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Family, charity benefit from house sale.


George Tran doesn't want to be bothered with selling a house in a lousy real estate market--so he's decided to give it away. And he's turning to the Internet to find the most worthy family.

Tran, an Internet marketer, bought the house in Veneta, Ore., for $250,000. Three years and $40,000 in renovations later, Tran wants to give away the house in an Internet vote. People who want the opportunity to win the house have to pay a $19.95 registration fee and write a story about why they deserve the house at

Internet users will then vote for the winning family, who will receive the house or a $100,000 cashier's check. The catch? Tran hopes to raise $300,000 to cover costs. Any additional money would be divided between Habitat for Humanity, Best Friends Animal Shelter and Citizens for Health.

Tran will also donate $1 for each Digg submission the Web page receives, up to $1,000, and that money will be donated to Citizens for Health.
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Author:Donohue, Michele
Publication:The Non-profit Times
Date:Dec 1, 2008
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