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Family Matters / Finding Mr. Right.

MARRYING Mr. Right is the most ideal wish of every woman, and what more if Mr. Right is also Mr. Bright? That is a real fringe benefit! I am not saying that a woman should pine over this issue day in and day out.

The chaos in this world is enough to keep you awake and busy. And if more than half of your time every day is spent day dreaming who and where that Mr. Right and Bright is, then I say that probably that guy has passed you by, because the real man will be brought to you when your eyes are connected to reality, sober and not half awake daydreaming. Yes ma'am, our good God makes aware of the man's presence in the right place, right time and with a clearheaded, intelligent and widely awake woman! Of course this could also be true to a man looking for the woman of his dreams.

Let me give some unsolicited advice to men and women out there who are excited to find their right mates. Some ideas are not my own, but were gently advised to me by good friends I trusted and did not ever think that something was wrong with me when I was thirty nine and still single. Those days when I doubted whether I should change my makeup, because I no longer received second looks or change my wardrobe, because they seem 'larger' than the time when I purchased them. Maybe I thought to change my prayer too about the man that would sweep me off my feet. Probably, he was not after all strong enough anymore to do it.

The right mate you are looking for, take note, I said 'right mate' should not be found in drinking parties. If you are a student, focus on healthy group relationships but concentrate on your studies and aim to graduate. Be open to be friends with people whose values are godly and good influencers, and thinks of the concerns of others. They are the people who are there not to impress but to express themselves in the right way. Hang around these people, but aim to land in a good job so that your reason to marry later is not to have someone to lean on because you are financially strapped. Tell God that you are willing to trust Him for His best will for you. Keep yourself busy about knowing God. Then be still, wait and see what God will do. Look up to pray, but don't expect the poor guy falling down from the clouds. You still have to find him among those that are within the circle of people you have associated and comfortable with. It doesn't matter how old you are, but yes, be still and wait.

Only then and there can we trust God for His best will for you. It is not true that God doesn't love you when His will is for you to remain single. Singleness is not a punishment, but like marriage, both are blessings according to His purpose. When His will is for you to marry, He will start choosing from those that you became close with. If he does not come from your friends, the Mr. Right is someone similar to the people you wanted to be surrounded with. Because you all developed the same mind set, purpose and goal in life, you are then ready to marry according to His plan. That is to put God at the center of your marriage when you are ready to marry.

Finding Mr. Right and Mr. Bright, is not seeking around attending parties and craning your neck out to spot him. The best way is to be still so that he can find you. A happy weekend to singles!

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Publication:Mindanao Times (Mindanao, Philippines)
Date:Jul 27, 2018
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