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WHETHER you've been invited to a picnic in the park, a summer festival or a barbecue with friends, don't let hayfever spoil your fun.

SARAH DALE talks to Teesside pharmacist Safina Ashraf to find 10 ways beat summer sniffles..

1"The hayfever season usually peaks in May so think about preventative measures this month to help minimise the look and feel of your symptoms," says Safina Ashraf from Boots in Stockton High Street.

"If you suffer from hayfever regularly, it is important to start an anti-hayfever regime early on in the season.

"Using eye drops, nasal spray and taking your tablets can all help to relieve your symptoms, some are even recommended to start before the season to help prevent symptoms in the first place."

2 Keep hayfever remedies next to your toothbrush or make-up bag to help remind you to take them so you don't get caught out when leaving the house. But if you have children remember to keep all medicines out of their reach, warns Safina. Try Boots Alternatives Hayfever Relief, pounds 4.50 for 72 tablets, right, or Holland & Barrett stocks a non-drowsy natural remedy, Nelson's Pollenna, pounds 4.60 for 72 tablets, below..

IS 3 Wear large sunglasses to reduce pollen affecting the eyes and choose hypo-allergenic eye make-up - but try to avoid rubbing eyes. Boots Hayfever Relief Eye Drops (10ml, pounds 4.69) provide soothing relief for itchy, allergic eyes. We liked Yves Saint Laurent's latest specs, pounds 69.99, and this hypo-allergenic shadow duo from, pounds 12.50..

4 Close your windows in the early morning and late afternoon/evening when pollen levels are at their highest. "This should help prevent pollen from entering your home and disturbing your sleep," explains Safina..

5 Keep car windows shut when driving ..

6 Take off clothes that you have worn outside before entering the bedroom. "Changing inside the bedroom will transfer the outside allergens attached to your clothes into the area where you sleep," adds Safina..

7 Wash your hair before going to bed.

Pollen sticks to your hair and will transfer to your pillow making for a very disturbing bedmate..

8 "Apply petroleum jelly inside each nostril to ease soreness and help prevent pollen from entering the nasal passages," advises Safina..

9 To prevent pollen from getting into fabrics avoid hanging out clothes or bed linen to dry when pollen counts are high..

10 Taking an antihistamine can help with hayfever symptoms as it calms your body's allergic reaction to pollen..

KNOW your routine before you hit the gym to ensure you're mentally prepared for your session.

* Joe Davies is a fitness adviser at Oxygym, Billingham.

TRY this next time you are in the gym: pick 10 machines and try and complete 3 x 30 repetitions on each one until you have completed 900 reps.

Warning - this is not for the faint hearted! * Davey Veitch is an exercise and rehabilitation consultant at the Fitness First, Stockton.

Fit tips

Symptoms of hayfever Frequent sneezing Runny or blocked nose Itchy or watery eyes Itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears Less common symptoms Loss of smell Face pain, caused by blocked sinuses Sweats Headaches

DID YOU KNOW... * Hayfever affects one in five people * Hayfever is triggered for most people when the pollen count is over 50.

* Hayfever usually starts in the teens, peaks in the twenties and is over by the time you're 45..
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Apr 14, 2009
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