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Familiar faces.

Justine Lydiana Rosario, 7, shared a lot of love with her baby brother Jordan, 1, this past Valentine's Day. Justine has hydrocephalus, a VA shunt, Dandy Walker malformation, facial hemangioma and is developmentally delayed. She lives in sunny Florida with her brother and parents, Gary and Nancy.


Brandon, 4, and his sister Shirley, 11, pose here with Santa Claus. Brandon had fetal distress when he was born. This resulted in cerebral palsy. He doesn't talk, crawl or sit, but is constantly a happy boy who is full of smiles. He loves to watch television, especially Blue's Clues and Barney, and also enjoys being read to by his mom and dad. Brandon attends Laremont School where he receives OT, PT and speech therapy. His favorite day is Wednesday, as that's his day in the pool for swimming therapy. Marie and Susan (his teachers) and riding the school bus are also among his favorite things. Brandon lives with his parents, Gladys and Donald, and his big sister Shirley. Shirley loves him a lot and plans to be a doctor to treat kids with cerebral palsy.


Pictured above are Audrey and her brother Mattie Davis, who has bilateral periventricular nodular herterotopia(BPNH) and a "patch" of polymicrogyria. Mattie, two and a half years old, enjoys reading books--especially Clifford, Barney, and Pooh--listening to all types of music, and using the "Jumpstart Baby" program on the computer. He attends the Summit (NJ) Speech School's El Program where he is learning to take steps on his own. Mattie uses PEC cards to make choices and is now able to say "yes" by clapping his hands.


Deiona Nicole Jones, 3, has Down syndrome. However, this does not prevent her from being a "little princess" around the house. She has 3 older brothers, Aaron, Brandon and Cameron, and she attends the PEEP program (Program for Educating Exceptional Preschoolers), held at Lee Hall Elementary in Newport News, VA. Deiona lives with her parents, Valor and Anthony Jones, on Fort Eustis, VA.


Would you like to share a favorite candid snapshot or slide of your child and/or family with other readers of EP? Send it to: Readers' Photos, EP (EXCEPTIONAL PARENT), 65 E. Route 4, River Edge, NJ 07661. (Please do not send "one-of-a-kinds" as we regret that photos cannot be returned.) On a separate sheet of paper, write your child's full name, age at the time the photo was taken, address and daytime phone number. Please identify everyone in the photo. If you like, you can also write a few sentences about your child. Then look for a familiar face in an upcoming issue!
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Date:Aug 1, 2002
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