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Articles from Family Practice News (April 1, 2006)

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'Consumer-driven' care takes all stakeholders. Frieden, Joyce 345
'Scratch test' detects carpal tunnel syndrome. Wendling, Patrice Brief article 278
ADHD screening warranted in pediatric OCD. Splete, Heidi Brief article 227
Adult Tdap safe for children 18 months after previous vaccine. Splete, Heidi Brief article 270
Aerospan, Clarinex-D 12-hour tablets. McNamara, Damian 662
AFib outcomes from catheter ablation surpass drug management. Zoler, Mitchel L. 356
AFP testing deemed expensive, obsolete. McNamara, Damian 449
All SCCs may not require emergent biopsy. Mahoney, Diana 631
Assessing pay for performance. Lubell, Jennifer Brief article 206
Avian flu spreads to second sub-Saharan country's birds. Johnson, Kate 424
Carefully time antiretrovirals during pregnancy. Finn, Robert 624
Changes proposed for hydroxyurea labels. Wachter, Kerri Brief article 236
Check for strep in sudden-onset childhood OCD. Sullivan, Michele G. 656
Chronic care approach improves counseling of pregnant smokers. 355
CME and Pharma. Goldstein, Sidney 411
Coffee doesn't cause hypertension. Brief article 184
Colonoscopy turf war draws in FPs. Mahoney, Diana 1959
Community-acquired MRSA strikes baseball: turf burns, abrasions, shared equipment, and frequent antibiotic use put professional athletes at risk. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 789
Consider hydroxychloroquine continuation in lupus pregnancy. Kirn, Timothy F. 311
Cotinine testing of children sends a powerful smoke signal. 345
Depression in diabetic patients intensifies with rise in CHD risk. Splete, Heidi Brief article 266
Depression's annual toll estimated at $83 billion. Ault, Alicia 655
Derm Dx. Bates, Betsy 521
Despite barriers, FPs are likely to advise Herpes Zoster vaccine for older patients. Tucker, Miriam E. 554
Don't mix peanut butter and passion; enough allergens linger in saliva. Sullivan, Michele G. 486
Dronedarone reduces atrial fib hospitalizations. Jancin, Bruce 507
Drug-induced parkinsonism often overlooked. Wachter, Kerri 556
Early RA medical therapy may prevent need for surgery. Walsh, Nancy 530
Endometrial lesion excision improves deep dyspareunia. Wendling, Patrice 321
Estimates of rTPA use might be artificially low. Worcester, Sharon 355
Family medicine fill rate turned upward this match: less than half of the slots (41.4%) were filled by U.S. seniors, a trend AAFP hopes to amend. Frieden, Joyce 830
Fibrous dysplasia lesions appear early, hurt later. Tucker, Miriam E. 848
Fighting off bad bugs. Lubell, Jennifer Brief article 216
Health savings accounts scrutinized, praised. Frieden, Joyce 720
Hospital ethnicity data. Lubell, Jennifer Brief article 176
Hot flashes fuel menopausal depression's onset. Wendling, Patrice 386
HRSA brain-injury program may be cut. Frieden, Joyce 572
ICU insulin infusion protocol gains ground: there is still a 'culture of hyperglycemia,' with a fear of hypoglycemia, or even of low normal. Tucker, Miriam E. 783
In-office spirometry alters asthma, COPD care in FP practices: drug changes were spurred in 36% of cases. Sullivan, Michele G. 893
Injectable cefazolin recalled due to possible microbial contamination. Wachter, Kerri Brief article 167
Is consumer-driven health care a good idea? Herzlinger, Regina; Enthoven, Alain 1124
Isotretinoin vs. birth control pills. Stoller, Herschel E. Letter to the editor 555
Keep seniors standing tall. Nagler, Willibald 771
Lab test provides shortcut to ID food allergy: the assay will cut in half the number of required double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenges. Jancin, Bruce 546
Level of Cathepsin K predicts response in Paget's disease. Tucker, Miriam E. 443
Many tests shore up PAD diagnosis, gauge severity. Zoler, Mitchel L. 487
Medical Tx rivals surgery for chronic pelvic pain. Lowry, Fran 424
Mental health services needed for Iraq war vets. Moon, Mary Ann 595
Message from the surgeon general. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief article 191
Metabolic syndrome linked to carotid thickening in women. Franklin, Deeanna 485
Mixed method fixes plantar fasciitis. Brief article 253
Moon over Baltimore. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief article 168
Novel incentive programs wean teens off cigarettes. Schneider, Mary Ellen 769
Nutrition a concern long after bariatric surgery. Kirk, Patricia L. 567
Oral appliances touted as first-line apnea fix: continuous positive airway pressure is not as effective for patients with primary snoring, mild apnea. Frieden, Joyce 702
Oral treatment of chronic peripheral diabetic neuropathy. Zoler, Mitchel L.; Tucker, Miriam E. 1314
Past, present maternal asthma a risk factor for prematurity. Wending, Patrice 398
Pay-for-performance agreement ruffles feathers. Lubell, Jennifer 801
Pediatric asthma leads to lung function declines, despite treatment. Jancin, Bruce 552
PET tracks monostatic forms of Paget's disease: scans taken during follow-up might be helpful in determining course of bisphosphonate therapy. Tucker, Miriam E. 481
Pharmacy software reveals patients' Rx histories. Frieden, Joyce 835
Pheochromocytoma differs in patients under 20. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 546
Postop neurocognitive decline tied to elevated inflammatory markers. Brunk, Doug 387
PTH appropriate for a select few patients with bone loss. Kirn, Timothy F. 518
Raves explained. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief article 250
Registry: catastrophic syndrome picture emerges. Walsh, Nancy 547
Returning vets offer a window on neuroscience: military centers are leading the way on cerebral vasospasm, ALS, and rhabdomyolysis research. Sullivan, Michele G. 1014
Risky behaviors linked to HIV seroconversion in men. Finn, Robert 720
Seek 24-hour urine in suspected preeclampsia. Boschert, Sherry 651
Seizures in kids: CT scans overused. Brief article 272
Set the record straight on low-fat diets. Ornish, Dean 1038
Sildenafil, iloprost expand PAH treatment options. Jancin, Bruce 627
Small fiber neuropathy underlies erythromelalgia. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 565
Smoking cessation counseling gets short shrift. Schneider, Mary Ellen 522
Study of vets suggests basis of stress hardiness. Sherman, Carl 641
Surge in pediatric outpatient surgery requires primary care. Splete, Heidi 873
Thyroid-related cardiovascular concerns limited to AFib. Johnson, Kate 470
TROPHY: prehypertension therapy may be warranted. Jancin, Bruce 720
Valproic acid. Koren, Gideon 829
Varicella postexposure prophylaxis available: the unlicensed product, VariZIG, should help counteract the dwindling supply of VZIG. Johnson, Kate 500
Weigh gastric bypass risks differently in youths. Kirk, Patricia L. 682
Why aborigines don't snore. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief article 190
Wisconsin doctors want cap back. Lubell, Jennifer Brief article 211

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