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Family's farewell to murder victim; Killer may be serial attacker.


THE devastated parents and sister of murdered French woman Amelie Delagrange last night said a heart-rending farewell at the scene where she was brutally attacked.

The family left flowers and a card at the spot on Twickenham Green, south west London, where the 22-year-old was discovered on Thursday night after being viciously beaten around the head.

Messages, in French, included one from her father which read: ``You will always stay alive and stay in my heart, my little darling Lili, you whom I find so beautiful. ''

Another, from her mother, said: ``Amelie, my angel, why do you leave your mother?

I must live without you. I keep you in my heart forever and I keep your smile.

Her sister wrote: ``You had found here the happiness you were looking for. You had found it, somebody has taken it. ''

The emotional tributes came as detectives revealed Amelie's killer may be a local man with knowledge of the area, based on the advice of an offender profiler.

Miss Delagrange appears to have stumbled in to the hands of her murderer after getting off at the wrong bus stop and walking home.

Police have not ruled out she could have been the victim of a serial attacker, possibly someone who has local knowledge, a local person. They are looking for possible links with four other attacks in the area, including the murder of 19-year-old student Marsha McDonnell last year.

Miss Delagrange's family, who live 60 miles outside Paris and have asked not to be identified, flew to London on Saturday and spent up to an hour at the scene yesterday.

Clearly emotional, the parents, sister and Amelie's uncle left pink and white lilies, a card and a Winnie the Pooh ``Eeyore'' toy, while kneeling on the ground.

Miss Delagrange came to London just two months ago to improve her English and worked in a delicatessen shop in Richmond.

She was discovered lying in Twickenham Green at 10. 26pm on Thursday. She had suffered serious head injuries and died in hospital.

Police said she missed her bus stop as she returned from a night out with friends.

She got off the number 267 bus a few stops later, at Fulwell Bus Garage at 9. 45pm, and was seen walking past the Loch Fyne restaurant in Hampton Road six minutes later.

Police are still looking for her mobile phone and handbag.

Miss Delagrange was killed just three miles from where Miss McDonnell was beaten to death, in Hampton in February last year.

Detectives are also looking at three other brutal attacks in the area. Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Murphy said: ``It is genuinely too early to say whether or not there are links, but it has to be a main line of inquiry for us.

Following the murder of Miss McDonnell, it emerged that a 17-year-old girl had been attacked just four weeks earlier, a mile away in Strawberry Hill.

Two months later, an 18-year-old man was attacked half a mile from the scene of Miss Delagrange's a tack but escaped unhurt, and a 34-year-old suffered a ``serious assault'' in Twickenham in April this year.


Victim Amelie Delagrange; The scene of Amelie Delagrange's murder yesterday Picture: FIONA HANSON
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 23, 2004
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