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Articles from Family Practice News (March 15, 2004)

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'Ding' concussions may be more serious than thought: return-to-play guidelines too liberal? Evans, Jeff 500
ACIP clarifies FluMist contact rules: correcting misperceptions. Tucker, Miriam E. 910
Age and the severity of asthma symptoms determine PIF variation: study of two dry powder inhalers. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 294
Aggressively manage atherosclerosis in lupus: high prevalence. Wachter, Kerri 568
Antibiotics robustly linked to breast cancer risk, mortality: case-control study. Mahoney, Diana 806
Antidepressants and oral glucose agents are now common poisons: relatively benign. Kirn, Timothy F. 1016
Antioxidant therapy quickly improves endometriosis pain: results seen in 2 months. Johnson, Kate 366
Are erythropoietin and growth factors useful adjuncts to hepatitis C therapy? 782
Ask the right questions. Fleischman, Michael 648
Asthma therapy safe for kids over long term: budesonide inhalation suspension. Wachter, Kerri 406
Athletic training aids spinal fusion recovery: workers' comp patients. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 285
Atrial flutter risk factors are gender specific: congestive heart disease, diabetes. Zoler, Mitchel L. 563
Avastin. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 291
Be aggressive with acute coronary syndrome in diabetic patients: antiplatelet strategy recommended. Walsh, Nancy 313
Binge drinking called 'most dangerous' to fetus: prenatal alcohol use. Sullivan, Michele G. 551
C-reactive protein, colon Ca. Brief Article 210
Caduet. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 338
Calcium consciousness. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 139
Cardiac troponin I useful in determining therapeutic course in acute pulmonary embolism: a new risk-stratification tool. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 340
CDC alerts health providers to watch for avian influenza; no cases here yet. Wood, Debra 768
Cervicitis related to age, not coinfection, in BV patients: increased risk after age 30. McNamara, Damian 649
Children in ED may be sent by their physician: expert's emergency medicine article picks. Kirn, Timothy F. 1710
Choose joint replacement when quality of life is affected: consider patient's lifestyle. Jancin, Bruce 572
Cloning breakthrough sparks political debate: stem cells from cloned embryo. Schneider, Mary Ellen 621
Cocoa therapy. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 171
Combine ultrasound, power flow Doppler to direct management of uterine myomas: vascularity, morphology provide clues. Boschert, Sherry Brief Article 242
Commitment to colorectal Ca testing helps outcomes: any testing is good; can lead to a decrease in stage III cases. Finn, Robert 331
Consider migraine as a possible source of dizziness: good history is critical. Melville, Nancy A. Brief Article 226
Consider skin tests in black and Puerto Rican asthmatics: study of 791 children. Brunk, Doug 716
Crime didn't pay. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 132
Diabetes and liver cancer. Brief Article 207
Dial Q for quit. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 105
Emergency contraception denied. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 110
Erectile dysfunction may presage vascular dysfunction: begin aggressive statin treatment. Zoler, Mitchel L. 394
Ethics go up in smoke. Bennett, Sandra S. Letter to the Editor 192
Facilitated angioplasty strikes out in first major clinical trial: the German brave trial. Jancin, Bruce 383
FDA approves cetuximab for colorectal cancer: target therapy for metastatic disease. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 900
FDA launches campaign about OTC drug risks: NSAIDs, acetaminophen. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 794
FDA requests updated hormone therapy labeling: recent trial data. Mahoney, Diana 308
FDA reviews adverse events in pediatric paroxetine, citalopram users: limited data. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 504
First drugs, now devices? Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 141
Flu in kids: was season not as bad as it seemed? 135 deaths reported. Tucker, Miriam E. 584
From crisis to meltdown. Bonekemper, Thomas Letter to the Editor 222
Fungus down under. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 129
Good enough? Or good enough to increase the odds of an MI in the next ten years? 1122
Growth in health care spending expected to level off: CMS prediction. Frieden, Joyce 640
Headaches are common in fibromyalgia patients: migraine is the most common type. MacReady, Norra 502
Imaging predits CV risk in diabetic patients: diffuse, multivessel disease. Tucker, Miriam E. 591
Importance of formal treatment guidelines brought to the fore by VTE: success story from Toronto. Brunk, Doug 300
Increase in stroke risk halts WHI estrogen-only arm: no increased breast cancer risk: data not fully analyzed; experts say no need to change clinical practice yet. Sullivan, Michele G. 887
Increasing payments to Medicare HMOs may not be wise: tighter networks. Frieden, Joyce 565
Ingestion of a foreign body is quite likely in retarded children: despite swallowing difficulties. Johnson, Kate 443
Integrated medicine gains popularity for holistic touch: complementary modalities. Kirn, Timothy F. 748
Knee pain: anterior, structural need different Tx: knee injuries are common in athletes. Sullivan, Michele G. 890
Kyphoplasty relieves pain of osteoarthritis: improves function. Sullivan, Michele G. 262
Lesson from the states. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 122
Limited data make low bone density a challenge: premenopausal women. McNamara, Damian 484
Long-term treatment with risedronate preserves bone quality: patients followed for up to 5 years. MacReady, Norra Brief Article 257
Low carb, high profit. Dowdell, Roy W. Letter to the Editor 210
Low IgM tied to poor outcome in West Nile virus: impaired immune response. Walsh, Nancy 354
Low-dose spiral CT helps detect early lung Ca in smokers; pet can clarify indeterminate lesions. Wachter, Kerri 443
Lung cancer screening. Skolnik, Neil S.; Ginty, Meghan A. 799
Marker may predict future cardiac events: placental growth factor. Moon, Mary Ann 538
Methylphenidate, ADHD. Brief Article 230
Monotherapy may be best for refractory epilepsy: fewer seizures. Mahoney, Diana 540
Morning headache causes are legion: interview patients thoroughly. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 195
N.J. exposes physician records to public scrutiny: medical malpractice. Silverman, Jennifer 877
Nation awaits reemergence of West Nile virus: shifting westward. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article 281
Nerve stimulation relieves complex regional pain syndrome: surgery often not an option. Norton, Patrice G.W. 555
Nevirapine can lead to hepatotoxicity in women: medwatch alert. Perlstein, Steve 327
New cutaneous form of borreliosis found in Lyme patients: distinctive histopathology. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 268
New mortality predictor found for heart failure: valsalva maneuver. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 269
Nicotine dependence Tx. Brief Article 168
NICUs evolve to promote neonatal development: understanding infant's self-regulation. Boschert, Sherry 629
No crisis in Kentucky? Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 103
Online communication helps lighten workload: disadvantages can be overcome. Frieden, Joyce 703
Oral stimulation speeds transition to bottle-feeding: extremely premature infants. Johnson, Kate 471
Panel urges switch for two influenza vaccine strains: 2004-2005 vaccine. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1014
Patient advocacy groups' influence flourishing: membership, budgets, clout. Bates, Betsy 1684
Pediatric study of cardiac imaging agents needed: FDA panel. Evans, Jeff 661
Picking the headaches that need neuroimaging: when a headache may be ominous. Melville, Nancy A. 519
Piriformis syndrome: type determines treatment: primary type most responsive to surgery. Worcester, Sharon 699
Preventive Tx may outsmart hormonal headache; careful estrogen manipulation. Finn, Robert 695
Prevnar: now two doses for healthy kids: continued shortage. Splete, Heidi 409
PTH then alendronate shows synergistic effect: reverse sequence doesn't work. Jancin, Bruce 423
Push to vaccinate health workers: coalition battles influenza. Tucker, Miriam E. 647
RA treatment augmentation yields clinical benefit: the price is right. Walsh, Nancy 577
Rabies death. Brief Article 166
Radiologists lose money with every x-ray: nearly $25 lost per x-ray. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 308
Rapid total body CT revolutionizes trauma care: previously unavailable information. Boschert, Sherry 546
Recovery is long for chronic daily headache: weeks or months are needed. Finn, Robert 637
Refer cautiously for shoulder instability surgery: no classic presentation. Jancin, Bruce 627
Respiratory tract infections: saying one thing, doing another: clarithromycin vs. azithromycin. Peck, Peggy 343
Respite care for homeless may improve outcomes: readmission rates, charges. Walsh, Nancy 970
Rhinosinusitis guidelines aim for easier diagnosis: don't overuse antibiotics. Evans, Jeff 1115
Self-disclosure pays off. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 109
Sen. Clinton eyes EMRs as new key to reform: 10 years later. Goldman, Erik L. 2229
Shigellosis in day care. Brief Article 103
Short screen says when to x-ray knees: ask five questions. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 235
Sildenafil for posttransplant HT. Brief Article 122
Silver is safer. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 133
Single-payer health care is unlikely, Shalala says: incremental improvement. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 297
Smallpox vaccinees rarely inoculate others: follow proper procedures. Sullivan, Michele G. 567
Spiritual knowledge. Klein, Jeremy Letter to the Editor 205
SSRIs and neonatal neurobehavior. Cohen, Lee 727
Stroke, MI risk increased for 1 year after TIA: population study. Finn, Robert Brief Article 276
Success of anti-TNF strategy spurs look at other targets: psoriatic arthritis. Jancin, Bruce 590
Synthetic agent may stave off postsurgical DVT: compared with heparins. Kirn, Timothy F. 479
Ten ways to inoculate yourself against malpractice suits: reducing common mistakes. Kirn, Timothy F. 864
Tertiary contact vaccinia possible in breast-fed babies: case report. Mahoney, Diana 320
The lessons of flu season. Jackson, Mary Anne 783
Treating MRSA abscesses. Brief Article 204
Try ibuprofen, then sumatriptan for migraine: regular sleep is great prevention. Kubetin, Sally Koch 512
Use 'bridge therapies' for chronic daily headache: decreasing daily meds. Finn, Robert 810
USPSTF: spare screening in low-risk patients: new CHD guidelines. Wood, Debra 1131
Vaccine, autism link not supported by the data: Institute of Medicine hearing. Kubetin, Sally Koch 1692
Vegetarian diet can be statinlike in LDL effect: real-world conditions may blunt effect. Mulcahy, Nicholas Brief Article 321
Vietnamese doctors talk about treating avian flu; 10 cases. Wood, Debra 401
Watch out for dental caries during checkups; fluoride is child's best ally. Sullivan, Michelle G. 622
Whom your patients trust to do the right thing for their health care. Illustration 114

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