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Articles from Family Practice News (October 15, 2002)

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Access problem. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 119
Acute myringitis etiology. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 102
Aggressive intervention best for moderate-risk unstable angina. (RITA-3 Data Contradict ACC/AHA Guidelines). Jancin, Bruce 703
Anticoagulant use during pregnancy. (Drugs, Pregnancy, and Lactation). Briggs, Gerald G. 798
Aspirin for secondary prevention of CHD. (Bottom Line). Evans, Jeff 417
Atomoxetine for ADHD. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 138
Atrial fibrillation cases, deaths peak in December. (Respiratory Infections May Play Role). Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 328
Bacteriophage enzyme destroys anthrax bacteria. (Studies in Humans Needed). Splete, Heidi 370
Behavioral therapy gets injured workers working. (Less Costly than Institutional Efforts). MacReady, Norra 669
Blue light special for moderate acne. (FDA-Approved Phototherapy). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 589
Breast ca and pregnancy: should termination be advised? (Studies Unclear). Boughton, Barbara 549
Breast ca screening before age 50 doesn't cut deaths. (USPSTF Stands by its Recommendations). Worcester, Sharon 562
Breast-feeding linked to lower breast cancer risk. (Duration Plays a Role). Worcester, Sharon 400
CD4 counts guide start of HIV Tx. (Below 350 May be Best Target). Zoler, Mitchel L. 439
CDC calls for mass vaccinations in event of smallpox outbreak. (Complements Ring Vaccination). Franklin, Deeanna 405
Cobalamin markers could signal cognitive decline. (Nondemented Elderly Patients). Evans, Jeff Brief Article 180
Collagen meniscus knee implant shows promise. (Pilot Study). Brief Article 231
Data support early combo therapy in mild heart failure. ([beta]-Blocker Plus ACE Inhibitor). Jancin, Bruce 329
Demented patients can understand standard pain assessment tools. (Mild to Moderate Dementia). MacReady, Norra Brief Article 215
Diovan. (New & Approved). Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief Article 314
Don't rush electronic records. (Guest Editorial). Johnson, Mark 664
Eroding Euro. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 129
Exercise and other ways to improve osteoarthritis. (Vitamin C May Slow Progression). Worcester, Sharon 571
Fit to a tee. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 127
Gestational diabetes: discuss postpartum risks. (Half Will Become Diabetic). Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 238
Getting to school. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 130
Glucose management in pregestational diabetes. (What to do During Labor). Jancin, Bruce 401
Glyburide probably safe for pregnant diabetics. (Data Extremely Limited). Tucker, Miriam E. 801
Group visit format raises practice efficiency--and eyebrows. (Doubles Patients Seen Per Hour). Page, Leigh 555
HIV persists in CD4 cells, making cure impractical. (Latent Reservoir of HIV). Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief Article 223
Hormones, brain affected by prenatal toxins. (Follow-Up in 8- to 12-Year-Olds). McNamara, Damian 365
Infants can have antibiotic-resistant acute otitis media. (Under 2 Months of Age). Mahoney, Diana Brief Article 253
Instituting the 80-hour resident workweek. (Lessons from New York). Peters, Sally 852
Letters. Letter to the Editor 893
Lifestyle changes key for children's weight loss. (Expert Shares Recipe for Success). Brunk, Doug 398
Listeria outbreak. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 130
Many traumatic articular cartilage defects do well when left untreated. (Expensive Procedure May be Unnecessary). 487
Mean body mass index increases over 3 decades. (Data Watch). 122
Medical calculator: MedCalc. (Digital Assistance). McLeod, Thomas G.; Ebbert, Jon O. 611
Microfracture knee repair: less pain, more gain. (Long-Term Results). Jancin, Bruce 613
Migraine in the morning. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 153
MMR plus varicella effective. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 159
More office-based doctors offering mifepristone. (Few Adverse Events). Bates, Betsy 604
Multiple pets and allergy risk. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 172
Nearly 1 million could lose SCHIP coverage. (Seeking Ways to Fix the Funding 'Dip'). Silverman, Jennifer 406
New FDA Commissioner. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 123
New test enhances accuracy of autism screening. (Most Accurate at 24 Months). MacReady, Norra 493
Newer tests aid chlamydia screening in teens. (Nucleic Acid Amplification). Boschert, Sherry 1039
Next Medicare cut: 40% of doctors may opt out. (Pay Set to Drop 4.4% Further). Silverman, Jennifer 558
NSAIDs cut esophageal ca risk. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 174
NSAIDs don't appear to slow Alzheimer's. ('An Intriguing but Unproven Strategy'). Tucker, Miriam E. 339
Oral folic acid improves smokers' CV risk profile. (Small Study). Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 233
Panel backs once-daily anticholinergic for COPD. (Dyspnea Claim Rejected). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 710
Parental notification for contraceptives would deter teens. (Many Girls Would Stop Using Services). Franklin, Deeanna 500
Paying more, getting less. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 109
PET scans can help assess cognitive impairment. (Addition to Algorithm). Tucker, Miriam E. 478
PET shows brain changes in young adults with AD gene. (Prognostic Value Uncertain). Tucker, Miriam E. 391
Physicians are prime targets for identity theft. (FTC Wants Tougher Penalties). Silverman, Jennifer 684
Physicians now 'better prepared' for bioterror: information is more readily available. (One Year After Anthrax Letters). Kirn, Timothy F. 1212
Police respond faster than EMS. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 131
Position of tympanic membrane key to otitis Dx. (Differentiating AOM and OME). Johnson, Kate 362
Pro & con: should postprandial blood glucose levels be routinely monitored and managed? (Opinion). 855
Pseudofolliculitis barbae: low-dose tazarotene beats high dose. (0.05% Gel Vs. 0.1% Gel). Bates, Betsy Brief Article 300
Recovery from depression hobbled by concurrent pain. (Patients on SSRIs). Boschert, Sherry 361
Resorption markers help in assessing fracture risk. (Compared with Bone Mineral Density). DeMott, Kathryn 613
Secrets of diagnosing overuse shoulder injuries. (Rehab Should Restore Muscle Balance). Splete, Heidi 1432
Sentinel node mapping okay for axillary staging. (Subset of Breast Cancer Patients). McNamara, Damian Brief Article 258
Serum folate levels jumped among women aged 15-44. (From 1988 to 2000). Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article 216
Sheep shape. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 148
Shrink-rap dating. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 176
Stain-aspirin combo gets support from panel. (More Flexible Dosing). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 551
Start cholinesterase inhibitors early in dementia. (Mild to Moderate Disease). Tucker, Miriam E. 692
Stem cell law. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 127
Steroid overuse may spark burning skin syndrome. (High Nitrate Levels May be Clue). Bates, Betsy 826
Suicide prevention requires more study, better primary care training. (IOM Report). Perlstein, Steve 460
Tamoxifen prevents breast cancers--at a price. (Study of More than 7,000 Women). Zoler, Mitchel L. 603
Technique may bypass axillary node dissection. (Small Breast Tumors). MacReady, Norra Brief Article 327
Treat depression in elderly. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article 105
Use more than 4.5 mg/kg per day of terbinafine. (Tinea Capitis in Children). Jancin, Bruce Product/Service Evaluation 617
USPSTF endorses bone screening for all older women: routine osteoporosis screening advised after age 64; earlier in 'high-risk' women. (New, More Aggressive Stance). Johnson, Kate 622
Valtrex. (New & Approved). Mechcatie, Elizabeth Product/Service Evaluation 377
West Nile transfusion risk may affect donations. (Preparing for Action). Finn, Robert 578

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