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Articles from Family Practice News (February 15, 2000)

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'Penis Talk' Addresses Toileting Fears. Jancin, Bruce 255
[beta]-Blockers in Elderly Diabetics. 166
11 Minutes and Counting. M. Dales, Mary Jo 117
ACP-ASIM Votes Down Political Action Committee. KOSTRESKI, FARAH 605
ADHD Involves Neurobiology and Personality. SHERMAN, CARL 542
Anal Pap Smears Gaining Ground. Worcester, Sharon 257
Arthritis Before Age 30 May Signal Gonorrhea. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 631
Ask Patients Which Alternative Therapies They Use. BRUNK, DOUG 240
Aspirin as CAD Preventive Raises Risk of Poisoning. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 833
Aspirin Can Be Dangerous in Asthmatics--So Ask Patients bout It. ZWILLICH, TODD 474
Avelox. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 245
Be Confident of Success Before Using Vacuum Extractor. BAKER, BARBARA 677
BLUE PLANS ENROLLMENT UP. Kostreski, Farah 102
Body Piercing and Branding Are the Latest Fads. DONOHUE, MAUREEN 858
Caught in a French Press. M. Dales, Mary Jo 170
Cefprozil, Levofloxacin Underused in Cutaneous Infections. JANCIN, BRUCE 466
Colon Cancer Screening: Embarrassment Can Kill. BATES, BETSY 480
Consider Risks for MI, Embolism, And Stroke With OC Use. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 610
Consulting Psychiatrists' Recommendations Are Often Ignored in a General Hospital. Sherman, Carl 349
Correct Staging of Ovarian Lancer Patients Crucial. BAKER, BARBARA 559
Debridement Boosts Response in Refractory Onychomycosis. CHENG, GUANG-SHING 461
Dengue Moving North and South. CHENG, GUANG-SHING 292
Diagnosing Depression Takes Two Minutes With SIG E CAPS. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 517
Diarrhea: Do Thorough History Before Prescribing. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 1229
Distinguishing Orbital Cellulitis From Preseptal Cellulitis. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. 514
Early Discharge, Home Rehab Hasten Recovery. Moon, Mary Ann 254
Early Tx Best for Genital, Facial Hemangiomas. BAKER, BARBARA 311
Emergency Contraception Often Isn't Used by Women-Even When They Have Access. JOHNSON, KATE 368
Eminence-Based Medicine. M. Dales, Mary Jo 128
Emotionally Painful Side to Antiepilepsy Drugs. WORCESTER, SHARON 587
Encopresis, the 'Secret Problem,' Is Often Curable. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 347
Enoxaparin Beats Heparin in Inpatients for VTE Prophylaxis. CHENG, GUANG-SHING 841
Erythromycin Effect. 112
Experienced Surgical Staff Key in Hip Replacement. DEMOTT, KATHRYN 545
Federal Report Cites ADHD Diagnosis Barriers. BRUNK, DOUG 743
Flu Fells Children. 111
Forceps Delivery Linked to Higher Rate Of Fecal Incontinence. BRUNK, DOUG 316
Four 'Killer' Rashes Must Be Diagnosed Swiftly. JANCIN, BRUCE 863
FPs Sued for Failure to Spot Breast Cancer, Acute MI. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 816
Furby Goodness Sake. M. Dales, Mary Jo 175
Ginkgo Plus Anticoagulation Can Lead to Hemorrhage. Jancin, Bruce 302
Give Behavioral Management of Migraines a Try. JANCIN, BRUCE 608
Hard to Swallow. M. Dales, Mary Jo 107
Hepatitis C Resists Treatment in African Americans. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 590
Hip Fracture Risk Rises When Thermometer Falls. MOON, MARY ANN 300
HPV Test Debated for Triaging ASCUS Results. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 1022
HPV Test Not Set to Replace Cervical Cytology. 526
Hypotonia Predicts Later Impairment. BATES, BETSY 727
Imaging $hows HRT Affects Key Brain Centers. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 810
Imaging Promises to Improve Appendicitis Dx. BATES, BETSY 1122
Incision Type Apparently Won't Affect Risk of Wound Dehiscence. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. 386
Include Topical Steroid in Herpes Labialis Tx. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 362
Itraconazole Safe For Patients on Diabetes Drugs. Lindsay, Heather 250
IV Penicillin G Shortage May Last Through 2000. BATES, BETSY 920
Leg Pain Above the Knee Can Signal Hip Disorder. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 314
Limits on Embryo Transfer Might Boost Coverage. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 528
Look for a Renal Problem in the Delirious Elderly. ZWILLICH, TODD 296
Malaria Is Being Locally Acquired. Tucker, Miriam E. 256
Maternal Mortality Rate Grossly Underestimated. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. 584
Menopause Alone Won't Induce New-Onset Depression. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 664
Minor Congenital Anomalies Can Be Sign of Congenital Syndrome. BAKER, BARBARA 767
Miralex OTC Skin Cream Contains Potent Steroid. 235
Molecular Tests Simplify and Speed Chlamydia Diagnosis. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 940
More Bed-Sharing Data. 117
More States Implementing External Appeals Laws. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 1367
New Antifungals, New Solutions. WORCESTER, SHARON 829
Nitric Oxide for Raynaud's. 128
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Lindsay, Heather 502
Osteoarthritis Pain Relieved by Topical Civamide. Cheng, Guang-Shing Product/Service Evaluation 253
Patients Remain Aware Under General Anesthesia. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 501
Penlac Nail Lacquer. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 158
Physicians Often Downplay the Pain And Distress That Patients Feel. BATES, BETSY 542
Polyp-Up Video. 157
Possible Early Alzheimer's Marker Found. Moon, Mary Ann 263
Premature Infants Healthy, Self-Confident by Adolescence. LINDSAY, HEATHER 615
Prepregnancy Control of Chronic Disease Pays Off. DONOHUE, MAUREEN 544
Probiotics Help Shorten Course Of Diarrhea. Baker, Barbara 235
Promising HIV Drugs in Clinical Trial Pipeline. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 602
Proximal Adenomas Are Likely if Sigmoidoscopy Finds Distal Adenomas. Moon, Mary Ann 273
Psychotherapy for PTSD. 103
Reduce Pill-Free Interval of Oral Contraceptives. JOHNSON, KATE 502
Remove Irritants To Treat Labial Agglutination. JOHNSON, KATE 259
Report Calls for Better Studies on Treatment of ADHD. BRUNK, DOUG 599
Restricted Diet Essential for Maternal PKU Patients. DONOHUE, MAUREEN 535
Retrieval, Analysis of Medical Implants Will Improve Outcomes. LINDSAY, HEATHER 616
Revised Cisapride Labeling Warns of Arrhythmia Risk. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 853
S. pneumoniae Resistance. 138
Safety, Efficacy of SAMe Unproven for Depression. BAKER, BARBARA 464
Say Goodbye to Capitation. WEISSHAR, ALLAN R. 776
Screen IBD Patients Often for Colorectal Cancer. BATES, BETSY 496
Self-Management of Anticoagulation Feasible. CHENG, GUANG-SHING 526
Set Up a Stool Pattern, and Solve Toileting Relapses. JANCIN, BRUCE 399
Setting Your Sights on Web Marketing Success. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 817
Smoking Cessation in Teens. 120
South Texas Sees Rise in Dengue Fever Outbreaks. CHENG, GUANG-SHING 1517
St. John's Wort as Effective as Imipramine. Lindsay, Heather 123
STDs in Urban Teenage Girls. 145
T-20, New Kind of Anti-HIV Drug, Looks Good. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 355
Tequin. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 218
These Ocular Emergencies Need Quick Referral. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. 712
Three Simple Questions Aid Diagnosis of Dementia. LINDSAY, HEATHER 562
Urogenital Chlamydia in Men Is Not Associated With Younger Age. 268
Warn Parents of Operative Vaginal Delivery Risks. DONOHUE, MAUREEN 758
Will portable echocardiography that provides a quick screening examination improve quality of care? 835
Young Patients Fully Recover After Hip Replacement. Moon, Mary Ann 243

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