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Articles from Family Practice News (March 15, 2000)

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'Mixing and Matching' Okay for Fifth DTaP Dose. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Brief Article 614
AAFP Not Endorsing Meningococcal Vaccine. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Brief Article 383
Accelerated Bone Loss Linked to Antiretrovirals. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 522
ACIP Scales Back Pneumococcal Vaccine Guideline. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Brief Article 966
Agitated Elderly: Weigh Pain, Social Functioning. ZWILLICH, TODD Brief Article 576
Alternative HIV Therapies Very Popular Among Patients. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 615
AMAP IS DEAD. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 155
Antidepressant Detected in Breast Milk. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief Article 156
As Alcohol Tolerance Declines, Elderly Can Face Harm From Modest Intake. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article 519
Asherman's Syndrome Is Straightforward Dx. Donohue, Maureen Brief Article 192
Behavioral Therapy for Incontinence Most Effective. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 560
Blaming the Victims. GOLDEN, WILLIAM E. Brief Article 590
Bone Marrow Transplantation Standard Treatment for 75 Diseases. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Brief Article 558
Bringing Primary Care to IV Drug Users. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article 531
Bush Delivers. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 160
Buspirone Aids Akatbisia Variant. Lindsay, Heather Brief Article 196
Cardiovascular Benefits of Vitamin E Elude Prevention Trials. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 529
Cesarean Delivery Is Cost Effective. Baker, Barbara Brief Article 351
Children Getting Taller. Brief Article 125
Children, Type 2 Diabetes: A Growing Problem. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 380
CMV Immunity Cuts Congenital Infection Risk. Baker, Barbara Brief Article 288
Compression Therapy Aids Venous Leg Symptoms. LINDSAY, HEATHER Brief Article 578
Corrections. Brief Article 147
Culprits Behind Obesity in Teens: Too Much Television, Too Little Exercise. DeMott, Kathryn Brief Article 273
D-Dimer Assay Reliable in Emergency Diagnosis of DVT. CHENG, GUANG-SHING Brief Article 548
Debate Continues on Best Age to Begin, End Pap Smears. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 632
Depressed Elderly Aided by a 'Therapy Buddy'. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 307
Diagnosing Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Try Simple, Low-Cost Methods First. JOHNSON, KATE Brief Article 433
Doctors Overlook Thromboprophylaxis. Cheng, Guang-Shing Brief Article 374
Doctors Wary of United's End to Preauthorizations. FRIEDEN, JOYCE Brief Article 829
Does gastroesophageal reflux trigger asthma in children? Brief Article 875
Drug Decreases Incontinence Episodes by 83%. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 246
Endometrial Ablation by Cryotherapy Reduces Flow. DONOHUE, MAUREEN Brief Article 668
Entire Limb Swelling Calls Fifth DTaP Dose Into Question. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Brief Article 578
Eradicating Group B Strep Before Delivery. CHENG, GUANG-SHING Brief Article 299
Experts Identify Priorities for AIDS Research. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 595
FDA Retreats on Supplements During Pregnancy. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 132
Five Initial Drug Regimens Worth Considering. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 904
FPs Often Raise Spiritual Topics With Terminally Ill. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 276
Gabapentin Relieved Pain After Flu Shot. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 171
Gender Gap in ER Angina Treatment. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 171
GOBs of Guidelines. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 110
Group Appointments May Enhance Physician-Patient Relationship. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 1152
Health Beat. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 140
Herbal Medicine And the Elderly: Use Caution. Baker, Barbara Brief Article 225
HIV/AIDS in Minority Men. Brief Article 154
HMO QUALITY STANDARDS. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 127
Immediate Antiandrogen Therapy Aids Survival. MOON, MARY ANN Brief Article 332
Increasingly Atypical Appearance of Celiac Disease. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. Brief Article 328
Knowledge of Diagnosis Makes Life Harder With Hepatitis C Infection. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 183
Lasting Benefits From Single Dose Of Corticosteroids. Johnson, Kate Brief Article 280
Late Knight. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 126
LATE PAYMENT LAWSUIT. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 110
LETTERS. Brief Article 1252
Limit Multiple Doses of Prenatal Corticosteroids. JOHNSON, KATE Brief Article 1289
Localized Scleroderma Is No Cause for Alarm. BATES, BETSY Brief Article 492
Low Risk From Antidepressants During Pregnancy. LINDSAY, HEATHER Brief Article 810
Low-Carbohydrate Diet Reduces Fat, Serum. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 658
Low-Dose Risperidone Is Effective, Well Tolerated in Dementia Patients. WORCESTER, SHARON Brief Article 498
Mammography Results Compromised by Obesity. BATES, BETSY Brief Article 522
Managing the Patient With Mild Preeclampsia. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 295
Mass Psychogenic Illness. Brief Article 115
Maternal Serum Markers Linked to Preeclampsia. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 261
Medical Management Makes Gains in CAD Care. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 975
More Antipsychotics May Arrive in the United States. LINDSAY, HEATHER Brief Article 583
More HIV Variants Passed Along to Women. Cheng, Guang-Shing Brief Article 178
New & Approved: Lotronex * Hybrid Capture II Gonorrhea Test * Protonix. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief Article 637
New Data Reveal Sluggish Hepatitis C. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 1042
New Guidelines for Managing Cryptococcal Disease. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 892
New Lipid-Lowering Drugs to Reach Market Soon. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 415
No Popular Weight Loss Plan Is Ideal, All Diets Require Trade-Offs. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article 567
Office Measures Can Head Off Childhood Obesity. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 569
Olestra Produces False-Positive Steatorrhea Tests. Bates, Betsy Brief Article 267
Only 8% of Substance abuse Patients Referred For Treatment. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 252
Oral Kava Extracts Can Calm Anxiety Disorders. FRANKLIN, DEEANNA Brief Article 270
Paralyzed by a Tick. Brief Article 107
PATIENTS' BILL OF RIGHTS. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 229
Peddling Puffs. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 164
Pediatric Resuscitation. Brief Article 122
Pelvis, Leg CT Boosts Thrombotic Disease Dx at No Extra Cost. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. Brief Article 528
Perinatal Zidovudine and Mitochondrial Defects. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 522
Physicians Show Pessimism About Addiction Care. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article 503
Postexposure Prophylaxis Effective Against HIV. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 354
Postexposure Prophylaxis Has High Adherence Rate. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 530
Postpolio Syndrome Symptoms Progress and Plateau. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article 982
Prematurity Risk Unchanged by Antiretrovirals. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 535
Prevalence of Depression Rises After Age 80. Baker, Barbara Brief Article 248
Primary Care Treatment Of Hepatitis C Advocated. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 564
Promising Diagnostic Test for CFS on Horizon. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. Brief Article 438
Protease Inhibitors Can Affect Statins. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 382
PTCA vs. Bypass Surgery: A Year 2000 Update. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 351
Quetiapine Eases Parkinson's-Related Psychosis. LINDSAY, HEATHER Brief Article 327
Rabies Spreading in Raccoons. Brief Article 135
Reboxetine Beats Placebo for Severe Depression. LINDSAY, HEATHER Brief Article 398
Rheumatology Referrals Low. Brief Article 127
Scant Data on Salvage Therapy Alter Antiretrovirals Fail. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 539
Sentinel Node Mapping Helps Assess Vulvar Cancer. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 417
Severe Behavioral Disorders Treated With Gabapentin. Franklin, Deeanna Brief Article 266
Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy Responds Well to Stiripentol. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 247
Short Cervix Poses Risk For Preterm Delivery. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article 397
Side Effects Are Issue in Androgen Suppression Tx. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 247
Small CK Rise Signals MI. Brief Article 136
Sniffing Out Alzheimer's. Brief Article 118
Spiral CT vs. MRI in Cervical Cancer Evaluation. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 383
Start Time for Antiretrovirals Not Gender Specific. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 392
Stop MAC Prophylaxis if HIV Therapy Pushes CD4s Above 100. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 369
Structured Treatment Interruption Holds Promise. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 801
Substance Abuse Missed, Untreated in Elderly. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article 449
Support, Exercise, Long-Term Programs Best for Weight Loss. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article 358
Supreme Court to Rule on HMO Incentives Case. KOSTRESKI, FARAH Brief Article 601
Take Low Back Pain Seriously in Children, Teens. BATES, BETSY Brief Article 545
Time to Reappraise VBAC. DRUZIN, MAURICE L. Brief Article 664
Tocolytic Therapy Prolongs Pregnancy in Preterm Labor Patients. WORCESTER, SHARON Brief Article 616
Tracing Factors Behind CHD Risks. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 836
Transvaginal Ultrasound Better Predictor of Preterm Labor. CHENG, GUANG-SHING Brief Article 380
Two Drugs Sufficient for Most HIV Exposures in Health Care Workers. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 557
Vitamin E: No CV Benefit. Brief Article 156
Zidovudine in First Trimester Not Linked to Higher Risk of Birth Defects. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 374

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