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Articles from Family Practice News (March 1, 2000)

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AACAP Issues New Guidelines for Autistic Patients. DONOHUE, MAUREEN Brief Article 574
Abundance of Web Sites on Wound Care Management. Baker, Barbara Brief Article 275
Adding Androgen To Estrogen Helps Strengthen Bone. Wang, Jennifer Brief Article 243
Adenosine Limits Infarct Size. Brief Article 152
Adjuvant Chemo Benefits Even Small Breast Ca. Jancin, Bruce 242
Anemic Fetuses. Brief Article 142
Atopic Dermatitis Often Ends in Childhood. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. Brief Article 388
Autism Shrouded in Myths, Misplaced Hopes. BATES, BETSY Brief Article 577
Bacteria Number Not Diagnostic of Chronic Wounds. Baker, Barbara Brief Article 281
Benzodiazepine May Prevent Recurrent Febrile Seizures. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 513
Bicillin Confusion. Brief Article 161
BOTTOM LINE. Boschert, Sherry 353
Breast CA Risk Rises Slightly Among HRT Users. DONOHUE, MAUREEN 812
Breast Cancer Survivors Often Turn to Alternative Therapies. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 319
Canada Mulls a Public/Private Health Care System. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article 320
Choosing the Right Transparent Film Dressing. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 340
Chronic Abdominal Compartment Syndrome. DONOHUE, MAUREEN Brief Article 303
Clinical Drug Trials Boost Income, Expand Practice. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 578
Computer More Accurate Than Humans at Fetal Monitoring. CHENG, GUANG-SHING Brief Article 542
Controlling Diabetes, Blood Pressure Reduces Foot Ulcer Risk. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE Brief Article 661
Copper IUDs and Menses. Brief Article 186
Cursers Anonymous. Berger, Joanne Brief Article 117
Debridement Continues to Gain Support in Care of Venous Leg Ulcers. Brief Article 367
Depression Raises the Risk of Cardiac Mortality. BAKER, BARBARA 564
Diabetics Benefit From Rehab After Amputation, Too. Moon, Mary Ann 198
Distinguishing Traits of Pyoderma Gangrenosum. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 388
Doctors Use MBAs To Reshape Careers. BRUNK, DOUG 966
Don't Forget About Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 328
Dot Blot Immunoassay Identifies True Lyme Infection. DEMOTT, KATHRYN Brief Article 478
Drug Update: Generalized Pruritus. Zoler, Mitchel L.; Bates, Betsy Brief Article 1006
Drugs Should Play Adjunctive Role in Autism. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article 685
Emergency! Resuscitation. Berger, Joanne Brief Article 126
External Counterpulsation Cuts Stable Angina Pain. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 531
Family History of Alcoholism, Autism May Be Linked. Baker, Barbara Brief Article 237
Flu Season Marked by High Mortality, Early Onset. CHENG, GUANG-SHING Brief Article 1113
FRAUD AND ABUSE COMPLIANCE. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 105
FY2001 BUDGET PROPOSAL. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 174
Gingivostomatitis In Children With HSV Type 1. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 279
Gown Up Lights Out. Berger, Joanne Brief Article 170
Health and the Presidency. GOLDSTEIN, SIDNEY Brief Article 871
Hepatitis B Vaccine Not Tied to Neonatal Deaths. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article 266
Herpes Gladitorium Spread by Direct Contact. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article 329
High BMI After Coronary Event Predicts a Shorter Life Span. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 378
Hoof beats. HINDMAN, MICHAEL G. Brief Article 665
HRT Does More Good Than Harm in Breast Ca Survivors. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 528
HRT Reduces Sensitivity of Mammograms. Moon, Mary Ann 188
Hypnosis Reduced Surgical Cost, Time, and Anxiety. BATES, BETSY 563
LETTERS. Brief Article 648
Low-Dose Nicotinic Acid for Type 2 Diabetics. JANCIN, BRUCE 593
Low-Dose Steroids Slow Early Rheumatoid Arthritis. DEMOTT, KATHRYN Brief Article 384
Mammography Enters Era of Digital Imaging. DEMOTT, KATHRYN 880
MANAGED CARE REFORM. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 150
Many Obese Would Risk Death To Lose Weight. Donohue, Maureen Brief Article 276
Meaning Behind Cafe-au-Lait Macules. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 349
MEDICAL ERRORS. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 127
Medical Therapy Avoids New Stones. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH Brief Article 564
Medicare 'Downcoding' Trend Criticized. FRIEDEN, JOYCE Brief Article 471
Midazolam Superior to Lorazepam for Status Epilepticus. WORCESTER, SHARON Brief Article 388
Nation's Health Agenda for Decade Announced. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE Brief Article 1006
Negative-Pressure Therapy May Stimulate Granulation Tissue. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 592
New Antiarrhythmics Put Atrial Fibrillation on Hold. JANCIN, BRUCE 834
New Pap Methods Not Yet Supplanting Standard Smears. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 542
Nipple Aspirate Fluid May Screen for Breast Cancer. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 583
No Blood Cultures in Cellulitis. 133
Nonulcer Dyspepsia. Brief Article 224
Normothermia for Chronic Wounds. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 537
Notes From the Other Side. Berger, Joanne Brief Article 165
Nothing to Sneeze At. Berger, Joanne Brief Article 123
NURSING HOME BANKRUPTCIES. Kostreski, Farah Brief Article 103
Oil Change for PMS. Brief Article 175
Opiate Receptor Naltrexone Antagonist Suppressed Resistant Pruritus in 35 of 50 Patients. LINDSAY, HEATHER Brief Article 313
Options for Treatment of Unresponsive Venous Leg Ulcers. Brief Article 563
Panel Conditionally Backs Fetal Pulse Oximeter. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH Brief Article 804
Parents Need Information About Febrile Seizures. BYKOWSKI, MIKE Brief Article 601
Patients Advised to Moderate, Not Restrict, Calcium Intake. 807
Percutaneous Myocardial Revascularization. JANCIN, BRUCE 527
Personal History, Radiography Predict RA Course. DeMott, Kathryn Brief Article 152
Pertussis Rings Up to $145,903 for 87 Cases Treated. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Brief Article 401
Physician Education Lagging on Use of New Drugs. FRIEDEN, JOYCE Brief Article 582
Physicians Loathe to Turn in Medicaid Encounter Data. Friden, Joyce Brief Article 270
Physicians Too Aggressive on ASCUS Follow-Up. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article 741
PRO & CON. Brief Article 637
Redefining 'Normal' HDL Cholesterol Levels. JANCIN, BRUCE 512
Research Projects Can Add to Your Bottom Line. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 638
Side Effects Limit Effectiveness Of Drug Treatment of Obesity. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 462
Simple Office Visits Help Mild Depression in Elderly. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 535
Soy Phytoestrogens Linked to Lipid Improvements. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article 312
Staging and Risk Assessment ot Pressure Ulcers. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE Brief Article 482
Stents Avoid Repeat Surgery. Brief Article 138
Steroid Addiction Often Behind Eyelid Dermatitis. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE Brief Article 538
Sudden Death, Mitral Valves. Brief Article 147
Support Vital Before and After Weight Loss Surgery. BATES, BETSY Brief Article 555
Surgery Can Prevent, Heal Chronic Diabetic Ulcers. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE Brief Article 577
Teflon-Like Polymer Emulsion Protects Against Poison Ivy. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. Brief Article 367
Tender Is the Liver. Brief Article 155
Transcutaneous Oxygen Assesses Diabetic Ulcers. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article 313
Transmyocardial Revascularization in Refractory Angina. Moon, Mary Ann 165
Treating CNS Infections. 112
Trichomonas Detection. 158
Vaccinations Often Incorrectly Timed by Doctors. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 190
Virus Found in Association With Lou Gehrig's Disease. Cheng, Guang-Shing 242
Widespread Antibiotic Shortage Unexplained. BATES, BETSY Brief Article 768

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