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Familiar faces.


Connor Stueckle cools off on his sixth birthday--a hot one--splashing in the fountain at the Seattle Center. Connor has gross and fine motor delays, sensory integration dysfunction and is non-verbal. He loves the water, swinging with his dad, watching videos, riding on extreme roller coasters and visiting his Grandpa.


Anthony Paul Pratti, 3, loves to watch Elmo videos and play on the computer. He rides the bus to preschool where he receives occupational, physical and speech therapies. Anthony, who was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder, garnered medals in two "Kid's Classic" races. "Nothing stops my little man," his mother proudly writes.


Maya Vega, 3, loves the Teletubbies, music and babbling. Maya has developmental delays, seizures and cerebral palsy. Her mom and dad, Idaliz and Ray, write that Maya is the most huggable little girl and they could hug her all day long.


Michael Arechavala, 3, loves playing with his brother, Kevin, 9, and sister, Michelle, 5. Michael has Down syndrome, and attends a fully inclusive preschool all week where he receives OT, PT and speech therapy. He enjoys going to the playground, eating ice cream and hanging out at the beach.


Jake Alan Hetrick, 5, and sister, Eliza, 2, have a great time together. Just like a typical older brother, he laughs when she gets into trouble! Jake has cerebral palsy, cortical blindness and has microcephally. He survives his twin, who died in utero from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. He attends preschool during the week and a special needs Sunday school class. His favorite things are music, ice-cream and swimming.

Would you like to share a favorite candid snapshot or slide of your child and/or family with other readers of EP? Send it to: Readers' Photos, EP (EXCEPTIONAL PARENT), 65 E. Route 4, River Edge, NJ 07661. (Please do not send originals or "one-of-a-kinds" as we regret that photos cannot be returned.) On a separate sheet of paper, write your child's full name, age at the time the photo was taken, address and daytime phone number. Please identify everyone in the photo. If you like, you can also write a few sentences about your child. Then look for a familiar face in an upcoming issue!
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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