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Family Life: Counting The Calories I know diet tricks too well; Anna Watts watches her weight.

Byline: Anna Watts

Anna Watts, aged 28, of Castle Bromwich is aiming to lose a stone and a half before a trip to New York for Christmas. Follow her story in the Birmingham Mail each week

NOTHING tastes as good as being slim feels . mantra at the start of every slimming campaign.

And in 28 years there have been a fair few!

The words of encouragement, uttered by smiling but sympathetic slimming club leaders throughout the city, stay with me as I strive to contend time and again with my very own battle of the bulge.

So, sitting in a pretty little bakery, desperately trying to resist the temptations of warm bread, delicious pastries and mouth-watering cakes - it is my dinner break after all - I reach for a coffee. And a little Double Decker - nougat's not that fattening, I tell myself.

The diet can begin tomorrow. That's the day when it matters, because I'll have written my column and Thursday is weigh-in day!

And if I have that last packet of smoky bacon crisps today I'll get rid of the craving - until Christmas. And then I'll be able to have a little break - a few mince pies, a handful of peanuts perhaps - only 100 calories.

I think that's the problem - I know the tricks of the trade too well!

I know that I can get away with half-a-dozen vodka and cokes (diet, of course). Throw in a spot of dancing, and perhaps the ham and pineapple pizza and compulsory bacon sandwich the next morning won't show on the scales.

That's the good thing about Thursday weigh-ins - you can indulge at the weekend, sometimes even on a Monday too, and you still have time to pull it back. You can still manage to shift a single stubborn pound. I'm speaking from experience.

"Just think, that's a bag of sugar," says my slimming club companion, as I work out how many bags of sugar until those size 12 jeans!

I'm not on my own, I know that. Over 60 per cent of women think they are overweight - at least that's what the magazines tell me.

I bet they've got the slimming books too. The list of good and bad foods along with the fat and thin, before and after pictures, pinned to their fridges.

Every miracle ingredient can be found in my kitchen cupboard and I know not to combine carrots with cauliflower - too many carbs apparently.

Perhaps I'll have that crusty cob after all - I haven't tried the bread-lover diet yet

We want to hear your dieting success stories. Write to Diane Parkes, Women's Editor, Birmingham Mail, PO Box 78, Weaman Street, Birmingham B4 6AY or email
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Oct 18, 2005
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