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Family Pictures/Cuadros de Familia.

Family Pictures/Cuadros de Familia. 15th Anniversary Edition. Carmen Lomas Garza. San Francisco: Children's Book Press, 2005.

This charming book tells fondly remembered stories of the childhood of Carmen Lomas Garza, a Mexican-American artist from Kingsville, Texas, through deceptively folk-like paintings and bilingual text. First published in 1990, this special anniversary edition celebrates the book's quinceanera (a significant fifteenth birthday celebration in Hispanic culture) with an additional painting and a larger format. The paintings depict the memories of a girl who decided at the age of thirteen that she would be an artist through events such as making tamales in the kitchen with three generations of the family, eating watermelon on a summer night on the front porch, and swinging at pinatas at backyard birthday parties. No one could have a better family album.
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Title Annotation:Bookmarks
Author:Martin, Rebecca J.
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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