of MRI. Sullivan, Michele 745
My sentiments exactly. Robertson, Rick Letter to the editor 131
Nasal corticosteroids may buy time, help child avoid adenoidectomy. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article 292
Nearly half of NSAID users require a PPI. Spake, Amanda 672
New guidelines on thyroid nodules and cancer. Gharib, Hossein 1224
Not-so-new tx for joint pain? Gerenyi, Andrew Letter to the editor 169
Obesity linked to 2%-3% of claims. Ault, Alicia Brief article 123
Omalizumab controls severe allergic asthma. Wendling, Patrice 377
Omalizumab pretreatment may boost immunotherapy's safety. Jancin, Bruce 482
Oral appliances, surgery disappoint for apnea: studies suggest mandibular advancement devices and radiofrequency ablation are less effective than CPAP. Jancin, Bruce 659
Oral nystatin cuts Candida risk. Brief article 213
OTC drugs don't stop DTaP reactions. Brief article 278
Panel favors strict limits on natalizumab's return. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 931
Patient-initiated Tx quickly heals herpes. Bates, Betsy 713
Pattern of biomarkers detects early-stage ovarian cancer. Bates, Betsy 565
Peer support counseling makes sense, saves cents: the group approach is not meant to replace talk therapy or medication. Ault, Alicia 794
Physician writers share their zeal for storytelling. Brunk, Doug 1813
Poor physician communication faulted for colon screening rates. Dixon, Bruce K. 331
Primary care gatekeeper model tied to poor CVD outcomes. Jancin, Bruce 498
Procalcitonin-guided protocol can cut duration of antibiotics for pneumonia. Wachter, Kerri 469
Prophylaxis still essential after rabies exposure. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 798
Prostatitis confounds PSA velocity for prostate cancer risk assessment. Mahoney, Diana 489
Puberty now hits many girls before menarche. Franklin, Deeanna 590
Rare fungal infection emerges in Southwest. Walsh, Nancy 758
Restless legs syndrome. Skolnik, Neil S.; Clark, Mathew Disease/Disorder overview 743
Routine herpes screening in pregnancy pays off. Gilbert, Jeffrey 1096
Rupture risk up with single closure. 284
Seizure presentation varies by age, related injury. Wachter, Kerri 424
Seizures may present as subtle cognitive changes. Brunk, Doug 341
Self-administered allergy shots don't increase risk. Sullivan, Michele G. 491
Set the appendectomy bar low for pregnant patients. Bates, Betsy 679
Shunts, MRSA, chills ID bacteremia. Brief article 273
Signs, symptoms may flag preclinical Parkinson's. Wachter, Kerri 767
Smoking boosts pelvic prolapse risk. Brief article 274
SpongeBob LawsuitPants. Rudd, Terry Brief article 160
Stent thrombosis rises when clopidogrel stops. Zoler, Mitchel L. 840
Stenting cuts stroke, restenosis rates for 5 years. Kirn, Timothy F. 345
Supplements of benefit to only some elderly. Kilgore, Christine Brief article 245
Tegaserod boosts IBS patients' work productivity, attendance. Jancin, Bruce 329
Thyroidectomy safer than realized for grave's disease. Moon, Mary Ann 408
Treat some tubal disease prior to ART. Bates, Betsy 623
Two deaths may be linked to mifepristone use. Wachter, Karen Brief article 217
Ultrasound catheter speeds peripheral clot lysis. Zoler, Mitchel L. 558
Vaccine reduces travelers' diarrhea. Brief article 238
Variables predict long-term lung prognosis. Jancin, Bruce 589
Virtual reality exposure touted for treatment of PTSD. McNamara, Damian 454
Vitamin D deficiency common in obese kids. Goldman, Erik 649
Warn teens of promiscuity's fertility risks. Boschert, Sherry 410
Wart and molluscum management made easy. Splete, Heidi 1304
WHI analyses raise new doubts. Brief article 320
WHI casts doubt on hormones for hot flashes. Zoler, Mitchel L. 749

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