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SUPERMAM Claire Walsh is a mum of two lively youngsters, Louis and Leilah, and leads Stockton's Parenting Strategy. She can help solve your family problems with guidelines on how to cope..

Q MY four- year- old will not share his toys with his friends or cousins. He always acts so spoilt and hates it when anyone touches his things. How can I teach him to share and play nicely with his friends? A JUST like many other skills, children need to learn how to share and for some children this can be a challenge.

Teaching about sharing is important and it is not simply about sharing toys or personal items. From an early age children can be taught the importance of sharing with others, such as recycling clothes that are too small, toys that are no longer age appropriate or used.

Your son is old enough to be taught to share and take turns in play. This is an important skill as it will allow him to develop social skills to build friendships and function better in formal settings.

Talk to your son about how important it is to share and be patient and remind him how nice it is when other children share their things with him.

Playing games and role play is a great way of teaching this, and can be done at any time with yourself and him. This can be something as simple as you both taking turns to feed each other food, (may sound silly but children love it!), taking turns in a game, or even going through a box of old toys which can be donated to other children.

Try inviting one or two friends over to play for a while and organise games which involve sharing and taking turns.

Talk to your son about what games he would like to play, and which toys he does not mind his friends using before they come. Put away anything he particularly feels strongly about.

Try to be patient and explain what will happen when his friends come so he can understand the process. Keep the activities short and remain calm and patient, your son may find it a little frustrating at first. It may take him a little time to get used to people touching his things, so watch how he is coping with the play..

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Apr 17, 2009
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