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Articles from Family Practice News (April 15, 2004)

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A better Medicaid. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 151
Accepted ALT upper levels below normal: factor in age, gender. Worcester, Sharon 342
Adding the laparoscope. Brief Article 182
Adjustable inhalant dosing eases asthma flare-ups; tied to 57% fewer exacerbations. Kirn, Timothy F. 516
Advanced dementia not seen as a terminal illness: inadequate palliative care offered. Moon, Mary Ann 618
Advice on how to educate seniors on Medicare drug benefit: talk to actual caregiver. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 334
Aggressive treatment best for Barrett's esophagus: chemoprevention may be possible. Finn, Robert 535
Aging and rising BMIs herald growing gout prevalence: data from the U.K. Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief Article 290
Ankylosing spondylitis patients miss effective Tx due to lack of referrals; primary care docs 'a major barrier'. Jancin, Bruce 555
Anti-HIV microbicides probably a decade away: dozens in development. Boschert, Sherry 583
Anti-IgE Tx cuts asthma exacerbations: Omalizumab. Wachter, Kerri 325
Antibiotic resistance. Brief Article 133
Antibiotic Rx decrease. Brief Article 115
Antiretroviral combos may raise preterm delivery risk; no rise in birth defects. Worcester, Sharon 411
AS diagnosis delayed by x-ray reliance; MRI, CT are faster. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 236
Autism-MMR vaccine link partially retracted: refute charges of scientific breaches. Moon, Mary Ann 608
Avian flu: spark that ignites the next pandemic? Extremely lethal to humans: expert calls for better surveillance systems, research into the Asian strain. Walsh, Nancy 837
Bacterial vaginosis prevalence high in teens at STD clinics: alcohol, Tx don't mix. McNamara, Damian 696
Beware dihydrogen monoxide. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 150
Blues bypass coverage. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 133
Body parts for profit. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 102
Brain food. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 159
Bridge language, culture gaps to improve care: expert advice. Brunk, Doug 825
Bupropion Xl effective, safe for adult ADHD: randomized controlled trial. Sullivan, Michele G. 388
CDC: watch for congenital West Nile infection: details of maternal transmission unknown. Walsh, Nancy 574
Childhood morphea demands rapid assessment; identify early signs. Bates, Betsy 839
Children heeding VERB, CDC's call to exercise; follow-up surveys. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 307
Cigarette price hikes may increase quit attempts; can be motivational. 331
Clinical skills still tops for appendicitis diagnosis: technology not ready for prime time. Kirn, Timothy F. 708
Cognitive performance deficits linked to elevated risk of stroke: early intervention needed. Sylvester, Bruce 354
Concierge physicians unite to launch new group; regulatory, ethical issues. Schneider, Mary Ellen 1286
Daily NSAID use may slow spondylitis progression; celecoxib studied. Zoler, Mitchel L. 369
Deciding when abdominal pain really is appendicitis: understanding the process. Van Houten, Ben 380
Depression linked to lower omega-3 fatty acid levels: among acute coronary syndrome patients. 311
Depression screening works, but most schools aren't interested. 426
Depression undercuts joint replacement benefits; quality of life still poor 2 years later. Bates, Betsy 604
Depression's link to post-MI events found significant: death and nonfatal MI. 311
Depression, CRP interact to up cardiovascular risk: large database. Tucker, Miriam E. 857
Detection, Tx of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis often missed: comparison by speciality. McNamara, Damian 508
Dexamethasone for mono. Brief Article 227
Diabetes. Skolnik, Neil S.; Russell, John 798
Diagnosing infant hearing loss. Rimell, Frank 368
Disabled adolescents face hurdles as adults; care becomes fragmented. Walsh, Nancy 1206
Disulfiram, cocaine dependence. Brief Article 195
Do-not-resuscitate utilization by hospitals found to vary widely: California hospital study. Finn, Robert 480
Drinking during pregnancy changes infant nerve conduction; damage may be permanent. Boschert, Sherry Brief Article 211
Elderly get inappropriate meds at 8% of visits: EMR seen as one solution. Mahoney, Diana 729
Epidural steroids offer no benefit in lumbar pain; randomized, double-blind study. Bates, Betsy 569
Expect therapeutic advances in autoinflammatory diseases: rare, inherited disorders. Frieden, Joyce 633
FDA panel finalizes decision on new influenza B strain; 2004-2005 vaccine. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 570
FDA wants new warnings on 10 antidepressants; citing suicidality, worsening depression. Sullivan, Michele G. 1209
Fecal soiling is likely to indicate encopresis rather than sexual abuse: social functioning problems. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 213
Fluoroquinolone drops useful in ear infection: few adverse effects. Splete, Heidi 583
FPs play key role in recognition of sex abuse: few behavioral clues. Bates, Betsy 1454
Gonococcal resistance continues eastward spread: CDC releases preliminary data. Mulcahy, Nicholas 925
Group rates efficacy of herbs: evidence-based medicine. Kirn, Timothy F. 855
Handheld device useful in helping patients quit: PDA tool. 298
Handheld ultrasound device boosts diagnostic accuracy; potential billing gray area. Zoler, Mitchel L. 550
Heavier women get better cancer protection from high-progestin OCs: 70% drop in risk of endometrial ca. Johnson, Kate 342
High patient volume linked to better outcomes following knee arthroplasty: fewer complications. Scheck, Anne 570
High rate of adjacent fractures after kyphoplasty: shift in stress load. Bates, Betsy 497
High-risk heart patients not getting transferred; crusade registry findings: lack of guideline knowledge is obstacle. Jancin, Bruce 598
HIV and unemployment. Brief Article 202
Immunomodulators. Briggs, Gerald G. 713
Implantable defibrillator drops CHF mortality; the SCD-HeFT study. Jancin, Bruce 652
Insurers embrace disease management systems: fostering patient self-care. Goldman, Erik 1732
Internet lawsuit site shuttered. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 144
Is it time to dump the pump for coronary artery bypass surgery? Puskas, John D.; Gardner, Timothy 1010
It's OK, officer, I'm a doctor. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 151
Laparoscopic colectomy still controversial option: controversy continues. Evans, Jeff 523
Literature bears out top three sports med issues: 2003 in review. Tucker, Miriam E. 886
Localized immunity may mediate Candida infection: . McNamara, Damian 509
Low education level a risk for glyburide failure: gestational diabetes. Sullivan, Michele G. 592
Low-tech approach sufficient for syncope: take a good history. Bates, Betsy 638
Malpractice crisis pushes patients out of office, into ER; defensive medicine. Silverman, Jennifer 346
Maternal alcohol counseling boosts development in siblings; brief intervention. Sullivan, Michele G. 538
MD-owned imaging centers raise questions: referrals appear to be ethical conflict. Perlstein, Steve 712
Medicare drug law could spawn new fraud: prosecutors will be on lookout. Frieden, Joyce 611
Monitor subsyndromal depression in your elderly patients: depression hx ups risk for recurrence. Wachter, Kerri 600
More cervical ca patients go back to PCP for followup; too costly for gyn. oncologists. Jancin, Bruce 332
More injuries are seen when shield booster seats are used: study finds specific injury patterns. Norton, Patrice G.W. 624
Most suicides take place during spring, not winter holidays; media faulted for myth's endurance. Franklin, Deeanna 858
MRI useful in identification of heart failure causes: cardiomyopathy assessment. Jancin, Bruce 596
New & approved: Spiriva Handihaler, Sensipar. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 664
Next major DSM edition is under development: top tasks targeted. McNamara, Damian 1183
Normal ALT in chronic HCV: OK to treat: no flaring seen. Worcester, Sharon 433
Obesity thwarts knee replacement; infection risk. Scheck, Anne Brief Article 247
Optical device improves cervical disease detection; used with colposcopy after abnormal Pap. Jonhson, Kate 566
Pentacel combo may be viable answer to separate vaccinations: in phase III clinical trials in U.S. MacReady, Norra 555
Physicians need better access to information technology, and the government is providing: one insurance plan is giving it away. Frieden, Joyce 512
Pneumococcal vaccine's herd effect extends to 4-year-olds; 20 million in database. MacReady, Norra Brief Article 274
Pneumonia is emerging as biggest Third World mortality threat: especially in children under age 5 years. Kirn, Timothy F. 596
Pregnant women urged to eat less tuna; children should eat smaller portions. Schneider, Mary Ellen 833
Primary care task: sexual hx in diabetics: refer men to urologists when needed. Finn, Robert 614
Pseudo-news you can use. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 158
Psychotropics in youth. Brief Article 167
PTSD level tied to early trauma, low combat exposure: study of 120 Gulf War veterans. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 259
PTSD prevalence in some female veterans at 22%: bigger risk for duty-related trauma. Kubetin, Sally Koch 849
Race, no-insurance status linked to perforation in acute appendicitis: nationwide database. Bates, Betsy 378
Rapid testing aids adenoviral treatment: DFA test shows promise. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 312
Reader's skills = colonoscopy success: detection accuracy depends on experience. Mahoney, Diana 641
Researchers offer access to new stem cell lines; somatic-cell nuclear transfer not used. Norton, Patrice G.W. 612
Risk of near-fatal asthma attacks may be highest on first day of menstruation: study of 44 women. Norton, Patrice G.W. Brief Article 245
Routine screening of teen mental health is rare: telephone survey of primary care doctors. MacReady, Norra 652
SARS had impact on in-hospital prenatal education, births: unexpected consequences. Mahoney, Diana 853
Simple bladder retraining effective for incontinence: no age limit, no medication. Bates, Betsy 570
Simple screen to detect toddlers at risk of autism: check rolling, pointing, joint attention. Sullivan, Michele G. 915
Skin changes give clues to dermatomyositis dx; beyond Bohan and Peter? Mahoney, Diana 927
Stroke risk after TIA. Brief Article 170
Suppressing anger exacerbates headache disability: study of 52 adults. Mahoney, Diana 521
Tacos with a side of fish oil. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 124
Take steps to help identify athletes at risk for sudden death: take into account type of sport played. Wood, Debra 716
Taming tuberculosis. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 160
TeenScreen flags adolescents at risk of suicide; more effective than other methods. Perlstein, Steve 527
Tests assess urgency of inguinal, scrotal swelling: simple techniques for reducing hernias. Van Houten, Ben 446
Timing is critical with testicular torsion dx: 50% of cases missed on first visit. Kirn, Timothy F. 476
Too many women use potentially harmful meds in pregnancy: increase awareness. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 202
Transplanted ovarian tissue yields human embryo; morphologically correct. Johnson, Kate 701
Treat elder depression to ease suicidal ideation: intervention tested in primary care. Wachter, Kerri 718
Treatment is key to cancer prevention in FAP patients; genetic testing indicated. Finn, Robert 367
Upright exam key to stress urinary incontinence dx: essential part of good evaluation. Jancin, Bruce 570
Use small doses, short courses of benzodiazepines in elderly: higher risk of adverse events. Worcester, Sharon 319
Valerian for insomnia. Walsh, Nancy 868
Web is cost-effective public health information source: online advertising. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 223
Web sites gain ground as source of information on smoking cessation; quality criteria still being developed. Frieden, Joyce 751
WHO and collaborators in race to develop avian flu vaccine: viral libraries needed. Walsh, Nancy 555
Women physicians choose family medicine over cardiology; workforce shortage crisis looms. Jancin, Bruce 469

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