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Fame beckoned, this was my chance to appear in Robbie Williams' new video. The only obstacles in my way were my total inability to sing in tune, key or rhythm of any kind; MIRROR GIRL AT POP AUDITION.


TALK about the chance of a lifetime - meet Robbie Williams AND become a pop star.

The rocker was holding auditions to find someone to play the part of him in a video for his new single Something Beautiful.

And I was there. Fame beckoned at last. The only obstacle in my way was my inability to sing in tune, key or rhythm of any kind.

Not to mention a panel of judges, including Robbie's dad Pete.

Pulling out all the stops, I went clad in a diamante chain mail top, black bikini and white hotpants under my jeans with a "make love not war" logo.

My preparation for the big day in London's Docklands consisted of practice with a hairbrush at home.

Around 100 of us queued for six-and- a-half hours in 28 degrees before finally getting through to the auditions.

People had travelled from all over. Many were veterans of the TV-audition pop scene.

Craig and Sean had made it to the last 20 and 50 of Pop Rivals. Craig said: "I'm concentrating on recording my own music but I thought this would be really good. Robbie is great."

The tension built as we could hear the music inside the audition room.

My number 0022 was called. I had a swig of Dutch courage, and went in.

Beaming with pride at the sight of hopefuls desperate to emulate his son Pete told us: "Imagine what Rob would do, imagine how he would dance and act. Be Rob."

The music started and as I took the microphone I had a surge of sympathy for all those dreadful acts on Pop Stars. It really is harder than it looks.

Once I got into my stride I noticed casting director Mark Summers nodding approvingly. My God, is this it?

Next up was Niki, 24, a stripper from London. She confessed: "I don't know the words so I'll just dance."

She leapt around, dropped to her knees, lifted up her T-shirt and wiggled her breasts at the male judges.

And then it was over. Pete told us: "Well done, you were great." We left and waited to hear who'd made it. I didn't. Neither did Niki. Fellow reject Becky Brown, 23, said: "It was harder for girls to be like Robbie because he's so blokey. But it was a laugh."

The winners were German Bjorn Wenner, 23, Peter Caruana, 29, from Manchester and Rebecca Durrant, 20, from Harlow, Essex.

A Robbie spokesman said: "We wanted to find someone with the "essence" of Robbie to perform the new track in the video - it could be a woman.

"There will probably be one main person in the video but the other winners will feature too."


HOPEFUL: Rebecca prepares to perform; SUCCESS: Pete with audition winners
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 3, 2003
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