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Articles from Family Practice News (April 15, 2005)

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'May cause male lactation'. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 200
'Rent-a-patient' fraud. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 131
1 in 12 MIs present with life-threatening noncardiac condition. Jancin, Bruce 532
A plan to reform Medicaid. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 115
Advise patients to see dentist prior to pregnancy. Bates, Betsy 853
AIDS cocktails drive up risk of heart disease. Mahoney, Diana 765
Alcohol, DES exposure tied to risk for fibroids. Splete, Heidi 820
Alternative medicine: an evidence-based approach: Buteyko breathing for asthma. Walsh, Nancy 952
Alternatives could improve health care coverage. Silverman, Jennifer 493
Assault on Salt? Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 176
Bouncing back from serious illness. Brunk, Doug 1342
Brain may hold key to chronic low back pain. Wendling, Patrice 618
Chemoprevention promising for skin ca. Johnson, Kate 327
Children of depression: stopping the cycle: applying a family-based approach to the prevention of depressive symptoms in children does work. Mahoney, Diana 714
Chronic hepatitis B infection. Skolnik, Neil S.; Kong, Jane 786
Combo first to improve MI mortality in 12 years: dual antiplatelet therapy--aspirin plus a short course of clopidoxrel--shines in two large studies. Jancin, Bruce 1243
Conflict-of-interest rules targeted. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 143
Corrections. Correction Notice 113
Costs of diabetes complications. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 227
CV risk persists in atorvastatin Tx of type 2 diabetics on dialysis. Ingram, Jerry 407
Daily fish oil supplement tamed ART-related triglyceride rise. Mahoney, Diana 413
Dermabond good quick-fix for closing children's incisions. Melville, Nancy A. 518
Discount cards: not created equal. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 125
Don't commit to quick [beta]-blocker in MI. 602
Drinking patterns matter. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 285
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: rheumatoid arthritis drugs. Briggs, Gerald G. 725
Duloxetine confirmed effective for fibromyalgia in women. Tucker, Miriam E. 529
Early wheezing predicts poor asthma prognosis. Frieden, Joyce 346
Efficacy of Alzheimer's drugs thrust into the spotlight. Sullivan, Michele G. 686
Electronic records put new focus on accuracy: with the advent of computerization, medical records are evolving into patients' health records. Kilgore, Christine 710
Entecavir approved for chronic hepatitis B. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 692
Estimating energy intake. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 250
Exercise cuts ischemic events in CAD by curbing inflammation. Jancin, Bruce 382
FDA issues public advisory on Crestor dose in Asian patients. Lesney, Mark S. 399
FDA panel supports preteen pertussis boosters; in June, the CDC is likely to address the use of Tdap, instead of Td, in adults who need boosters. Tucker, Miriam E. 1495
Fear and loathing in Canada. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 194
First-trimester stress may prompt early delivery. Bates, Betsy 665
Fish oil supplements touted as alternative to treat high triglycerides. Jancin, Bruce 721
Fissured tongue common in down syndrome. Bates, Betsy 341
Fluzone, Clarinex-D 24 hour. McNamara, Damian 634
Fusion surgery only modestly better than exercise for low-back pain. Wendling, Patrice 421
Glutamine curbs radiation dermatitis. 646
Glyburide appears worth a try: treatment failure does no harm. Kirn, Timothy F. 412
Good reads on coping with illness. Bibliography 194
Group practices continue to use paper records. Schneider, Mary Ellen 371
Hemorrhoidectomy methods compared. Brief Article 107
High-Tech imaging has costs up; insurers are cracking down. Frieden, Joyce 824
Hostility drives smoking initiation. Brief Article 139
Intermediate CV risk overestimated in Americans: the true figure is about 5.5%, not 40%. Jancin, Bruce 662
Life, liberty, pursuit of health care. Kubetin, Sally Koch Author Abstract 175
Medicare Part D benefit may facilitate formulary appeals. Silverman, Jennifer 564
MedWatch upgrade urged by FDA's pediatric advisory panel. Franklin, Deeanna 915
Metronidazole treatment questioned. Enriquez, Francisco 411
Microalbuminuria risk drops with carvedilol. Zoler, Mitchel L. 775
Models build resilience in children of parents with depression. 429
MRSA clone tackles athletes. Brief Article 132
Navigating treatment of bipolar disorder in pregnancy. Mahoney, Diana 1004
Needles not the future of immunotherapy. Johnson, Kate 388
New marker for HF mortality in elderly. Brief Article 164
New treatment guidelines for bipolar children. Sherman, Carl 548
Onychomycosis may lurk in psoriasis, pseudomonas cases. Boschert, Sherry Brief Article 154
Panel backs candesartan--ACE inhibitor combo. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 677
Pediatric HIV still a problem. Pelton, Stephen I. 658
Pedicure whirlpools may swirl with mycobacteria. Boschert, Sherry 435
Penicillin skin test expected to return to the market soon. 526
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. 355
Physicians stand to recoup losses, thanks to class action vs. insurers. Ault, Alicia 647
Prophylactic mastectomy cuts breast ca risk by 90%. Brief Article 252
Readying students for rural practice. Silverman, Jennifer 1735
Refractory epilepsy's costs for kids. Brief Article 190
Rimonabant weight loss sustained at 2 years. Jancin, Bruce 845
Risk of sepsis death soars with antibiotic delays. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 688
Romantic stress in teen girls. Brief Article 162
Rubella no longer public health threat. Brunk, Doug 588
SARS recommendations. Brief Article 175
Secondary headaches more common in elderly. Melville, Nancy A. 584
Should all patients with cardiomyopathy have coronary angiography? Green, Stephen J.; Lahiri, Avijit 787
Six-hour protocol cuts sepsis mortality in half. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 612
Small creatinine changes mark early sepsis death. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief Article 309
Specialty hospitals face congressional scrutiny. Schneider, Mary Ellen 815
Straight talk can address alcohol abuse in teens: more than 35% of adults who have an alcohol problem say they were binge drinkers before age 19. McNamara, Damian 577
Study findings support tailored asthma care. Brunk, Doug 570
Study supports early use of Xigris in sepsis patients. Brunk, Doug 350
Sublingual immunotherapy safe in children under 5 years. 323
Supreme Court decision ends juvenile executions: the U.S., Iran, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo were the only countries to execute juveniles. Sternberg, David 888
Surgery benefits children with herniated disks. Boschert, Sherry 489
T cells implicated in RA patients with lung disease. Mahoney, Diana 765
Tiptoe walking requires evaluation after age 2. Worcester, Sharon 622
Tweaking the geographic adjusters. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 131
U.K. eyes limit on antidementia drugs: the proposal appears to be a wholly economic one: it would save $29 million by 2006. Sullivan, Michele G. 667
Varicella vaccination cuts mortality. Brief Article 170
Waterfowl behaving badly. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 216
What to do when breast MRI isn't an option: for high-risk women, an ultrasound on the same day as mammography boosted screening sensitivity. Jancin, Bruce 658
When to start HAART? Take key steps first before beginning Tx. Finn, Robert Brief Article 282
Xigris may not be appropriate for less critically ill patients. Sullivan, Michele G. 492
Yoga alleviates fibromyalgia-related pain, fatigue. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article 287

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