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Articles from Family Practice News (September 1, 2005)

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[beta]-blockers for heart failure. Zoler, Mitchel L. 1087
Ablation improves drug refactory atrial fib. Jancin, Bruce 731
Acupuncture may beat sham for knee osteoarthritis pain. Sullivan, Michele G. 370
Admitting privileges given to California psychologists. Frieden, Joyce 839
Adult circumcision may protect against HIV. Laino, Charlene 328
Alcoholism study: combo Tx boosts medication compliance. McNamara, Damian 406
Analysts predict surge in limited insurance policies. Frieden, Joyce 626
Apligraf matches standard Tx of excision wounds. Splete, Heidi 283
Botox may be effective for transformed migraine. Lerman, Debbie 632
Call to action on disability. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 119
Cholesterol wars: how many wins does it take? Abrams, Jonathan 601
Cigarettes linked to MS progression. Brief Article 166
Clinical trials: minorities needed. Walsh, Nancy 934
Clinician's guide to alcoholism. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 142
CMS hospital database to drive accountability. Frieden, Joyce 605
Coalition reduces amputations in 2 communities: education effort proves 'hard-to-reach' patients can be reached through family, friends, and local leaders. Brunk, Doug 659
Combination shot found as safe as its five components. Sullivan, Michele G. 353
Community-acquired MRSA expands range. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 262
Complex aphthosis easily mistaken for Behcet's. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 626
Concerns raised about rhinosinusitis management. Johnson, Kate 621
Consider patient age, lesion location when diagnosing VAIN. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 779
Consumer ad guidelines criticized. Frieden, Joyce 555
Contact dermatitis in auto mechanic? Think isothiazolinones. Evans, Jeff 596
Counterpulsation therapy benefits heart failure. Jancin, Bruce 631
Delaying epidural anesthesia in labor may not be advantageous. Boschert, Sherry 364
Depression common in teen mothers. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 240
Derm Dx. Brunk, Doug 357
Desensitization offers hope to gout patients allergic to allopurinol. Wachter, Kerri 365
Desquamative vaginitis: not an infectious entity: condition may be a range of blistering disorders; as such, no one treatment is always appropriate. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 835
Development pipeline filled with oral psoriasis therapies. Wendling, Patrice 561
Diabetes accelerates the decline of muscle strength in older adults. Brunk, Doug 340
Diabetes tracking: a public health necessity. Bassett, Mary T. 679
Doctor pay under Medicare to drop 4.3% next year: docs to Congress: you gotta fix the SGR. Silverman, Jennifer 1006
Doctor refutes 'no pain for infants' paradigm: infants feel and remember painful experiences too, and their pain may actually be heightened. Franklin, Deeanna 1207
Don't culture for community-acquired pneumonia. Kirn, Timothy F. 331
Early pimecrolimus reduces AD flares in children. Brunk, Doug 589
Early surgery, low BMI for microfractures. Kilgore, Christine 217
Echinacea update. Walsh, Nancy 929
Eclampsia usually occurs late in pregnancy. Sherman, Carl 662
Elderly lack preventive care. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 146
FDA panel narrowly votes down AbioCor artificial heart. Pizzi, Richard A. 557
Fears of new virulent HIV strain assuaged. Laino, Charlene Brief Article 266
Fed purchase of avian flu vaccine suggested: advisors want the government to purchase all doses and prioritize their use in a pandemic. Splete, Heidi 733
Federal officials aim to boost confidence in childhood vaccines. Schneider, Mary Ellen 364
Fever of unknown origin? Consider cat scratch disease. Finn, Robert 446
Frozen shoulder. Nagler, Willibald 723
Fumaric acid esters appear to help some patients with severe psoriasis. Walsh, Nancy 554
Gender and criminality. Brief Article 158
Gender gap in AF recurrence after cardioversion. Jancin, Bruce 169
Gentle exercise improves balance in frail elderly. Sullivan, Michele G. 495
Glove choice crucial in job-related dermatitis. Evans, Jeff 830
Glucosamine delays knee replacement surgery. Jancin, Bruce 383
Gout prevalence rises to physicians' chagrin: several reports seem to suggest that the epidemic is due in part to longstanding undertreatment. Jancin, Bruce 647
Guidelines aim to offer VBAC to more women. Sullivan, Michele G. 1059
Gum disease again tied to pregnancy outcomes: some women with periodontal disease in the study had low-birth-weight babies or preterm babies. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 386
High parity poses greatest SIDS risk in offspring: mothers with a parity of five or greater were 3.6 times more likely to have an infant die of the syndrome. Wachter, Kerri 747
Ich bin ein kahles berliner. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 144
Immunization info lags for children under 6. Tucker, Miriam E. 363
Improving sleep habits may benefit the chronic migraine. Lerman, Debbie 490
In AOM, combo curbs resistant pathogens. Splete, Heidi 601
Infected or not?--Managing lesions of the diabetic foot. Lesney, Mark S. 623
Infliximab benefits lasting in plaque psoriasis: visible psoriasis was absent in 26% of patients; 47% had no significant impact on social life or activities. Walsh, Nancy 527
Influence of free drug samples. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 157
Intermittent asthma flares reduced in children taking montelukast. Johnson, Kate 336
Invasive vs. medical treatment for MI. Brief Article 190
Keppra, Tag-It Cystic Fibrosis Kit. McNamara, Damian 688
Low-dose flutamide may help treat female refractory acne. Evans, Jeff 279
Many noise-emitting toys exceed OSHA thresholds for continuous exposure. Kilgore, Christine 367
Medicaid cuts would hurt mentally ill. Faenza, Michael M. Editorial 363
Meniscal tear may be first indicator of knee OA. Jancin, Bruce 965
Mental illness flares for some patients in rehab: symptoms worsened in 13% of patients undergoing substance abuse treatment, a VA study showed. Bates, Betsy 423
Metabolic syndrome diagnostic code rarely used in practice. Tucker, Miriam E. 647
Mifepristone warnings updated in wake of deaths. Kirn, Timothy F. 618
MRSA eyed as pathogen in girls' genital abscesses. Worcester, Sharon 307
New cutoff value identifies more vitamin D deficiency. Tucker, Miriam E. 384
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Brief Article 158
Novel agent lowers glucose without edema, weight gain. 541
Osteopathic medical concepts. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 102
Panel recommends approval of fetal monitoring device. Kilgore, Christine 831
Paps infrequent among immigrants. 155
Parent factors can predict noncompliance with well child visits, study shows. McNamara, Damian 356
Pay for performance and better care. Miller, Stephen H. Letter to the Editor 175
Pharmacogenomics thought to be influencing clinical practice already. Kirn, Timothy F. 573
Physicians tailor their concierge care practices. Silverman, Jennifer 1040
Pipeline for heart failure drugs is chock full. Jancin, Bruce 598
Pneumonia hospitalization rule endorsed. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 342
Preeclampsia presentation depends on race, ethnicity. Finn, Robert Brief Article 242
Prepare for Medicare Part D launch in January. Zablocki, Elaine 536
Provisions for marijuana Rx. Close, David K. Letter to the Editor 196
Quality of life scores are poor in kleptomania, pathological gambling. Franklin, Deeanna Brief Article 242
Retinopathy found prior to diabetes development. Tucker, Miriam E. 516
Reverset active in patients failing current regimens. Laino, Charlene 692
Risk of asthma linked to living near heavy traffic congestion. Brunk, Doug 418
Rosiglitazone: at 10 years, no liver toxicity seen: experience in more than 7,000 patients shows the agent to be free of troglitazone's side effect. Tucker, Miriam E. 587
Rotavirus ups enteric gram-negative sepsis risk. Kilgore, Christine 614
Say goodbye to paper, noncompliant Medicare claims Oct. 1. Frieden, Joyce 751
Should we screen for Barrett's esophagus? Devault, Kenneth R.; Shaheen, Nicholas J. 1093
Shower helps heal open wound after C-section. Boschert, Sherry 646
Simple scoring system identifies stroke risk: a 6-point system distinguishes TIA patients who need emergency assessment from those who do not. Moon, Mary Ann 781
Spironolactone effectively counteracts rosiglitazone-associated edema. 458
Statin use may reduce risk for some cancers. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 746
Statins don't preserve cognition. Brief Article 174
Suboptimal vitamin D levels seen in women treated for osteoporosis. Tucker, Miriam E. 347
Super obese women could boost cesarean section rates. Bates, Betsy 503
Survey examines disclosure of medical errors. Louden, Kathleen 480
Target patient's physical symptoms of depression. McNamara, Damian 339
Teen girls react to parental rejection. Brief Article 155
Teens' PMS mirrors adult women's. Brief Article 232
Term 'metabolic syndrome' called into question. Tucker, Miriam E. 997
The OxyContin wars. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 135
Tips for improving teenagers' adherence to acne treatment. Finn, Robert 387
Tool assesses depression in primary care settings. McNamara, Damian 639
Triple therapy reduces stroke severity and improves outcomes. McNamara, Damian 462
Turn my head and cough. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 232
U.S. government requests 22 million avian flu vaccine doses. Sullivan, Michele G. 684
Varicella vaccine found effective in outbreak at an elementary school. Kevin Foley 362
Vitamin D deficiency common in osteoporosis. Jancin, Bruce 675
Weight gain, body fat are linked with gout risk in men. Wendling, Patrice 359
Weight training prevents muscle decline, eases pain in elderly patients. Sullivan, Michele G. 669
What? Men have nipples?!? Kubetin, Sally Koch Book Review 241
Who knew math could be so romantic? Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 173

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