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Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator.

The Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator from Haeco was created to act as an extra hand. It counterbalances heavy loads to allow an operator to suspend, rotate, tilt and transfer regular and oddly shaped items, such as engine blocks, castings, drums and cores. The manipulator comes in three models sustaining loads of 330 lbs., 550 lbs. and 880 lbs. with a working radius of 20 ft. The manipulator can be positioned at any height, and the mounting options range from column, overhead, tracks, wheeled, or with a free standing, fork-truck transportable base. The control console allows adjustment of the counterbalance force, rotation, tilt, braking and parking. When suspended, castings can be moved under power 90 degrees or rotated continuously by hand with a powered tilting range of 0-93 degrees.


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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Dec 1, 2011
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